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EVENTSFocus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Manganese Catalysis in Organic SynthesisFocus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Industrial CatalysisFocus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Ultrathin Oxide Layers for Solar and Electrocatalytic SystemsFocus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Platinum-based alloy catalyst and preparation method therefor, membrane electrode, and fuel cellFocus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Maximum olefins production utilizing multi-stage catalyst reaction and regenerationFocus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Methods to prepare catalysts for in-line bulk polymerizationFocus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Process for oxidation of a lower alkene at low temperatures in ammonia-containing gas mixturesFocus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Breakthrough crude-to-chemicals refining technology developedFocus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Haldor Topsoe and Nel ASA to offer end-to-end green ammonia and eMethanol solutionsFocus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
SCG to start up Thailand's ‘first’ plant to demonstrate chemical recyclingFocus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
OMV to set up glycerine-to-propanol pilot plant in AustriaFocus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Pertamina-Rosneft JV lets contract for Tuban grassroots complexFocus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
CVR Energy Inc subsidiary selects Haldor Topsoe's HydroFlex technology for revamp to renewable diesel productionFocus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Lukoil lets contract for Nizhny Novgorod refineryFocus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
NRL awards propylene production contract to LummusFocus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Hengyi lets contract for aromatics expansion at Brunei complexFocus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
IOC set to invest in Panipat refineryFocus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
IOC dedicates new unit at Bongaigaon refineryFocus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Axens selected to license technologies to NRL's refinery expansion projectFocus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Azikel selects EPC contractor for Nigerian modular refineryFocus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
NiQuan Energy commissions GTL plant in Trinidad and TobagoFocus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
BASF invests in biotechnology start-up Bota BioFocus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Shin-Etsu announces silicone products price increaseFocus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Sunfire acquires IHT, TFP to buy PV3 in UKFocus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Lukoil's Sicilian refinery lets contract for hydrotreater revampFocus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
MCC develops highly heat- resistant and high-strength carbon fibre prepregFocus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Novomer develops ‘industry's lowest-cost’ catalytic process to produce compostable plasticsFocus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
IOC to set up fuel ethanol, EV battery plantsFocus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Evonik aims to generate sales of €350 M/y with recycling solutionsFocus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Celanese to expand acetyl chain capacities to strengthen high value, downstream vinyls portfolioFocus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Sinocompound Catalysts constructing new catalyst plant in ChinaFocus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
PQ makes second key saleFocus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
JM to boost production of green hydrogen CCMs, SFC MEA dealFocus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
JM technology selected for world's first climate neutral methanol plant, advancing production of sustainable fuelsFocus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Clariant opens state-of-the-art catalyst China R&D centre at its New Shanghai “One Clariant Campus”Focus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Gas sensor market size to reach $1.3 bn by 2027 at CAGR 6.4%Focus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Sodium silicate market to grow to $9.2 bn, globally, by 2027 at 3.7% CAGRFocus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Rare earth elements market size to reach $3.76 bn by 2026; CAGR of 5.9%Focus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Graphene oxide (GO) and graphene nanoplatelets (GNP) market report 2020-2026Focus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Graphene market worth $1.48 bn by 2025Focus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Fertilizer catalyst market size worth $3.3 bn by 2027: CAGR: 2.4%Focus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Why rhodium prices have zoomed over 70% since 1 Jan 2021Focus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
COVID-19 has changed the future of catalysis conferencesFocus on catalysts57 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
EVENTSFocus on catalysts32 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Heterogeneous Catalysis in Sustainable Synthesis (Advances in Green Chemistry)Focus on catalysts32 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Reactivity in Confined SpacesFocus on catalysts32 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Micro Process TechnologyFocus on catalysts32 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Selective catalytic reduction catalystFocus on catalysts32 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Fixed bed radial flow reactor for light paraffin conversionFocus on catalysts32 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
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