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Metabolic profiles of socio-economic position: a multi-cohort analysis.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)12 hourssaveRefWorks
High-throughput multivariable Mendelian randomization analysis prioritizes apolipoprotein B as key lipid risk factor for coronary artery disease.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)13 dayssaveRefWorks
The associations of oxidized lipoprotein lipids with lipoprotein subclass particle concentrations and their lipid compositions. The Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)28 dayssaveRefWorks
Genomic and drug target evaluation of 90 cardiovascular proteins in 30,931 individuals.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)35 dayssaveRefWorks
A cross-omics integrative study of metabolic signatures of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)129 dayssaveRefWorks
Determinants of accelerated metabolomic and epigenetic aging in a UK cohort.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)203 dayssaveRefWorks
Evaluating the relationship between circulating lipoprotein lipids and apolipoproteins with risk of coronary heart disease: A multivariable Mendelian randomisation analysis.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)245 dayssaveRefWorks
The Effect of Plasma Lipids and Lipid-Lowering Interventions on Bone Mineral Density: A Mendelian Randomization Study.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)256 dayssaveRefWorks
Apolipoprotein A-I concentrations and risk of coronary artery disease: A Mendelian randomization study.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)266 dayssaveRefWorks
Efficient Estimation and Applications of Cross-Validated Genetic Predictions to Polygenic Risk Scores and Linear Mixed Models.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)276 dayssaveRefWorks
The unbelievable impediment to understanding causality of risk factors: case prostate cancer.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)287 dayssaveRefWorks
Metabolic Profiles Help Discriminate Mild Cognitive Impairment from Dementia Stage in Alzheimer's Disease.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)294 dayssaveRefWorks
EpiMetal: an open-source graphical web browser tool for easy statistical analyses in epidemiology and metabolomics.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)307 dayssaveRefWorks
Data-driven multivariate population subgrouping via lipoprotein phenotypes versus apolipoprotein B in the risk assessment of coronary heart disease.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)315 dayssaveRefWorks
Lipoprotein signatures of cholesteryl ester transfer protein and HMG-CoA reductase inhibition.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)339 dayssaveRefWorks
Polygenic risk scores and the prediction of common diseases.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)347 dayssaveRefWorks
Insulin resistance and systemic metabolic changes in oral glucose tolerance test in 5340 individuals: an interventional study.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)360 dayssaveRefWorks
Elevated serum alpha-1 antitrypsin is a major component of GlycA-associated risk for future morbidity and mortality.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)396 dayssaveRefWorks
A comprehensive study of metabolite genetics reveals strong pleiotropy and heterogeneity across time and context.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)398 dayssaveRefWorks
Circulating metabolites and the risk of type 2 diabetes: a prospective study of 11,896 young adults from four Finnish cohorts.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)416 dayssaveRefWorks
Low Serum High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol Levels Associate with the C9orf72 Repeat Expansion in Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration Patients.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)421 dayssaveRefWorks
A metabolic profile of all-cause mortality risk identified in an observational study of 44,168 individuals.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)460 dayssaveRefWorks
Exome sequencing of Finnish isolates enhances rare-variant association power.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)480 dayssaveRefWorks
Total liver phosphatidylcholine content associates with non-alcoholic steatohepatitis and glycine N-methyltransferase expression.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)528 dayssaveRefWorks
Genetic Determinants of Circulating Glycine Levels and Risk of Coronary Artery Disease.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)564 dayssaveRefWorks
Direct Estimation of HDL-Mediated Cholesterol Efflux Capacity From Serum.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)585 dayssaveRefWorks
The culprit is the carrier, not the loads: cholesterol, triglycerides and apolipoprotein B in atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)593 dayssaveRefWorks
A Metabolic Screen in Adolescents Reveals an Association Between Circulating Citrate and Cortical Bone Mineral Density.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)616 dayssaveRefWorks
Data-driven subgrouping in epidemiology and medicine.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)619 dayssaveRefWorks
Genetic and environmental perturbations lead to regulatory decoherence.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)629 dayssaveRefWorks
What is 'LDL cholesterol'?Ala-Korpela, M(ika)662 dayssaveRefWorks
Proof of concept for quantitative urine NMR metabolomics pipeline for large-scale epidemiology and genetics.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)665 dayssaveRefWorks
The effect of apolipoprotein E polymorphism on serum metabolome - a population-based 10-year follow-up study.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)667 dayssaveRefWorks
Biomarker Glycoprotein Acetyls Is Associated With the Risk of a Wide Spectrum of Incident Diseases and Stratifies Mortality Risk in Angiography Patients.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)704 dayssaveRefWorks
Metabolomic Consequences of Genetic Inhibition of PCSK9 Compared With Statin TreatmentAla-Korpela, M(ika)713 dayssaveRefWorks
Investigating the effects of lycopene and green tea on the metabolome of men at risk of prostate cancer: The ProDiet randomised controlled trial.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)769 dayssaveRefWorks
Circulating metabolic biomarkers of renal function in diabetic and non-diabetic populations.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)769 dayssaveRefWorks
Cognition, psychosis risk and metabolic measures in two adolescent birth cohorts.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)853 dayssaveRefWorks
Association of circulating metabolites with healthy diet and risk of cardiovascular disease: analysis of two cohort studies.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)901 dayssaveRefWorks
Circulating amino acids and the risk of macrovascular, microvascular and mortality outcomes in individuals with type 2 diabetes: results from the ADVANCE trial.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)930 dayssaveRefWorks
NAFLD risk alleles in PNPLA3, TM6SF2, GCKR, and LYPLAL1 show divergent metabolic effects.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)955 dayssaveRefWorks
Association of branched-chain amino acids and other circulating metabolites with risk of incident dementia and Alzheimer's disease: A prospective study in eight cohorts.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)990 dayssaveRefWorks
Identification of seven novel loci associated with amino acid levels using single variant and gene-based tests in 8,545 Finnish men from the METSIM study.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)1001 dayssaveRefWorks
Lipids, Lipoproteins, and Metabolites and Risk of Myocardial Infarction and Stroke.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)1019 dayssaveRefWorks
Metabolic characterization of menopause: cross-sectional and longitudinal evidence.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)1021 dayssaveRefWorks
Effect of Dietary Counseling on a Comprehensive Metabolic Profile from Childhood to Adulthood.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)1022 dayssaveRefWorks
Nuclear magnetic resonance-based metabolomics identifies phenylalanine as a novel predictor of incident heart failure hospitalisation: results from PROSPER and FINRISK 1997.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)1078 dayssaveRefWorks
DHA mediates the protective effect of fish consumption on new episodes of depression among women.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)1089 dayssaveRefWorks
Quantitative Serum Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Metabolomics in Large-Scale Epidemiology: A Primer on -Omic Technologies.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)1113 dayssaveRefWorks
Common, low-frequency, and rare genetic variants associated with lipoprotein subclasses and triglyceride measures in Finnish men from the METSIM study.Ala-Korpela, M(ika)1120 dayssaveRefWorks
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