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The effect of vertical extent of stimuli on cockroach optomotor response.Weckström, M.184 dayssaveRefWorks
Non-linear amplification of graded voltage signals in the first-order visual interneurons of the butterfly Papilio xuthus.Weckström, M.869 dayssaveRefWorks
The role of ocelli in cockroach optomotor performance.Weckström, M.1020 dayssaveRefWorks
Characterization of the first-order visual interneurons in the visual system of the bumblebee (Bombus terrestris).Weckström, M.1150 dayssaveRefWorks
Insect photoreceptor adaptations to night vision.Weckström, M.1311 dayssaveRefWorks
Harnessing the Flow of Excitation: TRP, Voltage-Gated Na(+), and Voltage-Gated Ca(2+) Channels in Contemporary Medicine.Weckström, M.1664 dayssaveRefWorks
Visual ecology and potassium conductances of insect photoreceptors.Weckström, M.1679 dayssaveRefWorks
Frequency-selective transmission of graded signals in the large monopolar neurons of the blowfly Calliphora vicina compound eye.Weckström, M.1687 dayssaveRefWorks
Difference in dynamic properties of photoreceptors in a butterfly, Papilio xuthus: possible segregation of motion and color processing.Weckström, M.1841 dayssaveRefWorks
Transcriptome analysis and RNA interference of cockroach phototransduction indicate three opsins and suggest a major role for TRPL channels.Weckström, M.1865 dayssaveRefWorks
New indices of arterial stiffness measured from longitudinal motion of common carotid artery in relation to reference methods, a pilot study.Weckström, M.1914 dayssaveRefWorks
Effect of light intensity on flight control and temporal properties of photoreceptors in bumblebees.Weckström, M.2018 dayssaveRefWorks
Relation of arterial stiffness and axial motion of the carotid artery wall - A pilot study to test our motion tracking algorithm in practice.Weckström, M.2078 dayssaveRefWorks
Cockroach optomotor responses below single photon level.Weckström, M.2113 dayssaveRefWorks
Large variation among photoreceptors as the basis of visual flexibility in the common backswimmer.Weckström, M.2177 dayssaveRefWorks
Developmental changes in biophysical properties of photoreceptors in the common water strider (Gerris lacustris): better performance at higher cost.Weckström, M.2302 dayssaveRefWorks
Elementary and macroscopic light-induced currents and their Ca(2+)-dependence in the photoreceptors of Periplaneta americana.Weckström, M.2326 dayssaveRefWorks
Equilibrating errors: reliable estimation of information transmission rates in biological systems with spectrum analysis-based methods.Weckström, M.2359 dayssaveRefWorks
Performance of blue- and green-sensitive photoreceptors of the cricket Gryllus bimaculatus.Weckström, M.2443 dayssaveRefWorks
Spikes and ribbon synapses in early vision.Weckström, M.2670 dayssaveRefWorks
Axial and Radial Waveforms in Common Carotid Artery: An Advanced Method for Studying Arterial Elastic Properties in Ultrasound Imaging.Weckström, M.2712 dayssaveRefWorks
Membrane filtering properties of the bumblebee (Bombus terrestris) photoreceptors across three spectral classes.Weckström, M.2717 dayssaveRefWorks
Postembryonic Developmental Changes in Photoreceptors of the Stick Insect Carausius morosus Enhance the Shift to an Adult Nocturnal Life-Style.Weckström, M.2855 dayssaveRefWorks
Signal coding in cockroach photoreceptors is tuned to dim environments.Weckström, M.2940 dayssaveRefWorks
Cellular elements for seeing in the dark: voltage-dependent conductances in cockroach photoreceptors.Weckström, M.2963 dayssaveRefWorks
Sensitivity of MRI for articular cartilage lesions of the patellae.Weckström, M.3109 dayssaveRefWorks
A strategic development model for the role of the biomedical physicist in the education of healthcare professionals in Europe.Weckström, M.3363 dayssaveRefWorks
A Novel Estimator for the Rate of Information Transfer by Continuous Signals.Weckström, M.3443 dayssaveRefWorks
Ultra-small and customizable multichannel electrodes for extracellular recordings.Weckström, M.3535 dayssaveRefWorks
Extracellular potentials modify the transfer of information at photoreceptor output synapses in the blowfly compound eye.Weckström, M.3717 dayssaveRefWorks
A comprehensive SWOT audit of the role of the biomedical physicist in the education of healthcare professionals in Europe.Weckström, M.4000 dayssaveRefWorks
Regulation of excitation-contraction coupling in mouse cardiac myocytes: integrative analysis with mathematical modelling.Weckström, M.4035 dayssaveRefWorks
Modelling sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium ATPase and its regulation in cardiac myocytes.Weckström, M.4153 dayssaveRefWorks
Pxmp2 is a channel-forming protein in Mammalian peroxisomal membrane.Weckström, M.4180 dayssaveRefWorks
Light-Dependent Modulation of Shab Channels via Phosphoinositide Depletion in Drosophila Photoreceptors.Weckström, M.4399 dayssaveRefWorks
Information and discriminability as measures of reliability of sensory coding.Weckström, M.4656 dayssaveRefWorks
Large functional variability in cockroach photoreceptors: optimization to low light levels.Weckström, M.5012 dayssaveRefWorks
Long-term outcome of undisplaced fatigue fractures of the femoral neck in young male adults.Weckström, M.5028 dayssaveRefWorks
Chelerythrine and bisindolylmaleimide I prolong cardiac action potentials by protein kinase C-independent mechanism.Weckström, M.5117 dayssaveRefWorks
Calmodulin kinase modulates Ca2+ release in mouse skeletal muscle.Weckström, M.5117 dayssaveRefWorks
Pacing-induced calcineurin activation controls cardiac Ca2+ signalling and gene expression.Weckström, M.5117 dayssaveRefWorks
K+ channels and their modulation by 5-HT in Drosophila photoreceptors: a modelling study.Weckström, M.5117 dayssaveRefWorks
Robustness of neural coding in Drosophila photoreceptors in the absence of slow delayed rectifier K+ channels.Weckström, M.5117 dayssaveRefWorks
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