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Preparation and characterization of melamine-led nitrogen-doped carbon blacks at different pyrolysis temperaturesJournal of Solid State Chemistry1 daysaveRefWorksSFX Info
Modification of Ruddlesden-Popper-type Nd2-xNi0.75Cu0.2M0.05O4±δ by the Nd-site cationic deficiency and doping with Sc, Ga or In: Crystal structure, oxygen content, transport properties and oxygen permeabilityJournal of Solid State Chemistry1 daysaveRefWorksSFX Info
Synthesis optimization of metal-organic frameworks MIL-125 and its adsorption separation on C8 aromatics measured by pulse test and simulation calculationJournal of Solid State Chemistry1 daysaveRefWorksSFX Info
Hydrothermal synthesis of hydroxyl terminated polymer boron adsorbentsJournal of Solid State Chemistry1 daysaveRefWorksSFX Info
Preparation of 0–2 dimensional organic-decorated quaternary TM-Cd-Sb-Se (TM = Zn, Mn, Fe) compounds by solvothermal method: Syntheses, crystal structures and propertiesJournal of Solid State Chemistry1 daysaveRefWorksSFX Info
First-principles study of anisotropic thermoelectric properties of hexagonal KBaBiJournal of Solid State Chemistry1 daysaveRefWorksSFX Info
Two mixed ligand coordination polymers: Photocatalytic dye degradation and protective effect against peri-implantitis by reducing P. gingivalis survival gene expression levelsJournal of Solid State Chemistry1 daysaveRefWorksSFX Info
Synthesis, structure, and properties of EuScCuS3 and SrScCuS3Journal of Solid State Chemistry6 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Ab initio prediction of thermoelectric performance of monolayer BiSbTe3Journal of Solid State Chemistry6 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Ex-situ study on the structure changes of Li4Ti5O12-based anode materials under different lithium insertion amountsJournal of Solid State Chemistry6 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Novel borophosphene as a high capacity anode material for Li-ion storageJournal of Solid State Chemistry6 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
A humidity-controlled precipitation technique enabling discovery of Rb3(H1.5PO4)2Journal of Solid State Chemistry6 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Controllable synthesis of silicon/carbon hollow microspheres using renewable sources for high energy lithium-ion batteryJournal of Solid State Chemistry6 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Influence of pressure on the structure, mechanical and dynamic properties of boron-rich Na2B30Journal of Solid State Chemistry6 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
CeO2 nanoparticles@ NiFe-LDH nanosheet heterostructure as electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution reactionJournal of Solid State Chemistry6 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Elucidation of selective adsorption study of Congo red using new Cadmium(II) metal-organic frameworks: Adsorption kinetics, isotherm and thermodynamicsJournal of Solid State Chemistry6 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
A Zn-based metal–organic framework as bifunctional chemosensor for the detection of nitrobenzene and Fe3+Journal of Solid State Chemistry6 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
The assembly of novel Ag-based NP@MOFs mesoporous spherical composites and their enhanced catalytic performance in photodegradation and chemical conversion of CO2 with epoxideJournal of Solid State Chemistry12 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Rational design of CuO/SiO2 nanocatalyst with anchor structure and hydrophilic surface for efficient hydrogenation of nitrophenolJournal of Solid State Chemistry12 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Investigation of U(VI) adsorption properties of poly(trimesoyl chloride-co-polyethyleneimine)Journal of Solid State Chemistry12 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Single crystal growth and characterization of new Zintl phase Ca9Zn3.1In0.9Sb9Journal of Solid State Chemistry12 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Synthesis, crystal structure and physical properties of a new chalcogenides Rb3Ga3Ge7S20Journal of Solid State Chemistry12 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
One-dimensional La(III) coordination polymer displaying multi-responsive luminescence activities towards Fe3+, acetone and benzothiozolesJournal of Solid State Chemistry12 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Investigation of optical, structural, and antifungal properties of lindgrenite obtained by conventional coprecipitation and ultrasound-assisted coprecipitation methodsJournal of Solid State Chemistry12 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Novel luminescent calixarene-based lanthanide materials: From synthesis and characterization to the selective detection of Fe3+Journal of Solid State Chemistry13 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Enhancing the ionic conductivity and stabilizing cubic structure of garnet-type Li6.25-xAl0.25La3Zr2-xTaxO12 by Al/Ta co-dopingJournal of Solid State Chemistry13 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Two acidic coordination polymers containing uncoordinated carboxyl groups: Syntheses, crystal structures and proton conductivities in Nafion composite membranesJournal of Solid State Chemistry13 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Lanthanide doped luminescent NaGdF4:Nd3+,Yb3+@CaF2:Eu3+ nanoparticles for dual-mode (visible and NIR) luminescenceJournal of Solid State Chemistry17 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
A new cadmium rare-earth oxyborate Cd4DyO(BO3)3 and luminescent properties of the Cd4Dy1-xSmxO(BO3)3 (0 ≤ x ≤ 0.8) phosphorsJournal of Solid State Chemistry17 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Synergistic effect of Co3O4 nanoparticles with Bauhinia vahlii dry fruits derived activated carbon on energy storage applicationsJournal of Solid State Chemistry17 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Catalytic effect of solvothermally prepared Cu2(bdc)2(bpy) metal-organic framework on thermal decomposition of ammonium perchlorateJournal of Solid State Chemistry17 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Synthesis of novel chromium carbide using laser heated diamond anvil cellJournal of Solid State Chemistry18 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
The Se … Hal halogen bonding: Co-crystals of selenoureas with fluorinated organohalidesJournal of Solid State Chemistry18 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Catalytic activity of Ru supported on SmCeOx for ammonia decomposition: The effect of Sm dopingJournal of Solid State Chemistry18 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Two Keggin-type arsenomolybdate organic-inorganic hybrid assemblies decorated by Cu-phen/bpy complexes for photo-/electro-catalytic performanceJournal of Solid State Chemistry18 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Structural and magnetic properties of the perovskites A2LaFe2SbO9 (A = Ca, Sr, Ba)Journal of Solid State Chemistry18 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Polymorphic transformations of CaSi2 and CaGe2Journal of Solid State Chemistry18 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Facile and environmentally friendly one-step synthesis of hexanuclear Cu(II)–Ni(II) and Cu(II)–Co(II) clusters and their binding interactions with bovine serum albuminJournal of Solid State Chemistry18 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
MOF-derived Co, Ni, Mn co-doped N-enriched hollow carbon for efficient hydrogen evolution reaction catalysisJournal of Solid State Chemistry28 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Efficient and fast adsorption of methylene blue dye onto a nanosheet MFI zeoliteJournal of Solid State Chemistry29 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Investigation of the second-order nonlinear optical property of Sr6Sb6S17Journal of Solid State Chemistry30 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Electrochemical properties of hydrophilic NiCo2O4 in situ grown on biomass carbon networks for Lithium ion batteriesJournal of Solid State Chemistry30 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Synthesis of NaNbO3 under non-hydrothermal conditions from sodium niobate precursors prepared by alkaline treatment of amorphous Nb2O5Journal of Solid State Chemistry30 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Phase relations and electrochemical research for vanadium-based compounds in Li2O–V2O3–P2O5 systemJournal of Solid State Chemistry30 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Thermal property, structural characterization, and physical property of cation and anion in organic–inorganic perovskite [(CH2)3(NH3)2]CdCl4 crystalJournal of Solid State Chemistry31 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Two new coordination polymers: Magnetic properties and protective effect on purulent meningitis of newborn by inhibiting the growth of E.coliJournal of Solid State Chemistry34 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Electron-deficient naphthalene diimide directed metal halides with visible light driven photocatalytic propertiesJournal of Solid State Chemistry34 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Synthesis, characterization, and computational study of a new zinc derivative (4.4′diaminodiphenylmethane) (meso-tetratolylporphyrinato) zinc {[Zn(TTP) (DADMP)2]}nJournal of Solid State Chemistry34 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
A luminescent Zn-MOF constructed from l-aspartic acid and 4,4-bipyridine: Selectively and sensitively detect Fe3+ and 2,4,6-trinitrophenol (TNP) in aqueous solutionJournal of Solid State Chemistry38 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
A series of POM-based compounds constructed by piperazine and morpholine derivatives: Characterization, selective photocatalytic and electrochemical/fluorescence sensing propertiesJournal of Solid State Chemistry39 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
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