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How to Publish With Confidence: A Comprehensive iThenticate GuideEnago Academy19 dayssaveRefWorks
Guest Post: 5 Things to Look For in a Research Writing PlatformEnago Academy21 dayssaveRefWorks
Too Much at Stake to Win the Billion Dollar COVID-19 Vaccine Race!Enago Academy22 dayssaveRefWorks
Journal Rejections: How Common are They?Enago Academy26 dayssaveRefWorks
The Perfect Research Co-author: How do I Find You?Enago Academy29 dayssaveRefWorks
How Can Early Career Researchers Be More Involved with Scientific SocietiesEnago Academy32 dayssaveRefWorks
Open Access Publishing – Busting the Common Myths – Part 1Enago Academy40 dayssaveRefWorks
Enago’s Global Survey on Research Laboratories & Researchers Working in ThereEnago Academy41 dayssaveRefWorks
How Have We Tread So Far in Bringing in Equity and Inclusion into Academia through Open AccessEnago Academy42 dayssaveRefWorks
Protected: Open Access Publishing – Busting The Common Myths – Part 2Enago Academy46 dayssaveRefWorks
Ramp-up Your Scientific Research With ‘The Research Lab Toolkit’Enago Academy48 dayssaveRefWorks
All You Need To Know About Abbreviations and AcronymsEnago Academy49 dayssaveRefWorks
Top Five Tips to Preserve Mental Health While Working From HomeEnago Academy54 dayssaveRefWorks
Why Clinical Research Is A Hot Career Choice For 2021 and BeyondEnago Academy62 dayssaveRefWorks
How are SCIE-Indexed Journals Different From SCI-Indexed Journals?Enago Academy64 dayssaveRefWorks
Pharmacovigilance Post COVID-19: Opportunities and ChallengesEnago Academy67 dayssaveRefWorks
How to Get an Academic Job with the Least Number of Applications?Enago Academy67 dayssaveRefWorks
Punctuation Rules: Do They Really Matter?Enago Academy68 dayssaveRefWorks
How Should Authors Deal with Mixed Reviewer ReportsEnago Academy68 dayssaveRefWorks
Top 10 Tips For Writing a Strong Position PaperEnago Academy69 dayssaveRefWorks
Share Your Experiences With 2 Million+ Researchers!Enago Academy69 dayssaveRefWorks
Trust in Peer Review: From the Eyes of Authors, Reviewers & Editors (Part 2)Enago Academy70 dayssaveRefWorks
Trust in Peer Review: From the Eyes of Authors, Reviewers & Editors (Part 1)Enago Academy71 dayssaveRefWorks
Top 10 Journals to Publish Your Negative ResultsEnago Academy82 dayssaveRefWorks
How are Publishers Building Trust in the Peer Review System?Enago Academy83 dayssaveRefWorks
A Guide to Academic Book Writing and PublishingEnago Academy84 dayssaveRefWorks
Join Enago in Celebrating Peer Review Week 2020!Enago Academy89 dayssaveRefWorks
Restarting Clinical Trials: The Way ForwardEnago Academy91 dayssaveRefWorks
Why Are Virtual Labs Crucial for the‘New Normal’?Enago Academy92 dayssaveRefWorks
Clarivate’s 2020 Journal Citation Report: “Suppressed” Journals Fight BackEnago Academy95 dayssaveRefWorks
The Complete Guide to Study Designs (Part II– Classification Criteria and Types)Enago Academy96 dayssaveRefWorks
Top 10 Tips for Writing an Outstanding Personal StatementEnago Academy98 dayssaveRefWorks
How Should Researchers Read Papers During the Pandemic?Enago Academy100 dayssaveRefWorks
Driving Open Science in the Modern Age: An Interview with HindawiEnago Academy102 dayssaveRefWorks
The Complete Guide to Study Designs (Part 1: 10 Important Terminologies)Enago Academy106 dayssaveRefWorks
Top 5 Journals that Every Life Sciences Researcher Must Consider While Journal SelectionEnago Academy109 dayssaveRefWorks
Enago Releases Global Survey Report on the Future of Research Education in UniversitiesEnago Academy109 dayssaveRefWorks
‘BIG 10’ Ways Artificial Intelligence is transforming Life SciencesEnago Academy116 dayssaveRefWorks
The Company of Biologists Commits to the Transformative Journal ApproachEnago Academy116 dayssaveRefWorks
Why Scientists, Not Investors, Should Drive Technological ProgressEnago Academy120 dayssaveRefWorks
The Top Six Guidelines for Reporting Medical ResearchEnago Academy123 dayssaveRefWorks
Want to Get Your Research Published Faster? Here’s What NOT to Do!Enago Academy125 dayssaveRefWorks
How to Evaluate Research Impact Through Citation AnalysisEnago Academy126 dayssaveRefWorks
Peer Review Week Turns Six! Celebrate‘Trust in Peer Review’ with Enago AcademyEnago Academy131 dayssaveRefWorks
Medical Researchers—Can Your Research Survive During the Pandemic?Enago Academy131 dayssaveRefWorks
Does Self-Retraction Affect a Researcher’s Career?Enago Academy133 dayssaveRefWorks
Essential Considerations While Concluding Your Research StudyEnago Academy133 dayssaveRefWorks
How Can Researchers Work Towards Equal AuthorshipEnago Academy133 dayssaveRefWorks
Introduction to Review Articles: Writing Systematic and Narrative ReviewsEnago Academy140 dayssaveRefWorks
Scientific Illustrations: A Complete Guide for ResearchersEnago Academy144 dayssaveRefWorks
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