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Google updates Play Store policies on gamified loyalty programs following confusion in IndiaTechCrunch » google144 dayssaveRefWorks
Apple says iOS 14.4 fixes three security bugs‘actively exploited’ by hackersTechCrunch » google145 dayssaveRefWorks
Google open sources Tilt Brush VR software as it shuts down internal developmentTechCrunch » google145 dayssaveRefWorks
Google’s BeyondCorp Enterprise security platform is now generally availableTechCrunch » google145 dayssaveRefWorks
Berlin’s Remagine secures $24M to finance high-growth and impact-led startupsTechCrunch » google146 dayssaveRefWorks
Google claims almost no change in ad revenue from targeting proposals in its Privacy Sandbox— but privacy upside less clearTechCrunch » google146 dayssaveRefWorks
Google pledges grants and facilities for COVID-19 vaccine programsTechCrunch » google147 dayssaveRefWorks
Augmented reality and the next century of the webTechCrunch » google148 dayssaveRefWorks
This Week in Apps: TikTok viral hit breaks Spotify records, inauguration boosts news app installs, judge rules against ParlerTechCrunch » google148 dayssaveRefWorks
Backed by Vint Cerf, Emortal wants to protect your digital legacy from‘bit-rot’TechCrunch » google149 dayssaveRefWorks
Google refreshes its mobile search experienceTechCrunch » google149 dayssaveRefWorks
Google threatens to close its search engine in Australia as it lobbies against digital news codeTechCrunch » google149 dayssaveRefWorks
Alphabet shuts down Loon internet balloon companyTechCrunch » google150 dayssaveRefWorks
Google inks agreement in France on paying publishers for news reuseTechCrunch » google151 dayssaveRefWorks
Israel’s startup ecosystem powers ahead, amid a year of changeTechCrunch » google151 dayssaveRefWorks
Former Google engineer Anthony Levandowski among list of last-minute Trump pardonsTechCrunch » google152 dayssaveRefWorks
Qualcomm-backed chipmaker Kneron nails Foxconn funding, dealTechCrunch » google153 dayssaveRefWorks
Google backs India’s Dunzo in $40 million funding roundTechCrunch » google153 dayssaveRefWorks
This Week in Apps: Parler deplatformed, alt apps rise, looking back at 2020 trendsTechCrunch » google154 dayssaveRefWorks
Twitter’s decentralized futureTechCrunch » google154 dayssaveRefWorks
Google’s Fitbit acquisition is officialTechCrunch » google157 dayssaveRefWorks
Google cracks down on personal loan apps in India following abuse and outcryTechCrunch » google158 dayssaveRefWorks
App stores saw record 218 billion downloads in 2020, consumer spend of $143 billionTechCrunch » google159 dayssaveRefWorks
LAUNCHub Ventures heading towards a $85M fund for South Eastern European startupsTechCrunch » google160 dayssaveRefWorks
Healthvana’s digital COVID-19 vaccination records are about communication, not passports for the immuneTechCrunch » google160 dayssaveRefWorks
Parler is officially offline after AWS suspensionTechCrunch » google160 dayssaveRefWorks
These 6 browser extensions will protect your privacy onlineTechCrunch » google161 dayssaveRefWorks
Parler jumps to No. 1 on App Store after Facebook and Twitter ban TrumpTechCrunch » google162 dayssaveRefWorks
This Week in Apps: Social apps react to riots, Parler gets booted, FTC threatens regulationTechCrunch » google162 dayssaveRefWorks
The deplatforming of a presidentTechCrunch » google162 dayssaveRefWorks
Parler removed from Google Play store as Apple App Store suspension reportedly loomsTechCrunch » google163 dayssaveRefWorks
You’ll never believe what this email thread says about the ad-funded ‘open’ webTechCrunch » google163 dayssaveRefWorks
Extra Crunch roundup: 2 VC surveys, Tesla’s melt up, The Roblox Gambit, moreTechCrunch » google163 dayssaveRefWorks
Google’s plan to replace tracking cookies goes under UK antitrust probeTechCrunch » google163 dayssaveRefWorks
Google AI concocts‘breakie’ and ‘cakie’ hybrid baked goodsTechCrunch » google164 dayssaveRefWorks
YouTube will start penalizing channels that post election misinformationTechCrunch » google164 dayssaveRefWorks
US says India, Italy, and Turkey digital taxes are discriminatory, but won’t take any actions for nowTechCrunch » google165 dayssaveRefWorks
Google to add App Store privacy labels to its iOS apps as soon as this weekTechCrunch » google166 dayssaveRefWorks
Daily Crunch: Hundreds of Google and Alphabet employees unionizeTechCrunch » google167 dayssaveRefWorks
Google and Snap in talks to invest in India’s ShareChatTechCrunch » google167 dayssaveRefWorks
Google, Alphabet employees seek to form a unionTechCrunch » google168 dayssaveRefWorks
This Week in Apps: Apple bans party app, China loses 39K iOS games, TikTok births a‘Ratatousical’TechCrunch » google169 dayssaveRefWorks
NYC MTA’s contactless fare system completes rollout, will phase out MetroCard in 2023TechCrunch » google171 dayssaveRefWorks
For Tony Fadell, the future of startups is connected and sustainableTechCrunch » google172 dayssaveRefWorks
Amazon eyes launching its computer science education program in IndiaTechCrunch » google173 dayssaveRefWorks
Google pilots a search feature that aggregates short-form videos from TikTok and InstagramTechCrunch » google173 dayssaveRefWorks
From the U.S. to China, Korea, India and Europe, antitrust action against tech is gaining serious momentumTechCrunch » google173 dayssaveRefWorks
How Niantic evolved Pokémon GO for the year no one could go anywhereTechCrunch » google174 dayssaveRefWorks
Tesla to make India debut‘early’ next yearTechCrunch » google174 dayssaveRefWorks
Google reportedly tightens grip on research into‘sensitive topics’TechCrunch » google179 dayssaveRefWorks
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