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AddButcher, S. (UH Viikki Campus)
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AddEskola, J. (THL)
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AddHaimila, K(atri) (Veripalvelu)
AddHäkkinen, U. (THL)
AddHanski, I(lkka) (1953-2016) (UH Viikki Campus)
AddHari, R. (Aalto)
AddHavulinna, A(ki) S. (THL)
AddHemminki, E. (THL)
AddHiltunen, L(eena) (Veripalvelu)
AddHiltunen, R(aimo) (UH Viikki Campus)
AddHolthöfer, H. (CBAS, Dublin)
AddHovi, T. (THL)
AddHuoponen, O(uti) (Veripalvelu)
AddHuovinen, P. (THL)
AddHyytiä, P. (THL)
AddImpola, U(lla) (Veripalvelu)
AddJaatinen, T(aina) (Veripalvelu)
AddJacobs, H.T. (UH Viikki Campus)
AddJalanko, A. (THL)
AddJalkanen, J(yrki) (KSSHP)
AddJantunen, M. (THL)
AddJavela, K(aija) (Veripalvelu)
AddJoensuu, T(imo) (Docrates Cancer Center)
AddJokela, J(orma) (Laurea)
AddJokitalo, E. (UH Viikki Campus)
AddJousilahti, P. (THL)
AddJulkunen, I. (THL)
AddJuppo, A(nne) (UH Viikki Campus)
AddKääriäinen, H. (THL)
AddKaartinen, T(anja) (Veripalvelu)
AddKallioniemi, O(lli) (SciLifeLab)
AddKarvonen, M. (THL)
AddKayhty, H. (THL)
AddKerkelä, E(rja) (Veripalvelu)
AddKeskimäki, I. (THL)
AddKhiroug, L. (UH Viikki Campus)
AddKiianmaa, K. (THL)
AddKinnunen, P.K. (Aalto)
AddKirjavainen, V(esa) (Veripalvelu)
AddKlaukka, T. (Kela)
AddKorhonen, M(atti) (Veripalvelu)
AddKoskela, S(atu) (Veripalvelu)
AddKoskinen, S(eppo) (THL)
AddKovanen, P.T. (Wihuri)
AddLaatikainen, T. (THL)
AddLähteenmäki, K(aarina) (Veripalvelu)
AddLaitinen, S(aara) (Veripalvelu)
AddLappalainen, P. (UH Viikki Campus)
AddLarjo, A(ntti) (Veripalvelu)
AddLauronen, J(ouni) (Veripalvelu)
AddLehtinen, M(atti) (THL)
AddLeino-Arjas, P. (TTL)
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AddLinjama, T(iina) (Veripalvelu)
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AddMalmivaara, A. (THL)
AddMännistö, P. (UH Viikki Campus)
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AddMattila, P(irkko) (Veripalvelu/FIMM)
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AddNatunen, S(uvi) (Veripalvelu)
AddNiiranen, T(eemu) (THL)
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AddNummenmaa, L. (Aalto)
AddNystedt, J(ohanna) (Veripalvelu)
AddOvaskainen. M.L (THL).
AddPalosuo, T. (THL)
AddPalva, A(iri) (UH Viikki Campus)
AddPartanen, J(ukka) (Veripalvelu)
AddPartonen, T. (THL)
AddPatja, K. (THL)
AddPeltonen, M(arkku) (THL)
AddPeräsaari, J(uha) (Veripalvelu)
AddPietinen, P. (THL)
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AddPuska, P. (THL)
AddQiao, Q. (THL)
AddReunanen, A. (THL)
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AddRitari, J(armo) (Veripalvelu)
AddRuotsalainen, P. (THL)
AddRuskoaho, H(eikki) (UH Viikki Campus)
AddRuutu, P. (THL)
AddSaarma, M. (UH Viikki Campus)
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AddSaikku, P. (THL)
AddSainio, S(usanna) (Veripalvelu)
AddSalomaa, V(eikko) (THL)
AddShimmi, O. (UH Viikki Campus)
AddSiitonen, A. (THL)
AddSolantaus, T. (THL)
AddThesleff, I. (UH Viikki Campus)
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AddVaarala, O. (THL)
AddValsta, L. (THL)
AddVartiainen, E. (THL)
AddVartiainen, T. (THL)
AddVasankari, T. (THL)
AddViikari-Juntura, E. (TTL)
AddVirtamo, J. (THL)
AddVirtanen, S.M. (THL)
AddVuopio, J. (THL)
AddWahlbeck, K. (THL)
AddWikström, M. (UH Viikki Campus)

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Implant Survival of Constrained Acetabular Device in Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty Based on Data From the Finnish Arthroplasty Register.Karvonen, M. (THL)9 hourssaveRefWorks
Physical and psychosocial work exposures as risk factors for disability retirement due to a shoulder lesion.Viikari-Juntura, E. (TTL)12 hourssaveRefWorks
Narrow-band ultraviolet B (NB UV-B) exposures improve mood in healthy individuals differently depending on chronotype.Partonen, T. (THL)14 hourssaveRefWorks
Mitochondrial dysfunction generates a growth-restraining signal linked to pyruvate in Drosophila larvae.Jacobs, H.T. (UH Viikki Campus)15 hourssaveRefWorks
Is sub-mSv CT for evaluation of non-specific findings in bone scintigraphy of oncological patients feasible?Koskinen, S(eppo) (THL)18 hourssaveRefWorks
High prevalence of ascending aortic dilatation in a consecutive coronary CT angiography patient population.Korhonen, M(atti) (Veripalvelu)18 hourssaveRefWorks
Integrating Carbon Nanomaterials with Metals for Bio-sensing Applications.Sainio, S(usanna) (Veripalvelu)4 dayssaveRefWorks
Next-generation ARIA care pathways for rhinitis and asthma: a model for multimorbid chronic diseases.Vasankari, T. (THL)5 dayssaveRefWorks
Mast Cells as Potential Accelerators of Human Atherosclerosis-From Early to Late Lesions.Kovanen, P.T. (Wihuri)5 dayssaveRefWorks
Serological Array-in-Well Multiplex Assay Reveals a High Rate of Respiratory Virus Infections and Reinfections in Young Children.Julkunen, I. (THL)6 dayssaveRefWorks
Is the risk of cervical atypia associated with the interval between menarche and the start of sexual activity? A population-based cohort study.Lehtinen, M(atti) (THL)6 dayssaveRefWorks
Uterine fluid proteins for minimally invasive assessment of endometrial receptivity.Saarma, M. (UH Viikki Campus)6 dayssaveRefWorks
Uterine fluid proteins for minimally invasive assessment of endometrial receptivity.Saarma, M. (UH Viikki Campus)6 dayssaveRefWorks
Uterine fluid proteins for minimally invasive assessment of endometrial receptivity.Saarma, M. (UH Viikki Campus)6 dayssaveRefWorks
Alarming development of dual snus and cigarette usage among young Finnish males.Vasankari, T. (THL)6 dayssaveRefWorks
Ultra-low-dose CT for extremities in an acute setting: initial experience with 203 subjects.Koskinen, S(eppo) (THL)7 dayssaveRefWorks
Long-term health of women with genetic POI due to FSH resistant ovaries.Jousilahti, P. (THL)8 dayssaveRefWorks
Predicting Development of Alzheimer's Disease in Patients with Shunted Idiopathic Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus.Alafuzoff, I. (Uppsala)9 dayssaveRefWorks
Development of sleep-wake rhythms during the first year of age.Partonen, T. (THL)10 dayssaveRefWorks
A Novel Graphene Oxide-Based Aptasensor for Amplified Fluorescent Detection of Aflatoxin M1 in Milk Powder.Qiao, Q. (THL)11 dayssaveRefWorks
Highlighting the need for de-implementation - Choosing Wisely recommendations based on clinical practice guidelines.Mäkelä, M. (THL)11 dayssaveRefWorks
Ventilation Is an Important Confounding Variable When End-Tidal Carbon Dioxide Is Used to Help Guide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.Leinonen, M. (THL)12 dayssaveRefWorks
Formation ofα-helical and β-sheet structures in membrane-bound human IAPP monomer and the resulting membrane deformation.Qiao, Q. (THL)12 dayssaveRefWorks
Exome-Derived Adiponectin-Associated Variants Implicate Obesity and Lipid Biology.Jousilahti, P. (THL)12 dayssaveRefWorks
Exome-Derived Adiponectin-Associated Variants Implicate Obesity and Lipid Biology.Salomaa, V(eikko) (THL)12 dayssaveRefWorks
Trajectory modelling of ambulatory care sensitive conditions in Finland in 1996-2013: assessing the development of equity in primary health care through clustering of geographic areas - an observational retrospective study.Keskimäki, I. (THL)12 dayssaveRefWorks
Sex-specific transcriptional and proteomic signatures in schizophrenia.Lönnqvist, J. (THL)13 dayssaveRefWorks
Hyperoxia but not AOX expression mitigates pathological cardiac remodeling in a mouse model of inflammatory cardiomyopathy.Jacobs, H.T. (UH Viikki Campus)13 dayssaveRefWorks
Urine and Free Immunoglobulin Light Chains as Analytes for Serodiagnosis of Hantavirus Infection.Holthöfer, H. (CBAS, Dublin)14 dayssaveRefWorks
Germline knockdown of spargel (PGC-1) produces embryonic lethality in Drosophila.Jacobs, H.T. (UH Viikki Campus)17 dayssaveRefWorks
Exposure to heavy physical work from early to later adulthood and primary healthcare visits due to musculoskeletal diseases in midlife: a register linked study.Viikari-Juntura, E. (TTL)20 dayssaveRefWorks
Clinical and organizational factors predicting readmission for mental health patients across Italy.Wahlbeck, K. (THL)20 dayssaveRefWorks
Dynamics of IFN-β Responses During Respiratory Viral Infection: Insights for Therapeutic Strategies.Vaarala, O. (THL)21 dayssaveRefWorks
A Report on Finding a New Peptide Aldehyde from Cyanobacterium Nostoc sp. Bahar M by LC-MS and Marfey's Analysis.Jokela, J(orma) (Laurea)21 dayssaveRefWorks
The role of red yeast rice (RYR) supplementation in plasma cholesterol control: A review and expert opinion.Kovanen, P.T. (Wihuri)21 dayssaveRefWorks
Prediction of short- and long-term mortality in takotsubo syndrome: the InterTAK Prognostic Score.Vasankari, T. (THL)22 dayssaveRefWorks
Multi-parametric single cell evaluation defines distinct drug responses in healthy hematological cells that are retained in corresponding malignant cell types.Kallioniemi, O(lli) (SciLifeLab)26 dayssaveRefWorks
How Does GDPR Support Healthcare Transformation to 5P Medicine?Ruotsalainen, P. (THL)26 dayssaveRefWorks
Associations of Aerobic Fitness and Maximal Muscular Strength With Metabolites in Young Men.Vasankari, T. (THL)26 dayssaveRefWorks
Synthesis, identification and structure-activity relationship analysis of GATA4 and NKX2-5 protein-protein interaction modulators.Ruskoaho, H(eikki) (UH Viikki Campus)27 dayssaveRefWorks
Human PNPLA3-I148M variant increases hepatic retention of polyunsaturated fatty acids.Peltonen, M(arkku) (THL)27 dayssaveRefWorks
A metabolic profile of all-cause mortality risk identified in an observational study of 44,168 individuals.Salomaa, V(eikko) (THL)28 dayssaveRefWorks
Public Provision and Cross-Border Health Care.Wikström, M. (UH Viikki Campus)29 dayssaveRefWorks
Management of Tamm-Horsfall Protein for Reliable Urinary Analytics.Holthöfer, H. (CBAS, Dublin)29 dayssaveRefWorks
Publisher Correction: Sphingolipid biosynthesis modulates plasmodesmal ultrastructure and phloem unloading.Jokitalo, E. (UH Viikki Campus)30 dayssaveRefWorks
Self and Informant Memory Reports in FINGER: Associations with Two-Year Cognitive Change.Laatikainen, T. (THL)30 dayssaveRefWorks
Targeting GATA4 for cardiac repair.Ruskoaho, H(eikki) (UH Viikki Campus)33 dayssaveRefWorks
Response to: "Influence of changes in cholesterol levels and disease activity on the 10-year cardiovascular risk estimated with different algorithms in rheumatoid arthritis patients" by Fornaro et al.Aarnio, M(arkku) (KSSHP)34 dayssaveRefWorks
Ambulatory versus home blood pressure monitoring: frequency and determinants of blood pressure difference and diagnostic disagreement.Niiranen, T(eemu) (THL)34 dayssaveRefWorks
Correlates of mistimed and unwanted pregnancy among women in the Democratic Republic of Congo.Aro, A. (THL)35 dayssaveRefWorks
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