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Weight concerns as a predictor of smoking cessation according to nicotine dependence: A population-based study.Patja, K. (THL)209 dayssaveRefWorks
Social climate on tobacco control in an advanced tobacco control country: A population-based study in Finland.Patja, K. (THL)209 dayssaveRefWorks
Eight-year post-trial follow-up of health care and long-term care costs of tele-based health coaching.Patja, K. (THL)470 dayssaveRefWorks
Smoking status and abdominal obesity among normal- and overweight/obese adults: Population-based FINRISK study.Patja, K. (THL)1714 dayssaveRefWorks
Associations of Weight Concerns with Self-efficacy and Motivation to Quit Smoking: A Population-based Study among Finnish Daily Smokers.Patja, K. (THL)2298 dayssaveRefWorks
Smoking and attitudes towards it and its cessation among dental students in Latvia.Patja, K. (THL)2335 dayssaveRefWorks
Smoking, nicotine dependence and nicotine intake by socio-economic status and marital status.Patja, K. (THL)2556 dayssaveRefWorks
[New challenges for the medical professionalism].Patja, K. (THL)2610 dayssaveRefWorks
Weight Concerns Among Finnish Ever-Smokers: A Population-based Study.Patja, K. (THL)2933 dayssaveRefWorks
Physicians' knowledge of and adherence to improving oral health.Patja, K. (THL)3108 dayssaveRefWorks
Diurnal Evening Type is Associated with Current Smoking, Nicotine Dependence and Nicotine Intake in the Population Based National FINRISK 2007 Study.Patja, K. (THL)3159 dayssaveRefWorks
Health coaching by telephony to support self-care in chronic diseases: clinical outcomes from The TERVA randomized controlled trial.Patja, K. (THL)3229 dayssaveRefWorks
Age, marital status and changes in dietary habits in later life: a 21-year follow-up among Finnish women.Patja, K. (THL)3298 dayssaveRefWorks
Use of and Attitudes Toward Current Care Guidelines Among Primary and Secondary Care Nurses in Finland.Patja, K. (THL)3626 dayssaveRefWorks
Does the need for professional competencies change during the physician's career? - A Finnish national survey.Patja, K. (THL)3641 dayssaveRefWorks
[Evaluation of tobacco addiction among adolescents and its treatment within the health care]Patja, K. (THL)3906 dayssaveRefWorks
Smokers' accounts on the health risks of smoking: Why is smoking not dangerous for me?Patja, K. (THL)3928 dayssaveRefWorks
Health impact assessment of environmental tobacco smoke in European children: sudden infant death syndrome and asthma episodes.Patja, K. (THL)3999 dayssaveRefWorks
[Competence in medical profession: need for a wider perspective?]Patja, K. (THL)4136 dayssaveRefWorks
Adult smoking as a proxy for environmental tobacco smoke exposure among children - comparing the impact of the level of information in Estonia, Finland and Latvia.Patja, K. (THL)4324 dayssaveRefWorks
Trends of tobacco use in Sweden and Finland: Do differences in tobacco policy relate to tobacco use?Patja, K. (THL)4463 dayssaveRefWorks
Smoking and related factors of the social environment among adolescents in the Republic of Karelia, Russia in 1995 and 2004.Patja, K. (THL)4580 dayssaveRefWorks
Cancer incidence among persons with fragile X syndrome in Finland: a population-based study.Patja, K. (THL)4622 dayssaveRefWorks
Exposure to environmental tobacco smoke at work, at home, and during leisure time: A cross-sectional population sample.Patja, K. (THL)4630 dayssaveRefWorks
The impact of smoking on health-related and overall quality of life: A general population survey in Finland.Patja, K. (THL)4654 dayssaveRefWorks
Impact of the 1976 Tobacco Control Act in Finland on the proportion of ever daily smokers by socioeconomic status.Patja, K. (THL)4859 dayssaveRefWorks
Did the Tobacco Control Act Amendment in 1995 affect daily smoking in Finland? Effects of a restrictive workplace smoking policy.Patja, K. (THL)4898 dayssaveRefWorks
The dilemma of patient responsibility for lifestyle change: Perceptions among primary care physicians and nurses.Patja, K. (THL)4930 dayssaveRefWorks
Carotid Intima-Media Thickness and Cognitive Function in Elderly Women: A Population-Based Study.Patja, K. (THL)4962 dayssaveRefWorks
[In Process Citation]Patja, K. (THL)4971 dayssaveRefWorks
[In Process Citation]Patja, K. (THL)5030 dayssaveRefWorks
Applying an equity lens to tobacco-control policies and their uptake in six Western-European countries.Patja, K. (THL)5044 dayssaveRefWorks
Diagnosis and treatment of menorrhagia.Patja, K. (THL)5075 dayssaveRefWorks
Rural-urban differences in health and health behaviour: a baseline description of a community health-promotion programme for the elderly.Patja, K. (THL)5214 dayssaveRefWorks
Snuff use and smoking in Finnish olympic athletes.Patja, K. (THL)5241 dayssaveRefWorks
Determinants of daily smoking in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Finland in 1994-2002.Patja, K. (THL)5355 dayssaveRefWorks
[In Process Citation]Patja, K. (THL)5453 dayssaveRefWorks
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