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Whole blood co-expression modules associate with metabolic traits and type 2 diabetes: an IMI-DIRECT study.Cederberg, H.238 dayssaveRefWorks
Genome-Wide Association Analysis of Pancreatic Beta Cell Glucose Sensitivity.Cederberg, H.313 dayssaveRefWorks
Predicting and elucidating the etiology of fatty liver disease: A machine learning modeling and validation study in the IMI DIRECT cohorts.Cederberg, H.404 dayssaveRefWorks
Future risk of metabolic syndrome in women with a previous LGA delivery stratified by gestational glucose tolerance: a prospective cohort study.Cederberg, H.1081 dayssaveRefWorks
Delivery of an LGA infant and the maternal risk of diabetes: A prospective cohort study.Cederberg, H.1178 dayssaveRefWorks
Large meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies identifies five loci for lean body mass.Cederberg, H.1470 dayssaveRefWorks
Predicting glycated hemoglobin levels in the non-diabetic general population: Development and validation of the DIRECT-DETECT prediction model - a DIRECT study.Cederberg, H.1628 dayssaveRefWorks
The risk of metabolic syndrome in women with previous GDM in a long-term follow-up.Cederberg, H.1818 dayssaveRefWorks
Does Future Diabetes Risk Impair Current Quality of Life? A Cross-Sectional Study of Health-Related Quality of Life in Relation to the Finnish Diabetes Risk Score (FINDRISC).Cederberg, H.2003 dayssaveRefWorks
Association of maternal smoking during pregnancy with aerobic fitness of offspring in young adulthood: a prospective cohort study.Cederberg, H.2059 dayssaveRefWorks
Post-challenge glycemia during pregnancy as a marker of future risk of type 2 diabetes: a prospective cohort study.Cederberg, H.2201 dayssaveRefWorks
Variable effects of statins on glucose homeostasis parameters and their diabetogenic role. Reply to Kostapanos MS, Agouridis AP and Elisaf MS [letter].Cederberg, H.2226 dayssaveRefWorks
Increased risk of diabetes with statin treatment is associated with impaired insulin sensitivity and insulin secretion: a 6 year follow-up study of the METSIM cohort.Cederberg, H.2332 dayssaveRefWorks
Glycated hemoglobin levels are mostly dependent on non-glycemic parameters in 9,398 Finnish men without diabetes.Cederberg, H.2340 dayssaveRefWorks
Ketone body production is differentially altered in steatosis and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis in obese humans.Cederberg, H.2409 dayssaveRefWorks
Markers of Tissue-Specific Insulin Resistance Predict the Worsening of Hyperglycemia, Incident Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease.Cederberg, H.2481 dayssaveRefWorks
Long-term changes in glucose metabolism after gestational diabetes: a double cohort study.Cederberg, H.2523 dayssaveRefWorks
The DEXLIFE study methods: Identifying novel candidate biomarkers that predict progression to type 2 diabetes in high risk individuals.Cederberg, H.2539 dayssaveRefWorks
Family history of type 2 diabetes increases the risk of both obesity and its complications: is type 2 diabetes a disease of inappropriate lipid storage?Cederberg, H.2565 dayssaveRefWorks
Discovery of biomarkers for glycaemic deterioration before and after the onset of type 2 diabetes: rationale and design of the epidemiological studies within the IMI DIRECT Consortium.Cederberg, H.2674 dayssaveRefWorks
Adipose tissue INSR splicing in humans associates with fasting insulin level and is regulated by weight loss.Cederberg, H.2821 dayssaveRefWorks
Association of erythrocyte membrane fatty acids with changes in glycemia and risk of type 2 diabetes.Cederberg, H.2835 dayssaveRefWorks
Glycerol and Fatty Acids in Serum Predict the Development of Hyperglycemia and Type 2 Diabetes in Finnish Men.Cederberg, H.2877 dayssaveRefWorks
Non-cholesterol sterol levels predict hyperglycemia and conversion to type 2 diabetes in finnish men.Cederberg, H.2941 dayssaveRefWorks
Association of Risk Variants for Type 2 Diabetes and Hyperglycemia with Gestational Diabetes.Cederberg, H.2968 dayssaveRefWorks
Genetic regulation of human adipose microRNA expression and its consequences for metabolic traits.Cederberg, H.3034 dayssaveRefWorks
Association of ketone body levels with hyperglycemia and type 2 diabetes in 9,398 Finnish men.Cederberg, H.3037 dayssaveRefWorks
Exome array analysis identifies new loci and low-frequency variants influencing insulin processing and secretion.Cederberg, H.3104 dayssaveRefWorks
Reduction in metabolic syndrome among obese young men is associated with exercise-induced body composition changes during military service.Cederberg, H.3160 dayssaveRefWorks
Hyperglycemia and a common variant of GCKR are associated with the levels of eight amino acids in 9,369 Finnish men.Cederberg, H.3245 dayssaveRefWorks
Glucose control in diabetes: which target level to aim for?Cederberg, H.3262 dayssaveRefWorks
Unacylated ghrelin is associated with changes in insulin sensitivity and lipid profile during an exercise intervention.Cederberg, H.3273 dayssaveRefWorks
Prevalence of metabolic syndrome components among the elderly using three different definitions: a cohort study in Finland.Cederberg, H.3291 dayssaveRefWorks
Limited overlap between intermediate hyperglycemia as defined by A1C 5.7-6.4%, impaired fasting glucose, and impaired glucose tolerance.Cederberg, H.3367 dayssaveRefWorks
Exercise during military training improves cardiovascular risk factors in young men.Cederberg, H.3577 dayssaveRefWorks
Unacylated ghrelin is associated with changes in body composition and body fat distribution during long-term exercise intervention.Cederberg, H.3612 dayssaveRefWorks
Cardiometabolic profile of people screened for high risk of type 2 diabetes in a national diabetes prevention programme (FIN-D2D).Cederberg, H.3780 dayssaveRefWorks
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