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Letter from the editorEngineering Economist61 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
The levelized cost of energy and regulatory uncertainty in plant lifetimesEngineering Economist61 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Letter from the EditorEngineering Economist144 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Average internal rate of return for risky projectsEngineering Economist144 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Letter from the EditorEngineering Economist174 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Pricing real options based on linear loss functions and conditional value at riskEngineering Economist174 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Letter from the editorEngineering Economist303 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Supply contracts for critical and strategic materials of high volatility and their ramifications for supply chainsEngineering Economist303 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Valuing flexibility in transmission expansion planning from the perspective of a social planner: A methodology and an application to the Chilean power systemEngineering Economist303 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Optimal capital structure of government-subsidized private participation in infrastructure projectsEngineering Economist303 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Non-equal-life asset replacement under evolving technology: A multi-cycle approachEngineering Economist303 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Rates of return of investments whose timings are specified by a probability distributionEngineering Economist303 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Call for Nominations for the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers Wellington AwardEngineering Economist303 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Multi-objective optimization and cost-based output pricing of a standalone hybrid energy system integrated with desalinationEngineering Economist303 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Optimal Replacement, Retrofit, and Management of a Fleet of Assets under Regulations of an Emissions Trading SystemEngineering Economist303 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Bandwagon Investment Equilibrium of Investment Timing GamesEngineering Economist303 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Economic feasibility of the investment in residential photovoltaics system considering the effects of subsidy policies: A Korean caseEngineering Economist303 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Risk-adjusted discount rates and the present value of risky nonconventional projectsEngineering Economist303 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Introduction to the special issue on engineering economy educationEngineering Economist420 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
An engineering economy concept inventoryEngineering Economist420 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
“Let’s Bid!” - A modular activity to promote interest in engineering economyEngineering Economist420 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Evaluating students with online testing modules in engineering economics: A comparision of student performance with online testing and with traditional assessmentsEngineering Economist420 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Engineering economy as a vibrant and relevant course in the engineering programs of today and tomorrowEngineering Economist420 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Investment decisions and the logic of valuation. Linking finance, accounting, and engineeringEngineering Economist420 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Cashflows: A python library for computations in financial analytics developed by Juan David Velásquez-Henao and Ibeth Karina Vergara-BaqueroEngineering Economist420 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Term structures and scenario-based social discount rates under smooth ambiguityEngineering Economist420 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Socioeconomic feasibility of green roofs and walls in public buildings: The case study of primary schools in PortugalEngineering Economist420 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Managing construction risk with weather derivativesEngineering Economist420 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
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