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Correction to: Recommendations for the nomenclature of enteroviruses and rhinoviruses.Hovi, T. (THL)390 dayssaveRefWorks
Recommendations for the nomenclature of enteroviruses and rhinoviruses.Hovi, T. (THL)449 dayssaveRefWorks
ICTV Virus Taxonomy Profile: Picornaviridae.Hovi, T. (THL)1319 dayssaveRefWorks
Intensified hand-hygiene campaign including soap-and-water wash may prevent acute infections in office workers, as shown by a recognized-exposure -adjusted analysis of a randomized trial.Hovi, T. (THL)1560 dayssaveRefWorks
Development of a prognostic model based on demographic, environmental and lifestyle information for predicting incidences of symptomatic respiratory or gastrointestinal infection in adult office workers.Hovi, T. (THL)1613 dayssaveRefWorks
Exposure to persons with symptoms of respiratory or gastrointestinal infection and relative risk of disease: self-reported observations by controls in a randomized intervention trial.Hovi, T. (THL)2195 dayssaveRefWorks
Recombination in the Evolution of Enterovirus C Species Sub-Group that Contains Types CVA-21, CVA-24, EV-C95, EV-C96 and EV-C99.Hovi, T. (THL)2564 dayssaveRefWorks
The Evolution of Vp1 Gene in Enterovirus C Species Sub-Group That Contains Types CVA-21, CVA-24, EV-C95, EV-C96 and EV-C99.Hovi, T. (THL)2573 dayssaveRefWorks
CCR5 deficiency and severe polio infection in the 1984 outbreak in Finland.Hovi, T. (THL)2772 dayssaveRefWorks
Characteristics of an Environmentally Monitored Prolonged Type 2 Vaccine Derived Poliovirus Shedding Episode that Stopped without Intervention.Hovi, T. (THL)2807 dayssaveRefWorks
Evolution of type 2 vaccine derived poliovirus lineages. Evidence for codon-specific positive selection at three distinct locations on capsid wall.Hovi, T. (THL)2840 dayssaveRefWorks
Review and Assessment of Poliovirus Immunity and Transmission: Synthesis of Knowledge Gaps and Identification of Research Needs.Hovi, T. (THL)2937 dayssaveRefWorks
Recombination in the evolution of human rhinovirus genomes.Hovi, T. (THL)2973 dayssaveRefWorks
Single treatment with ethanol hand rub is ineffective against human rhinovirus-hand washing with soap and water removes the virus efficiently.Hovi, T. (THL)3380 dayssaveRefWorks
Hand washing with soap and water together with behavioural recommendations prevents infections in common work environment: an open cluster-randomized trial.Hovi, T. (THL)3380 dayssaveRefWorks
Specific viruses detected in nigerian children in association with acute respiratory disease.Hovi, T. (THL)3469 dayssaveRefWorks
Role of environmental poliovirus surveillance in global polio eradication and beyond.Hovi, T. (THL)3532 dayssaveRefWorks
Temporal Association Between Rhinovirus Circulation in the Community and Invasive Pneumococcal Disease in Children.Hovi, T. (THL)3757 dayssaveRefWorks
Analysis of genetic diversity and sites of recombination in human rhinovirus species C (HRV-C).Hovi, T. (THL)3917 dayssaveRefWorks
Characterization of a putative ancestor of coxsackievirus B5.Hovi, T. (THL)3930 dayssaveRefWorks
Proposals for the classification of human rhinovirus species C into genotypically-assigned types.Hovi, T. (THL)3937 dayssaveRefWorks
Highly divergent neurovirulent vaccine-derived polioviruses of all three serotypes are recurrently detected in Finnish sewage.Hovi, T. (THL)3987 dayssaveRefWorks
Outbreak Of Poliomyelitis In Finland In 1984-85 - Re-Analysis Of Viral Sequences Using The Current Standard Approach.Hovi, T. (THL)4184 dayssaveRefWorks
Vitronectin receptors, {alpha}V-integrins, are recognized by several non-RGD containing echoviruses in a continuous laboratory cell line and also in primary human Langerhans' islets and endothelial cells.Hovi, T. (THL)4225 dayssaveRefWorks
The complete genome sequences for a novel enterovirus type, enterovirus 96, reflect multiple recombinations.Hovi, T. (THL)4326 dayssaveRefWorks
Comparison of poliovirus recombinants: accumulation of point mutations provides further advantage.Hovi, T. (THL)4372 dayssaveRefWorks
5' noncoding region alone does not unequivocally determine genetic type of human rhinovirus strains.Hovi, T. (THL)4400 dayssaveRefWorks
Molecular characterization of human rhinovirus field strains isolated during surveillance of enteroviruses.Hovi, T. (THL)4427 dayssaveRefWorks
Amino acids of coxsackie B5 virus are critical for infection of the murine insulinoma cell line, MIN-6.Hovi, T. (THL)4499 dayssaveRefWorks
Novel Species of Human Rhinoviruses in Acute Otitis Media.Hovi, T. (THL)4518 dayssaveRefWorks
Measles, mumps, and rubella in Finland: 25 years of a nationwide elimination programme.Hovi, T. (THL)4532 dayssaveRefWorks
An enterovirus strain isolated from diabetic child belongs to a genetic subcluster of echovirus 11, but is also neutralised with monotypic antisera to coxsackievirus A9.Hovi, T. (THL)4659 dayssaveRefWorks
Eight years' experience of molecular identification of human enteroviruses.Hovi, T. (THL)4729 dayssaveRefWorks
Respiratory viruses in laryngeal croup of young children.Hovi, T. (THL)4752 dayssaveRefWorks
Enterovirus surveillance reveals proposed new serotypes and provides new insight into enterovirus 5'-untranslated region evolution.Hovi, T. (THL)4993 dayssaveRefWorks
Genetic and phenotypic diversity of echovirus 30 strains and pathogenesis of type 1 diabetes.Hovi, T. (THL)5081 dayssaveRefWorks
Enterovirus 94, a proposed new serotype in human enterovirus species D.Hovi, T. (THL)5165 dayssaveRefWorks
Containment of polioviruses after eradication and OPV cessation: characterizing risks to improve management.Hovi, T. (THL)5178 dayssaveRefWorks
A randomized study on donor immunization with tetanus-diphtheria, Haemophilus influenzae type b and inactivated poliovirus vaccines to improve the recipient responses to the same vaccines after allogeneic bone marrow transplantation.Hovi, T. (THL)5213 dayssaveRefWorks
Viral upper respiratory tract infections in young children with emphasis on acute otitis media.Hovi, T. (THL)5246 dayssaveRefWorks
Serum antibody response to periodontal pathogens and herpes simplex virus in relation to classic risk factors of cardiovascular disease.Hovi, T. (THL)5320 dayssaveRefWorks
[Avian influenza is coming-are you ready?]Hovi, T. (THL)5365 dayssaveRefWorks
Poliomyelitis outbreaks in Africa and Asia: importation of infections a serious risk for polio-free countries with low vaccine coverage.Hovi, T. (THL)5374 dayssaveRefWorks
Surveillance for polioviruses.Hovi, T. (THL)5375 dayssaveRefWorks
Pathogenic bacteria and viruses in induced sputum or pharyngeal secretions of adults with stable asthma.Hovi, T. (THL)5379 dayssaveRefWorks
Rhinovirus/enterovirus RNA in tonsillar tissue of children with tonsillar disease.Hovi, T. (THL)5471 dayssaveRefWorks
Alignment of capsid protein VP1 sequences of all human rhinovirus prototype strains: conserved motifs and functional domains.Hovi, T. (THL)5513 dayssaveRefWorks
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