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AddAla-Kokko, L.
AddAla-Kokko, T(ero)
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AddAlahuhta, S.
AddAlén, M(arkku)
AddAntikainen, R.
AddAnttonen, V(uokko)
AddBiancari, F(austo)
AddBloigu, R(isto)
AddEskelinen, S.
AddFlinkkilä, T(apio)
AddHakkola, J.
AddHallman, M.
AddHartikainen, A(nna)-L(iisa)
AddHausen, H.
AddHautala, N(ina)
AddHautala, T(imo)
AddHeape, A.
AddHerzig, K(arl)-H(einz)
AddHillbom, M.
AddHiltunen, J.K.
AddHörkko, S.
AddHuikuri, H(eikki)
AddHukkanen J(anne)
AddIgnatius, J.
AddIsohanni, M.
AddJaakkola, J.
AddJaakkola, M(aritta) S.
AddJaakola, V-P.
AddJämsä, T(imo)
AddJanhonen, S.
AddJartti, T(uomas)
AddJärvelin, M(arjo)-R(iitta)
AddJokelainen, J(ari)
AddJuffer, A.H.
AddJunttila, J(uhani)
AddJuvonen, T.
AddKaarteenaho, R(iitta)
AddKajantie, E(ero)*(THL/OY)
AddKarppinen (Koivunen), P(eppi)
AddKarppinen, J(aro)
AddKarttunen, T.J.
AddKeinänen-Kiukaanniemi, S(irkka)
AddKerkelä, R(isto)
AddKesäniemi, Y(rjö) A(ntero)
AddKettunen, J(ohannes)
AddKietzmann, T(homas).
AddKivirikko, K.I.
AddKnuuttila, M.
AddKoivukangas, J.
AddKursula, P.
AddKyngäs, H.
AddLarivaara, P.
AddLarmas, M.
AddLehenkari, P(etri)
AddLehtiö, L(ari)
AddLeppilahti, J.
AddLuukinen, H.
AddMainio A
AddMajamaa, K.
AddMäki, P(irjo)
AddMäkikallio, T(imo) H.
AddMännikkö, M(inna)
AddManninen, A(ki).
AddMartikainen, H(annu)
AddMiettunen, J(ouko)
AddMyllyharju, J.
AddMyllylä, R.
AddMyllylä, V.
AddNäyhä, S.
AddNeubauer, P.
AddNieminen, M(iika) T.
AddNieminen, P(entti)
AddNiinimäki, J(aakko)
AddOhukainen, P(auli)
AddOikarinen, A.
AddOikarinen, K.
AddPelkonen, O(lavi)
AddPetäjä-Repo, U.E.
AddPihlajaniemi, T.
AddPirttiniemi, P(ertti)
AddPuistola, U(lla)
AddRajaniemi, H.J.
AddRämet, M(ika)
AddRäsänen, P.
AddRaustia, A.
AddRemes, A(nne)
AddRisteli, J.
AddRistiniemi, J.
AddRuddock, L.W.
AddRuokonen, A.
AddRuskoaho, H.
AddRyynänen, M.
AddSaarakkala, S.
AddSaari, A.
AddSalo, T(uula)
AddSándor, G(eorge) K.
AddSavolainen, E-R.
AddSavolainen, M.J.
AddSavolainen, O.
AddSillanpää, M(ikko).
AddSoininen, R.
AddSorri, M.
AddTaanila, A.
AddTapiainen, T(erhi)
AddTervonen, O(smo)
AddTimonen, M(arkku)
AddTjäderhane, L.
AddTurpeenniemi-Hujanen, T.
AddTuukkanen, J(uha)
AddTuulonen, A.
AddUhari, M.
AddUkkola, O(lavi)
AddUusimaa, J.
AddVainio, O.
AddVainio, S.
AddVäyrynen, J(uha) P.
AddVeijola, J(uha)
AddVeijola, R(iitta)
AddVirokannas, H.
AddVoipio, H(anna)-M(arja)
AddVuolteenaho, O.
AddWeckström, M.
AddWei, GH.
AddWierenga, R.K.
AddWinqvist, R(obert)
AddYlänne, J.
AddYlitalo, K(ari)

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A Genome-Scale Insight into the Effect of Shear Stress During the Fed-Batch Production of Clavulanic Acid by Streptomyces Clavuligerus.Neubauer, P.97 dayssaveRefWorks
Heterologous Hydrogenase Overproduction Systems for Biotechnology-An Overview.Neubauer, P.97 dayssaveRefWorks
An Engineered Escherichia coli Strain with Synthetic Metabolism for In-cell Production of Translationally Active Methionine Derivatives.Neubauer, P.119 dayssaveRefWorks
Detection of growth rate-dependent product formation in miniaturized parallel fed-batch cultivations.Neubauer, P.142 dayssaveRefWorks
Online bioprocess data generation, analysis, and optimization for parallel fed-batch fermentations in milliliter scale.Neubauer, P.142 dayssaveRefWorks
Fast-track development of a lactase production process with Kluyveromyces lactis by a progressive parameter-control workflow.Neubauer, P.142 dayssaveRefWorks
Design of experiments-based high-throughput strategy for development and optimization of efficient cell disruption protocols.Neubauer, P.142 dayssaveRefWorks
Editorial: Bioprocess Development in the era of digitalization.Neubauer, P.142 dayssaveRefWorks
Quantification of Major Bacteria and Yeast Species in Kefir Consortia by Multiplex TaqMan qPCR.Neubauer, P.144 dayssaveRefWorks
Model based optimization of transflection near infrared spectroscopy as a process analytical tool in a continuous flash pasteurizer.Neubauer, P.150 dayssaveRefWorks
Separation, Characterization, and Handling of Microalgae by Dielectrophoresis.Neubauer, P.227 dayssaveRefWorks
In Situ Microscopy for Real-time Determination of Single-cell Morphology in Bioprocesses.Neubauer, P.340 dayssaveRefWorks
Prey-size plastics are invading larval fish nurseries.Neubauer, P.380 dayssaveRefWorks
Spiral microfluidic devices for cell separation and sorting in bioprocesses.Neubauer, P.384 dayssaveRefWorks
Thermophilic nucleoside phosphorylases: Their properties, characteristics and applications.Neubauer, P.386 dayssaveRefWorks
Fungi as source for new bio-based materials: a patent review.Neubauer, P.392 dayssaveRefWorks
Thermal performance of fish is explained by an interplay between physiology, behaviour and ecology.Neubauer, P.480 dayssaveRefWorks
Monte Carlo Simulations for the Analysis of Non-linear Parameter Confidence Intervals in Optimal Experimental Design.Neubauer, P.536 dayssaveRefWorks
Electrooptical Determination of Polarizability for On-Line Viability and Vitality Quantification of Lactobacillus plantarum Cultures.Neubauer, P.709 dayssaveRefWorks
Accelerated Bioprocess Development of Endopolygalacturonase-Production with Saccharomyces cerevisiae Using Multivariate Prediction in a 48 Mini-Bioreactor Automated Platform.Neubauer, P.734 dayssaveRefWorks
CFD predicted pH gradients in lactic acid bacteria cultivations.Neubauer, P.739 dayssaveRefWorks
Improving control in microbial cell factories: from single cell to large-scale bioproduction.Neubauer, P.794 dayssaveRefWorks
External Focused Ultrasound Treatment for Neuropathic Pain Induced by Common Peroneal Nerve Injury.Neubauer, P.852 dayssaveRefWorks
Bioinspired Designs, Molecular Premise and Tools for Evaluating the Ecological Importance of Antimicrobial Peptides.Neubauer, P.869 dayssaveRefWorks
Automated Cell Treatment for Competence and Transformation of Escherichia coli in a High-Throughput Quasi-Turbidostat Using Microtiter Plates.Neubauer, P.885 dayssaveRefWorks
Application of Continuous Culture Methods to Recombinant Protein Production in Microorganisms.Neubauer, P.888 dayssaveRefWorks
An observational study of ballooning in large spiders: Nanoscale multifibers enable large spiders' soaring flight.Neubauer, P.897 dayssaveRefWorks
Streptomyces clavuligerus shows a strong association between TCA cycle intermediate accumulation and clavulanic acid biosynthesis.Neubauer, P.993 dayssaveRefWorks
Bare laser-synthesized Au-based nanoparticles as non-disturbing SERS probes for Bacteria Identification.Neubauer, P.1030 dayssaveRefWorks
Visible Light Photoinitiator for 3D-Printing of Tough Methacrylate Resins.Neubauer, P.1074 dayssaveRefWorks
Substrate spectra of nucleoside phosphorylases and their potential in the production of pharmaceutically active compounds.Neubauer, P.1127 dayssaveRefWorks
Micro-Electromechanical Affinity Sensor for the Monitoring of Glucose in Bioprocess Media.Neubauer, P.1268 dayssaveRefWorks
A diverse host thrombospondin-type-1 repeat protein repertoire promotes symbiont colonization during establishment of cnidarian-dinoflagellate symbiosis.Neubauer, P.1298 dayssaveRefWorks
Tools for the determination of population heterogeneity caused by inhomogeneous cultivation conditions.Neubauer, P.1325 dayssaveRefWorks
Pharmacological and pharmacokinetic properties of lanthipeptides undergoing clinical studies.Neubauer, P.1424 dayssaveRefWorks
353 High-Intensity Ultrasound for the Treatment of Vincristine-Induced Neuropathic Pain.Neubauer, P.1599 dayssaveRefWorks
122 Pulse Modulation of the Occipital Nerve Using Focused High-Intensity Ultrasound Improves Mechanical Thresholds in a Chronic Migraine Rat Model.Neubauer, P.1599 dayssaveRefWorks
The fed-batch principle for the molecular biology lab: controlled nutrient diets in ready-made media improve production of recombinant proteins in Escherichia coli.Neubauer, P.1623 dayssaveRefWorks
Crystal structures of two monomeric triosephosphate isomerase variants identified via a directed-evolution protocol selecting for L-arabinose isomerase activity.Neubauer, P.1626 dayssaveRefWorks
Inversion of the stereochemical configuration (3S, 5S)-clavaminic acid into (3R, 5R)-clavulanic acid: A computationally-assisted approach based on experimental evidence.Neubauer, P.1759 dayssaveRefWorks
Structure-based directed evolution of a monomeric triosephosphate isomerase: toward a pentose sugar isomerase.Neubauer, P.2085 dayssaveRefWorks
Identification and characterization of RNA guanine-quadruplex binding proteins.Neubauer, P.2405 dayssaveRefWorks
Escherichia coli as a cell factory for heterologous production of nonribosomal peptides and polyketides.Neubauer, P.2426 dayssaveRefWorks
Quantitative and sensitive RNA based detection of Bacillus spores.Neubauer, P.2443 dayssaveRefWorks
Enhanced production of the nonribosomal peptide antibiotic valinomycin in Escherichia coli through small-scale high cell density fed-batch cultivation.Neubauer, P.2509 dayssaveRefWorks
Process inhomogeneity leads to rapid side product turnover in cultivation of Corynebacterium glutamicum.Neubauer, P.2509 dayssaveRefWorks
Reconstituted Biosynthesis of the Nonribosomal Macrolactone Antibiotic Valinomycin in Escherichia coli.Neubauer, P.2535 dayssaveRefWorks
Small-scale slow glucose feed cultivation of Pichia pastoris without repression of AOX1 promoter: towards high throughput cultivations.Neubauer, P.2543 dayssaveRefWorks
Assessment of robustness against dissolved oxygen/substrate oscillations for C. glutamicum DM1933 in two-compartment bioreactor.Neubauer, P.2572 dayssaveRefWorks
Lactose autoinduction with enzymatic glucose release: characterization of the cultivation system in bioreactor.Neubauer, P.2572 dayssaveRefWorks
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