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Credibility of the cadastral data on land use and the methodology for their verification and updateLand Use Policy279 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Barriers to affordable housing on brownfield sitesLand Use Policy279 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
A sustainable framework for spatial planning of photovoltaic solar farms using GIS and multi-criteria assessment approach in Central Anatolia, TurkeyLand Use Policy279 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
How does the removal of federal subsidies affect investment in coastal protection infrastructure?Land Use Policy279 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Customary governance of artisanal and small-scale mining in Guinea: Social and environmental practices and outcomes⋆Land Use Policy283 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Can ceding planning controls for major projects support metropolitan housing supply and diversity? The case of Sydney, AustraliaLand Use Policy283 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Governance challenges of small-scale gold mining in Ghana: Insights from a process net-map studyLand Use Policy283 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
LADM extensions to maritime domain in multi-register environment - Case study CroatiaLand Use Policy283 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Design and development of an LADM-driven 3D Land administration system: Lessons learned in MalaysiaLand Use Policy283 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
How much land is available for sustainable palm oil?Land Use Policy283 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Dynamics of spatial relationships among ecosystem services and their determinants: Implications for land use system reform in Northwestern ChinaLand Use Policy283 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Planning for the future of derelict farm premises: From abandonment to regeneration?Land Use Policy289 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Reexamine China’s terrestrial ecosystem carbon balance under land use-type and climate changeLand Use Policy289 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
The effects of urbanization on aquatic ecosystems in peri-urban protected areas of Mexico City: The contradictory discourse of conservation amid expansion of informal settlementsLand Use Policy289 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
A capacity assessment framework for the fit-for-purpose land administration systems: The use of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in Rwanda and KenyaLand Use Policy289 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Bi-temporal foundation for LADM v2: Fusing event and state based modelling of Land administration data 2D and 3DLand Use Policy289 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Viewpoint: How should policy respond to land abandonment in Europe?Land Use Policy289 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Spatio-temporal analysis of the effects of biogas production on agricultural landsLand Use Policy289 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Farming under irrigation management transfer scheme and its impact on yield and net returns in GhanaLand Use Policy289 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Terrorist attacks, land resource competition and violent farmer-herder conflictsLand Use Policy289 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Conditions underlying agricultural land lease in Poland, in the context of the agency theoryLand Use Policy289 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Understanding cognitive and socio-psychological factors determining farmers’ intentions to use improved grassland: Implications of land use policy for sustainable pasture productionLand Use Policy289 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Women’s empowerment in agriculture and household food insecurity: Evidence from Azad Jammu &Kashmir (AJK), PakistanLand Use Policy289 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Framing social sustainability and justice claims in urban regeneration: A comparative analysis of two cases in GuangzhouLand Use Policy297 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
The potential of agroforestry concessions to stabilize Amazonian forest frontiers: a case study on the economic and environmental robustness of informally settled small-scale cocoa farmers in PeruLand Use Policy297 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Land clearing in south-eastern Australia: Drivers, policy effects and implications for the futureLand Use Policy297 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
The cost-effectiveness of conservation auctions in the presence of asset specificity: An agent-based modelLand Use Policy297 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Study on the coordinated relationship between Urban Land use efficiency and ecosystem health in ChinaLand Use Policy297 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Integrating spontaneous urban woodlands into the green infrastructure: Unexploited opportunities for urban regenerationLand Use Policy297 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Agricultural land use management responses to a cap and trade regime for water quality in Lake Taupo catchment, New ZealandLand Use Policy299 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
A succinct review and analysis of drivers and impacts of agricultural land transformations in AsiaLand Use Policy299 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Landholders' perception of conversion of steep lands to orchard schemes: Land use policy implications in North IranLand Use Policy302 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Payments by modelled results: A novel design for agri-environmental schemesLand Use Policy304 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Technical experts’ perspectives of justice-related norms: Lessons from everyday environmental practices in IndonesiaLand Use Policy305 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
A participatory planning model in the context of Historic Urban Landscape: The case of Kyrenia’s Historic Port AreaLand Use Policy305 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
A typical phenomenon of cultivated land use in China's economically developed areas: Anti-intensification in Jiangsu ProvinceLand Use Policy305 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Strengthening flood resilient development in malaysia through integration of flood risk reduction measures in local plansLand Use Policy307 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Farmers’ heterogeneous preferences towards results-based environmental policiesLand Use Policy311 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Urbanization-associated farmland loss: A macro-micro comparative study in ChinaLand Use Policy311 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Can participatory action research foster social learning in communities struggling for land tenure?Land Use Policy311 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Urban expansion and forest reserves: Drivers of change and persistence on the coast of São Paulo State (Brazil)Land Use Policy311 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Policies for wetlands implementation in Denmark and Sweden – historical lessons and emerging issuesLand Use Policy319 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Novel trends in SNS customers in food and beverage patronage: An empirical study of metropolitan cities in South KoreaLand Use Policy321 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Expanding commodity frontiers and the emergence of customary land markets: A case study of tree-crop farming in Venda, South AfricaLand Use Policy323 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Is sustainable tourism a goal that came true? The Italian experience of the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National ParkLand Use Policy323 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Future (post-COVID) digital, smart and sustainable cities in the wake of 6G: Digital twins, immersive realities and new urban economiesLand Use Policy325 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Pro-poor land transfers in the presence of landslides: New insights on norms in land marketsLand Use Policy325 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
She’s a Rainbow: Forest and water policy and management integration in Germany, Spain and SwedenLand Use Policy325 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Using measures of efficiency for regionally-targeted smallholder policy intervention: The case of Pakistan’s horticulture sectorLand Use Policy325 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Predictors of inequalities in land ownership among Nigerian households: Implications for sustainable developmentLand Use Policy327 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
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