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UntitledOA tracking project133 dayssaveRefWorks
UntitledOA tracking project133 dayssaveRefWorks
VideoOA tracking project133 dayssaveRefWorks
Playbeatz ReviewOA tracking project133 dayssaveRefWorks
Jive Mini Beats ReviewOA tracking project133 dayssaveRefWorks
Click Here to have your mind blown with great 80′s musicOA tracking project133 dayssaveRefWorks
Improve your use of Google Books with Mirlyn and Hathi Trust - ProfHacker - The Chronicle of Higher EducationOA tracking project3832 dayssaveRefWorks
The Problem of the Commons: Still Unsettled After 100 Years - Harvard - Belfer Center for Science and International AffairsOA tracking project3832 dayssaveRefWorks
T. Scott: Breaking Down the Mental ModelsOA tracking project3832 dayssaveRefWorks
Cascading Peer-Review — The Future of Open Access?OA tracking project3832 dayssaveRefWorks
Sharing data on agricultural trials: towards a global repositoryOA tracking project3832 dayssaveRefWorks
Indiana University and American Folklore Society launch Open Folklore Portal: IU News Room: Indiana UniversityOA tracking project3832 dayssaveRefWorks
Winner of the Jim Gray eScience Award AnnouncedOA tracking project3832 dayssaveRefWorks
The Zen of Open DataOA tracking project3832 dayssaveRefWorks
Is Mendeley heading for copyright trouble?OA tracking project4103 dayssaveRefWorks
PLoS ONE recognized for publishing innovationOA tracking project4225 dayssaveRefWorks
Brief: Google Book Settlement incompatible with open licensesOA tracking project4232 dayssaveRefWorks
Google Books vs. open librariesOA tracking project4232 dayssaveRefWorks
Echoes of the serials crisis in Google BooksOA tracking project4232 dayssaveRefWorks
New universal repository launches -- "file-sharing for academics"OA tracking project4251 dayssaveRefWorks
New tool for text-mining PubMedOA tracking project4316 dayssaveRefWorks
History of MEDLINE and ERICOA tracking project4316 dayssaveRefWorks
On publishing raw clinical trial dataOA tracking project4406 dayssaveRefWorks
Presentations from library conferenceOA tracking project4409 dayssaveRefWorks
Review of SCImago databaseOA tracking project4432 dayssaveRefWorks
Podcast interview with Clifford LynchOA tracking project4444 dayssaveRefWorks
Extra from TechXtraOA tracking project5191 dayssaveRefWorks
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