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A Model and Tool for Community Engagement Case Study: Community Engagement in the Bisotun World Heritage Site. (arXiv:2207.02353v1 [cs.HC]) - Digital Libraries5 hourssaveRefWorks
Open Science and Authorship of Supplementary Material. Evidence from a Research Community. (arXiv:2207.02775v1 [cs.DL]) - Digital Libraries5 hourssaveRefWorks
NewsEdits: A Dataset of Revision Histories for News Articles (Technical Report: Data Processing). (arXiv:2104.09647v2 [cs.CL] UPDATED) - Digital Libraries6 dayssaveRefWorks A Web Application for Consuming and Annotating Legal Discourse Learning. (arXiv:2104.10263v2 [cs.CL] UPDATED) - Digital Libraries6 dayssaveRefWorks
Comparison of metadata with relevance for bibliometrics between Microsoft Academic Graph and OpenAlex until 2020. (arXiv:2206.14168v1 [cs.DL]) - Digital Libraries8 dayssaveRefWorks
Identification of young talented individuals in the natural and life sciences using bibliometric data. (arXiv:2206.12343v1 [cs.DL]) - Digital Libraries10 dayssaveRefWorks
Developing a Ranking Problem Library (RPLIB) from a data-oriented perspective. (arXiv:2206.11258v1 [cs.DB]) - Digital Libraries13 dayssaveRefWorks
Exploring user needs in relation to algorithmically constructed classifications of publications. (arXiv:2206.10888v1 [cs.DL]) - Digital Libraries14 dayssaveRefWorks
Evaluation of Embedding Models for Automatic Extraction and Classification of Acknowledged Entities in Scientific Documents. (arXiv:2206.10939v1 [cs.CL]) - Digital Libraries14 dayssaveRefWorks
Connecting a French Dictionary from the Beginning of the 20th Century to Wikidata. (arXiv:2206.11022v1 [cs.CL]) - Digital Libraries14 dayssaveRefWorks
Selecting efficient and reliable preservation strategies: modeling long-term information integrity using large-scale hierarchical discrete event simulation. (arXiv:1912.07908v2 [cs.CR] UPDATED) - Digital Libraries15 dayssaveRefWorks
Research Topic Flows in Co-Authorship Networks. (arXiv:2206.07980v1 [cs.SI]) - Digital Libraries20 dayssaveRefWorks
CLEF. A Linked Open Data native system for Crowdsourcing. (arXiv:2206.08259v1 [cs.DL]) - Digital Libraries20 dayssaveRefWorks
Collaboration Effect by Co-Authorship on Academic Citation and Social Attention of Research. (arXiv:2206.07454v1 [cs.DL]) - Digital Libraries21 dayssaveRefWorks
OpenCitations, an open e-infrastructure to foster maximum reuse of citation data. (arXiv:2206.07476v1 [cs.DL]) - Digital Libraries21 dayssaveRefWorks
P-Index. (arXiv:2206.07543v1 [cs.DL]) - Digital Libraries21 dayssaveRefWorks
An analysis of retracted papers in Computer Science. (arXiv:2206.06706v1 [cs.DL]) - Digital Libraries22 dayssaveRefWorks
Four Years of FAccT: A Reflexive, Mixed-Methods Analysis of Research Contributions, Shortcomings, and Future Prospects. (arXiv:2206.06738v1 [cs.CY]) - Digital Libraries22 dayssaveRefWorks
Does Open Access Really Increase Impact? A Large-Scale Randomized Analysis. (arXiv:2206.06874v1 [cs.DL]) - Digital Libraries22 dayssaveRefWorks
The Gender Gap in Scholarly Self-Promotion on Social Media. (arXiv:2206.05330v1 [cs.DL]) - Digital Libraries23 dayssaveRefWorks
Research Software Publication Policy Case Study. (arXiv:2206.05367v1 [cs.DL]) - Digital Libraries23 dayssaveRefWorks
Once Highly Productive, Forever Highly Productive? Full Professors' Research Productivity from a Longitudinal Perspective. (arXiv:2206.05814v1 [cs.DL]) - Digital Libraries23 dayssaveRefWorks
Establishing a Search String to Detect Secondary Studies in Software Engineering. (arXiv:1912.08861v2 [cs.SE] UPDATED) - Digital Libraries27 dayssaveRefWorks
How to structure citations data and bibliographic metadata in the OpenCitations accepted format. (arXiv:2206.03971v1 [cs.DL]) - Digital Libraries28 dayssaveRefWorks
Achievement of Objectives of Library Information Management: Result of Right Structuring of Library Network System. (arXiv:2206.01914v1 [cs.DL]) - Digital Libraries30 dayssaveRefWorks
Open Research Knowledge Graph:A System Walkthrough. (arXiv:2206.01439v1 [cs.DL]) - Digital Libraries31 dayssaveRefWorks
Plumber: A Modular Framework to Create Information Extraction Pipelines. (arXiv:2206.01442v1 [cs.CL]) - Digital Libraries31 dayssaveRefWorks
Delivering Document Conversion as a Cloud Service with High Throughput and Responsiveness. (arXiv:2206.00785v1 [cs.DL]) - Digital Libraries34 dayssaveRefWorks
Partitura: A Python Package for Symbolic Music Processing. (arXiv:2206.01071v1 [cs.SD]) - Digital Libraries34 dayssaveRefWorks
The match file format: Encoding Alignments between Scores and Performances. (arXiv:2206.01104v1 [cs.SD]) - Digital Libraries34 dayssaveRefWorks
Computational Reproducibility Within Prognostics and Health Management. (arXiv:2205.15489v1 [cs.DL]) - Digital Libraries36 dayssaveRefWorks
The u-index: a simple metric to objectively measure academic impact of individual researchers. (arXiv:2205.14925v2 [cs.DL] UPDATED) - Digital Libraries36 dayssaveRefWorks
Structured references from PDF articles: assessing the tools for bibliographic reference extraction and parsing. (arXiv:2205.14677v1 [cs.DL]) - Digital Libraries37 dayssaveRefWorks
Gender differences in research grant allocation -- a mixed picture. (arXiv:2205.13641v1 [stat.AP]) - Digital Libraries38 dayssaveRefWorks
Populating the Digital Space for Cultural Heritage with Heritage Digital Twins. (arXiv:2205.13206v1 [cs.DL]) - Digital Libraries41 dayssaveRefWorks
The way we cite: common metadata used across disciplines for defining bibliographic references. (arXiv:2205.13419v1 [cs.DL]) - Digital Libraries41 dayssaveRefWorks
Evolution of biomedical innovation quantified via billions of distinct article-level MeSH keyword combinations. (arXiv:2205.11632v1 [cs.DL]) - Digital Libraries43 dayssaveRefWorks
A Natural Language Processing Pipeline for Detecting Informal Data References in Academic Literature. (arXiv:2205.11651v1 [cs.DL]) - Digital Libraries43 dayssaveRefWorks
Attitudes, willingness, and resources to cover Article Publishing Charges (APC): the influence of age, position, income level country, discipline and open access habits. (arXiv:2205.11655v1 [cs.DL]) - Digital Libraries43 dayssaveRefWorks
Ethics of Open Data. (arXiv:2205.10402v1 [cs.CY]) - Digital Libraries44 dayssaveRefWorks
Mapping Complex Technologies via Science-Technology Linkages; The Case of Neuroscience -- A transformer based keyword extraction approach. (arXiv:2205.10153v1 [cs.DL]) - Digital Libraries45 dayssaveRefWorks
Team formation and team performance: The balance between team freshness and repeat collaboration. (arXiv:2205.08756v1 [cs.DL]) - Digital Libraries49 dayssaveRefWorks
Subdivisions and Crossroads: Identifying Hidden Community Structures in a Data Archive's Citation Network. (arXiv:2205.08395v1 [cs.DL]) - Digital Libraries50 dayssaveRefWorks
Multidisciplinary Reading Patterns of Digital Documents. (arXiv:2205.08475v1 [cs.DL]) - Digital Libraries50 dayssaveRefWorks
SchenQL: A query language for bibliographic data with aggregations and domain-specific functions. (arXiv:2205.06513v1 [cs.DL]) - Digital Libraries52 dayssaveRefWorks
What do we mean by "data"? A proposed classification of data types in the arts and humanities. (arXiv:2205.06764v1 [cs.DL]) - Digital Libraries52 dayssaveRefWorks
TinyGenius: Intertwining Natural Language Processing with Microtask Crowdsourcing for Scholarly Knowledge Graph Creation. (arXiv:2205.04504v1 [cs.DL]) - Digital Libraries57 dayssaveRefWorks
Brazilian COVID-19 data streaming. (arXiv:2205.05032v1 [cs.DB]) - Digital Libraries57 dayssaveRefWorks
Revolutions in science: The proposal of an approach for the identification of most important researchers, institutions, and countries based on Reference Publication Year Spectroscopy (RPYS). (arXiv:2205.03033v1 [cs.DL]) - Digital Libraries59 dayssaveRefWorks
BIP! Scholar: A Service to Facilitate Fair Researcher Assessment. (arXiv:2205.03152v1 [cs.DL]) - Digital Libraries59 dayssaveRefWorks
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