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Strong local, not global, controls on marine pyrite sulfur isotopesScience Advances6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
The use of nanovibration to discover specific and potent bioactive metabolites that stimulate osteogenic differentiation in mesenchymal stem cellsScience Advances6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Implementing graph-theoretic quantum algorithms on a silicon photonic quantum walk processorScience Advances6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Microglia control small vessel calcification via TREM2Science Advances6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Exploring complex graphs using three-dimensional quantum walks of correlated photonsScience Advances6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
A unified vegetation index for quantifying the terrestrial biosphereScience Advances6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Emergent stereoselective interactions and self-recognition in polar chiral active ellipsoidsScience Advances6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Extended amygdala-parabrachial circuits alter threat assessment and regulate feedingScience Advances6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
People accurately predict the transition probabilities between actionsScience Advances6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Diversified transcriptional responses of myeloid and glial cells in spinal cord injury shaped by HDAC3 activityScience Advances6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Long-lived charge separation following pump-wavelength-dependent ultrafast charge transfer in graphene/WS2 heterostructuresScience Advances6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Tumor-specific cytolytic CD4 T cells mediate immunity against human cancerScience Advances6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
The global network of ports supporting high seas fishingScience Advances6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Ultrasound Doppler-guided real-time navigation of a magnetic microswarm for active endovascular deliveryScience Advances6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Late-stage stitching enabled by manganese-catalyzed CboxhH activation: Peptide ligation and access to cyclopeptidesScience Advances6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Molecular architecture of the endocytic TPLATE complexScience Advances6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
A dynein-associated photoreceptor protein prevents ciliary acclimation to blue lightScience Advances6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Insulin signaling in AgRP neurons regulates meal size to limit glucose excursions and insulin resistanceScience Advances6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Engineered ionizable lipid nanoparticles for targeted delivery of RNA therapeutics into different types of cells in the liverScience Advances6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Spatial heterogeneity and environmental predictors of permafrost region soil organic carbon stocksScience Advances6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Plasma cells shape the mesenchymal identity of ovarian cancers through transfer of exosome-derived microRNAsScience Advances6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Chimpanzees behave prosocially in a group-specific mannerScience Advances6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Enhancement of liver-directed transgene expression at initial and repeat doses of AAV vectors admixed with ImmTOR nanoparticlesScience Advances6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
The unequal impact of parenthood in academiaScience Advances6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Groundwater depletion will reduce cropping intensity in IndiaScience Advances6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Atmospheric aging enhances the ice nucleation ability of biomass-burning aerosolScience Advances6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Islet expression of type I interferon response sensors is associated with immune infiltration and viral infection in type 1 diabetesScience Advances6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Injectable hydrogel with MSNs/microRNA-21-5p delivery enables both immunomodification and enhanced angiogenesis for myocardial infarction therapy in pigsScience Advances6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Functional antagonism of chromatin modulators regulates epithelial-mesenchymal transitionScience Advances6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Cryo-EM structure of enteric adenovirus HAdV-F41 highlights structural variations among human adenovirusesScience Advances6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Intrinsically stretchable organic light-emitting diodesScience Advances6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Glucocorticoid counteracts cellular mechanoresponses by LINC01569-dependent glucocorticoid receptor-mediated mRNA decayScience Advances6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Goal-dependent tuning of muscle spindle receptors during movement preparationScience Advances6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Nanoscale optical writing through upconversion resonance energy transferScience Advances6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
The regulatory enzymes and protein substrates for the lysine {beta}-hydroxybutyrylation pathwayScience Advances6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Globally distributed iridium layer preserved within the Chicxulub impact structureScience Advances6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Large sulfur isotope fractionation in lunar volcanic glasses reveals the magmatic differentiation and degassing of the MoonScience Advances6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
The deacetylation-phosphorylation regulation of SIRT2-SMC1A axis as a mechanism of antimitotic catastrophe in early tumorigenesisScience Advances6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Cryo-EM structure of a proton-activated chloride channel TMEM206Science Advances6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Millisecond lattice gasification for high-density CO2- and O2-sieving nanopores in single-layer grapheneScience Advances6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Hierarchical mechanical metamaterials built with scalable tristable elements for ternary logic operation and amplitude modulationScience Advances6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Ardipithecus hand provides evidence that humans and chimpanzees evolved from an ancestor with suspensory adaptationsScience Advances6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Supporting women in academia during and after a global pandemicScience Advances6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
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