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Pivotal Role of Tenascin-W (-N) in Postnatal Incisor Growth and Periodontal Ligament Remodeling.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)70 dayssaveRefWorks
Sox21 Regulates Anapc10 Expression and Determines the Fate of Ectodermal Organ.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)277 dayssaveRefWorks
Delayed tooth movement in Runx2+/- mice associated with mTORC2 in stretch-induced bone formation.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)315 dayssaveRefWorks
Novel strategies for expansion of tooth epithelial stem cells and ameloblast generation.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)396 dayssaveRefWorks
Functionally distinctive Ptch receptors establish multimodal Hedgehog signaling in the tooth epithelial stem cell niche.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)689 dayssaveRefWorks
From understanding tooth development to bioengineering of teeth.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)958 dayssaveRefWorks
Mesenchymal Wnt/β-catenin signaling limits tooth number.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)1161 dayssaveRefWorks
Early epithelial signaling center governs tooth budding morphogenesis.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)1679 dayssaveRefWorks
Tissue Interactions Regulating Tooth Development and Renewal.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)1976 dayssaveRefWorks
Suppression of epithelial differentiation by Foxi3 is essential for molar crown patterning.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)2019 dayssaveRefWorks
Effect of Estrogen and Food Hardness on Metabolism and Turnover of Condylar Cartilage.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)2084 dayssaveRefWorks
Mesenchymal Wnt/beta-Catenin Signaling Controls Epithelial stem Cell Homeostasis in Teeth by Inhibiting the Antiapoptotic Effect of Fgf10.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)2251 dayssaveRefWorks
Early Dental Epithelial Transcription Factors Distinguish Ameloblastoma from Keratocystic Odontogenic Tumor.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)2346 dayssaveRefWorks
Glial origin of mesenchymal stem cells in a tooth model system.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)2453 dayssaveRefWorks
Introduction to the ECR special odontology issue.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)2555 dayssaveRefWorks
Directional cell migration, but not proliferation, drives hair placode morphogenesis.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)2589 dayssaveRefWorks
Introduction to Special Issue on development of ectodermal organs.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)2625 dayssaveRefWorks
Initiation of teeth from the dental lamina in the ferret.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)2658 dayssaveRefWorks
Current understanding of the process of tooth formation: transfer from the laboratory to the clinic.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)2709 dayssaveRefWorks
Expression of the stem cell marker, SOX2, in ameloblastoma and dental epithelium.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)2735 dayssaveRefWorks
Sox2 marks epithelial competence to generate teeth in mammals and reptiles.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)2966 dayssaveRefWorks
Expression of Foxi3 is regulated by ectodysplasin in skin appendage placodes.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)2974 dayssaveRefWorks
Tooth shape formation and tooth renewal: evolving with the same signals.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)3148 dayssaveRefWorks
Ectodysplasin regulates activator-inhibitor balance in murine tooth development through Fgf20 signaling.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)3186 dayssaveRefWorks
Sostdc1 defines the size and number of skin appendage placodes.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)3289 dayssaveRefWorks
Signaling Networks Regulating Tooth Organogenesis and Regeneration, and the Specification of Dental Mesenchymal and Epithelial Cell Lineages.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)3323 dayssaveRefWorks
Inactivation of IL11 Signaling Causes Craniosynostosis, Delayed Tooth Eruption, and Supernumerary Teeth.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)3570 dayssaveRefWorks
Ectodysplasin and Wnt pathways are required for salivary gland branching morphogenesis.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)3602 dayssaveRefWorks
Cooperation of nectin-1 and nectin-3 is required for normal ameloblast function and crown shape development in mouse teeth.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)3821 dayssaveRefWorks
Wnt/?-catenin signaling in the dental mesenchyme regulates incisor development by regulating Bmp4.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)3850 dayssaveRefWorks
Explant culture of embryonic craniofacial tissues: analyzing effects of signaling molecules on gene expression.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)3897 dayssaveRefWorks
Notch signalling is required for the survival of epithelial stem cells in the continuously growing mouse incisor.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)3906 dayssaveRefWorks
Tooth morphogenesis and ameloblast differentiation are regulated by micro-RNAs.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)4100 dayssaveRefWorks
Treasure or artifact: a decade of p63 research speaks for itself.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)4189 dayssaveRefWorks
Patterns of Wnt pathway activity in the mouse incisor indicate absence of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling in the epithelial stem cells.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)4213 dayssaveRefWorks
Novel golgi protein, GoPro49, is a specific dental follicle marker.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)4302 dayssaveRefWorks
The importance of signal pathway modulation in all aspects of tooth development.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)4471 dayssaveRefWorks
Tinkering with the inductive mesenchyme: Sostdc1 uncovers the role of dental mesenchyme in limiting tooth induction.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)4478 dayssaveRefWorks
The role of the dental lamina in mammalian tooth replacement.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)4480 dayssaveRefWorks
Organ culture in the analysis of tissue interactions.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)4528 dayssaveRefWorks
Runx1 is involved in the fusion of the primary and the secondary palatal shelves.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)4541 dayssaveRefWorks
Edar and Troy signalling pathways act redundantly to regulate initiation of hair follicle development.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)4634 dayssaveRefWorks
Expression of the novel Golgi protein GoPro49 is developmentally regulated during mesenchymal differentiation.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)4652 dayssaveRefWorks
The taming of the shrew milk teeth.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)4655 dayssaveRefWorks
Sumo-1 Function is Dispensable in Normal Mouse Development.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)4682 dayssaveRefWorks
Identification of dkk4 as a target of Eda-A1/Edar pathway reveals an unexpected role of ectodysplasin as inhibitor of Wnt signalling in ectodermal placodes.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)4708 dayssaveRefWorks
Observations on continuously growing roots of the sloth and the K14-Eda transgenic mice indicate that epithelial stem cells can give rise to both the ameloblast and root epithelium cell lineage creating distinct tooth patterns.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)4794 dayssaveRefWorks
Sustained epithelial {beta}-catenin activity induces precocious hair development but disrupts hair follicle down-growth and hair shaft formation.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)4820 dayssaveRefWorks
Modulation of Epithelial Cell Fate of the Root in vitro.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)4925 dayssaveRefWorks
Fgfr2b mediated epithelial-mesenchymal interactions coordinate tooth morphogenesis and dental trigeminal axon patterning.Thesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)4927 dayssaveRefWorks
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