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No Google-Fitbit merger without human rights remedies, says Amnesty to EUTechCrunch » google1 daysaveRefWorks
UK to set up‘pro-competition’ regulator to put limits on big techTechCrunch » google1 daysaveRefWorks
YouTube suspends and demonetizes One America News Network over COVID-19 videoTechCrunch » google2 dayssaveRefWorks
Gift Guide: 7 great gifts for anyone working from homeTechCrunch » google4 dayssaveRefWorks
Google brings‘The Mandalorian’ to AR in its new appTechCrunch » google5 dayssaveRefWorks
Digital marketing firms file UK competition complaint against Google’s Privacy SandboxTechCrunch » google5 dayssaveRefWorks
Google, Facebook and Twitter threaten to leave Pakistan over censorship lawTechCrunch » google8 dayssaveRefWorks
Index ventures into Latin America to back Sofia, a Mexico City-based telemedicine and health insurerTechCrunch » google8 dayssaveRefWorks
Thank you, Chrome teamTechCrunch » google8 dayssaveRefWorks
Is the internet advertising economy about to implode?TechCrunch » google9 dayssaveRefWorks
Google Stadia and GeForce Now are both coming to iOS as web appsTechCrunch » google9 dayssaveRefWorks
Google plans to test end-to-end encryption in Android messagesTechCrunch » google9 dayssaveRefWorks
Investors including Microsoft’s climate fund back hyperlocal environmental monitoring tech developer AclimaTechCrunch » google9 dayssaveRefWorks
Weather forecasts get an AI update with Atmo as businesses grapple with climate-related catastrophesTechCrunch » google10 dayssaveRefWorks
Google Pay gets a major redesign with a new emphasis on personal financeTechCrunch » google10 dayssaveRefWorks
Marissa Mayer’s startup launches its first official product, Sunshine ContactsTechCrunch » google10 dayssaveRefWorks
AI-tool maker Seldon raises£7.1M Series A from AlbionVC and Cambridge Innovation CapitalTechCrunch » google10 dayssaveRefWorks
Google has created an AI-powered nightmare creature generatorTechCrunch » google10 dayssaveRefWorks
Daily Crunch: Reviewing Apple’s new MacsTechCrunch » google10 dayssaveRefWorks
YouTube targets music fans with new audio ad formatTechCrunch » google11 dayssaveRefWorks
Google updates Maps with more COVID info and finally launches its Assistant driving modeTechCrunch » google11 dayssaveRefWorks
Arrikto raises $10M for its MLOps platformTechCrunch » google12 dayssaveRefWorks
This Week in Apps: Conservative apps surge, Instagram redesigned, TikTok gets ghostedTechCrunch » google14 dayssaveRefWorks
Google pulls the plug on Expeditions VR app, migrates tours to Arts & CultureTechCrunch » google14 dayssaveRefWorks
L’Oréal rolls out a line of ‘virtual makeup’TechCrunch » google16 dayssaveRefWorks
Python creator Guido van Rossum joins MicrosoftTechCrunch » google16 dayssaveRefWorks
Act now before Google kills us, 135-strong coalition of startups warns EU antitrust chiefTechCrunch » google16 dayssaveRefWorks
Daily Crunch: Google Photos will end free, unlimited storageTechCrunch » google16 dayssaveRefWorks
RIP Google Music, one of the company’s last examples of generosityTechCrunch » google16 dayssaveRefWorks
Come June 1, 2021, all of your new photos will count against your free Google storageTechCrunch » google17 dayssaveRefWorks
India approves Google’s $4.5 billion deal with Reliance’s Jio PlatformsTechCrunch » google17 dayssaveRefWorks launches a‘nearly invisible’ Amazon Echo competitor that’s the size of a coinTechCrunch » google17 dayssaveRefWorks
Google adds COVID-related health and safety info to Google TravelTechCrunch » google17 dayssaveRefWorks
Huawei reportedly set to sell Honor budget phone division for $15BTechCrunch » google18 dayssaveRefWorks
With $29M in funding, Isovalent launches its cloud-native networking and security platformTechCrunch » google18 dayssaveRefWorks
YouTube copies Spotify’s ‘Daily Mixes’ with its new ‘My Mix’ featureTechCrunch » google19 dayssaveRefWorks
Autonomous delivery startup Nuro hits $5 billion valuation on fresh funding of $500 millionTechCrunch » google19 dayssaveRefWorks
India opens antitrust case against Google over its payments appTechCrunch » google19 dayssaveRefWorks
Provizio closes $6.2M seed round for its car safety platform using sensors and AITechCrunch » google22 dayssaveRefWorks
Amazon to invest $2.8 billion to build its second data center region in IndiaTechCrunch » google22 dayssaveRefWorks
Alibaba passes IBM in cloud infrastructure market with over $2B in revenueTechCrunch » google23 dayssaveRefWorks
Google and Walmart face growth hurdles as India caps payments transactionsTechCrunch » google23 dayssaveRefWorks
YouTube removes ads from, but won’t pull, ‘Trump Won’ video following backlashTechCrunch » google23 dayssaveRefWorks
Booming edtech M&A activity brings consolidation to a fragmented sectorTechCrunch » google26 dayssaveRefWorks
TikTok stars got a judge to block Trump’s TikTok banTechCrunch » google28 dayssaveRefWorks
Q3 earnings find Apple and Google looking to the future for hardware reboundsTechCrunch » google28 dayssaveRefWorks
Google reveals a new Windows zero-day bug it says is under active attackTechCrunch » google28 dayssaveRefWorks
Cloud infrastructure revenue grows 33% this quarter to almost $33BTechCrunch » google29 dayssaveRefWorks
Daily Crunch: Google had a good quarterTechCrunch » google29 dayssaveRefWorks
Strong YouTube ad growth powers Alphabet to better-than-expected Q3TechCrunch » google30 dayssaveRefWorks
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