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Normobaric Hypoxia Training in Military Aviation and Subsequent Hypoxia Symptom Recognition.Kokki, H.446 dayssaveRefWorks
Pregnancy, puerperium and perinatal constipation - an observational hybrid survey on pregnant and postpartum women and their age-matched non-pregnant controls.Kokki, H.467 dayssaveRefWorks
ACTH Treatment of Infantile Spasms: Low-Moderate- Versus High-Dose, Natural Versus Synthetic ACTH-A Retrospective Cohort Study.Kokki, H.484 dayssaveRefWorks
Bioavailability of oxycodone by mouth in coronary artery bypass surgery patients - a randomized trial.Kokki, H.488 dayssaveRefWorks
NRF2 is a key regulator of endothelial microRNA expression under proatherogenic stimuli.Kokki, H.548 dayssaveRefWorks
An up-to-date overview of sublingual sufentanil for the treatment of moderate to severe pain.Kokki, H.594 dayssaveRefWorks
Nurses´ perceptions of automated dispensing cabinets - an observational study and an online survey.Kokki, H.634 dayssaveRefWorks
Implementation of a 23-h surgery model in a tertiary care hospital: a safe and feasible model with high patient satisfaction.Kokki, H.690 dayssaveRefWorks
Oxycodone for pain management in the latent phase of labour - a pragmatic trial.Kokki, H.732 dayssaveRefWorks
Physiologically based pharmacokinetic modelling of oxycodone drug-drug interactions.Kokki, H.738 dayssaveRefWorks
The Rectus Sheath Block (RSB) Analgesia Following Laparotomy Could Affect Malonidialdehyde (MDA) Concentrations in Benign Disease and Cancer.Kokki, H.748 dayssaveRefWorks
Review of clinical practice guidelines on the use of procalcitonin in infections.Kokki, H.760 dayssaveRefWorks
Brief Pain Inventory (BPI) Health Survey After Midline Laparotomy With the Rectus Sheath Block (RSB) Analgesia: A Randomised Trial of Patients With Cancer and Benign Disease.Kokki, H.773 dayssaveRefWorks
Oxycodone concentrations in the central nervous system and cerebrospinal fluid after epidural administration to the pregnant ewe.Kokki, H.942 dayssaveRefWorks
Population pharmacokinetics of oxycodone in plasma and cerebrospinal fluid after epidural and intravenous administration.Kokki, H.978 dayssaveRefWorks
Analgesic efficacy and pharmacokinetics of epidural oxycodone in pain management after gynaecologic laparoscopy - a randomised, double blind, active control, double-dummy clinical comparison with intravenous administration.Kokki, H.998 dayssaveRefWorks
Rectus Sheath Block (RSB) Analgesia Could Enhance Significantly the Patient Satisfaction Following Midline Laparotomy in Benign Disease and in Cancer: A Prospective Study With Special Reference to Nitrosative Stress Marker Nitrotyrosine (NT) Plasma CKokki, H.1048 dayssaveRefWorks
Updated Clinical Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Oxycodone.Kokki, H.1097 dayssaveRefWorks
Resilience in children and their parents enduring paediatric medical traumatic stress.Kokki, H.1116 dayssaveRefWorks
CSF nerve growth factor (β-NGF) is increased but CSF insulin-like growth factor-(IGF-1) is normal in children with tuberous sclerosis and infantile spasms.Kokki, H.1139 dayssaveRefWorks
Plasma Catalase in Relation to Pain Following Midline Laparotomy: A Prospective Study of Patients with Benign Diseases and Patients with Cancer.Kokki, H.1169 dayssaveRefWorks
Novel renal markers for the assessment of renal integrity in patients undergoing knee arthroplasty - a pilot study.Kokki, H.1210 dayssaveRefWorks
Kuopio birth cohort - design of a Finnish joint research effort for identification of environmental and lifestyle risk factors for the wellbeing of the mother and the newborn child.Kokki, H.1214 dayssaveRefWorks
Effects of knee flexion and extension on the tibial tuberosity-trochlear groove (TT-TG) distance in adolescents.Kokki, H.1250 dayssaveRefWorks
Life satisfaction and pain interference in spine surgery patients before and after surgery: comparison between on-opioid and opioid-naïve patients.Kokki, H.1264 dayssaveRefWorks
Response to 'The role of procalcitonin in the diagnosis and management of infections in the field of obstetrics and gynecology'.Kokki, H.1296 dayssaveRefWorks
The analgesic efficacy and pharmacokinetics of epidural oxycodone after gynaecologic laparotomy - a randomised, double-blind, double-dummy comparison with intravenous administration.Kokki, H.1338 dayssaveRefWorks
Oxycodone pharmacokinetics and fetal exposure after intravenous or epidural administration to the ewe.Kokki, H.1342 dayssaveRefWorks
Response to the letter to the editor by Dr. Yasar and Babaoglu on the recent publication of Kokki et al. on the pharmacokinetics of metoprolol bioavailability in coronary artery bypass surgery patients.Kokki, H.1348 dayssaveRefWorks
The usage of procalcitonin in Finland.Kokki, H.1369 dayssaveRefWorks
Procalcitonin; a feasible biomarker for severe bacterial infections in Obstetrics and Gynecology?Kokki, H.1374 dayssaveRefWorks
How do different extracorporeal circulation systems affect metoprolol bioavailability in coronary artery bypass surgery patients.Kokki, H.1410 dayssaveRefWorks
A prospective, randomized, open label, controlled study investigating the efficiency and safety of 3 different methods of rectus sheath block analgesia following midline laparotomy.Kokki, H.1434 dayssaveRefWorks
Subtle Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer's Disease-Type Pathological Changes in Cerebrospinal Fluid are Common Among Neurologically Healthy Subjects.Kokki, H.1434 dayssaveRefWorks
NRF2 regulates endothelial glycolysis and proliferation with miR-93 and mediates the effects of oxidized phospholipids on endothelial activation.Kokki, H.1519 dayssaveRefWorks
Prediction of human CNS pharmacokinetics using a physiologically-based pharmacokinetic modeling approach.Kokki, H.1526 dayssaveRefWorks
Absorption of ibuprofen orodispersible tablets in early postoperative phase - a pharmacokinetic study.Kokki, H.1553 dayssaveRefWorks
Maturation of Oxycodone Pharmacokinetics in Neonates and Infants: a Population Pharmacokinetic Model of Three Clinical Trials.Kokki, H.1797 dayssaveRefWorks
Does Rectus Sheath Block Analgesia Alter Levels of the Oxidative Stress Biomarker Glutathione Peroxidase: A Randomised Trial of Patients with Cancer and Benign Disease.Kokki, H.1804 dayssaveRefWorks
Improvement in the quality of life following cholecystectomy: a randomized multicenter study of health status (RAND-36) in patients with laparoscopic cholecystectomy versus minilaparotomy cholecystectomy.Kokki, H.1853 dayssaveRefWorks
Opioid-Induced Bowel Dysfunction in Patients Undergoing Spine Surgery: Comparison of Oxycodone and Oxycodone-Naloxone Treatment.Kokki, H.1869 dayssaveRefWorks
Sufentanil sublingual formulation for the treatment of acute, moderate to severe postoperative pain in adult patients.Kokki, H.1894 dayssaveRefWorks
Foetal Fentanyl Exposure and Ion Trapping after Intravenous and Transdermal Administration to the Ewe.Kokki, H.1909 dayssaveRefWorks
Maturation of oxycodone pharmacokinetics in neonates and infants: Oxycodone and its metabolites in plasma and urine.Kokki, H.1911 dayssaveRefWorks
Levobupivacaine for Spinal Anesthesia in Children: Cerebrospinal Fluid Aspiration Before the Injection Does not Affect the Spread or Duration of the Sensory Block.Kokki, H.1947 dayssaveRefWorks
Low Cerebrospinal Fluid Amyloid-Beta Concentration Is Associated with Poorer Delayed Memory Recall in Women.Kokki, H.1988 dayssaveRefWorks
The plasma 8-OHdG levels and oxidative stress following cholecystectomy: a randomised multicentre study of patients with minilaparotomy cholecystectomy versus laparoscopic cholecystectomy.Kokki, H.2008 dayssaveRefWorks
Does the Rectus Sheath Block Analgesia Reduce the Inflammatory Response Biomarkers' IL-1ra, IL-6, IL-8, IL-10 and IL-1β Concentrations Following Surgery? A Randomized Clinical Trial of Patients with Cancer and Benign Disease.Kokki, H.2050 dayssaveRefWorks
[Update on current care guidelines. Pain].Kokki, H.2057 dayssaveRefWorks
Author's Reply to Parsons: "Cytotoxicity of Oxycodone and Morphine in Human Neuroblastoma and Mouse Motoneuronal Cells: A Comparative Approach".Kokki, H.2059 dayssaveRefWorks
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