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New study suggests ADHD- like behavior helps spur entrepreneurial Social Sciences14 minsaveRefWorks
Kamala Harris Reading Guide: The Best Reporting on the Vice Presidential CandidateProPublica13 hourssaveRefWorks
Research suggests bias against natural hair limits job opportunities for black Social Sciences14 hourssaveRefWorks
This Billionaire Governor Keeps Firing Top Officials When He Has a CrisisProPublica20 hourssaveRefWorks
It’s Illegal for Federal Officials to Campaign on the Job. Trump Staffers Keep Doing It Anyways.ProPublica21 hourssaveRefWorks
New research identifies business travel as driver of economic Social Sciences21 hourssaveRefWorks
Case Closed: Michigan Judge Removes Grace, Black Teen Jailed for Not Doing Online Schoolwork, From ProbationProPublica1 daysaveRefWorks
Fear of stricter regulations spurs gun sales after mass shootings, new analysis Social Sciences1 daysaveRefWorks
COVID-19 could have a lasting, positive impact on workplace Social Sciences1 daysaveRefWorks
The brain's autocomplete feature oversimplifies complex issues and impedes Social Sciences1 daysaveRefWorks
Tensions rise on coronavirus handling as the media take control of the accountability Social Sciences1 daysaveRefWorks
Local Officials Say a Nursing Home Dumped Residents to Die at HospitalsProPublica1 daysaveRefWorks
Study: Increased presence of law enforcement officers in schools does not improve Social Sciences1 daysaveRefWorks
ICE Is Making Sure Migrant Kids Don’t Have COVID-19 — Then Expelling Them to “Prevent the Spread” of COVID-19ProPublica2 dayssaveRefWorks
'Morality pills' may be the US's best shot at ending the coronavirus pandemic, according to one Social Sciences2 dayssaveRefWorks
Reforming 'dad leave' is a baby step towards greater gender Social Sciences2 dayssaveRefWorks
When English becomes the global language of education we risk losing other, often better, ways of Social Sciences2 dayssaveRefWorks
The White House Paid Up to $500 Million Too Much for These Ventilators, Congressional Investigators SayProPublica5 dayssaveRefWorks
Authors' 'invisible' words reveal blueprint for Social Sciences5 dayssaveRefWorks
Why do so many refugees move after arrival? Opportunity and Social Sciences5 dayssaveRefWorks
Worries about COVID-19 divide along racial, ethnic lines, state poll Social Sciences5 dayssaveRefWorks
Electionland 2020: Masks at the Polls, Election Funding, Ex-Felon Enfranchisement and MoreProPublica5 dayssaveRefWorks
Q&A: A deep dive into the income gap between Black and non-Black Social Sciences5 dayssaveRefWorks
No one is truly there to help: Why so little is known about the reasons people go Social Sciences5 dayssaveRefWorks
¿A dónde se irán todos?ProPublica5 dayssaveRefWorks
Illinois Has Promised to“Infuse Love” in Its Juvenile Justice System, but What Will Actually Change?ProPublica5 dayssaveRefWorks
Research explores the impacts of mobile phones for Maasai Social Sciences6 dayssaveRefWorks
What will our cities look like after COVID-19? Social Sciences6 dayssaveRefWorks
Small towns have highest risk of intimate partner Social Sciences6 dayssaveRefWorks
The Federal Government Gives Native Students an Inadequate Education, and Gets Away With ItProPublica6 dayssaveRefWorks
COVID-19 a perfect storm for conspiracy Social Sciences6 dayssaveRefWorks
Researchers reveal patterns of sexual abuse in religious Social Sciences6 dayssaveRefWorks
New research shows religious discrimination is on the rise around the world, including in Social Sciences6 dayssaveRefWorks
How Hotel Chains Got a Slice of Government Aid for Small BusinessesProPublica6 dayssaveRefWorks
Whiteness of AI erases people of color from our 'imagined futures', researchers Social Sciences7 dayssaveRefWorks
ProPublica Wins Six Malofiej AwardsProPublica7 dayssaveRefWorks
Journalists' Twitter use shows them talking within smaller Social Sciences7 dayssaveRefWorks
New study to review COVID's impact on modern slavery Social Sciences7 dayssaveRefWorks
Defunding the police requires understanding what role policing plays in our Social Sciences7 dayssaveRefWorks
People's experience of homelessness support proves housing and intensive help is life Social Sciences7 dayssaveRefWorks
The complicated history of environmental Social Sciences7 dayssaveRefWorks
Is humanity doomed because we can't plan for the long term? Three experts Social Sciences7 dayssaveRefWorks
Knife crime: why young people need to get a say in their Social Sciences7 dayssaveRefWorks
A decade after the Occupy movement, a new digital archive chronicles its history—and continuing Social Sciences7 dayssaveRefWorks
After a Year of Investigation, the Border Patrol Has Little to Say About Agents’ Misogynistic and Racist Facebook GroupProPublica7 dayssaveRefWorks
Building dementia friendly Social Sciences7 dayssaveRefWorks
New research suggests racism could be a genetic Social Sciences8 dayssaveRefWorks
Social networks can support academic Social Sciences8 dayssaveRefWorks
'Price of life' lowest in UK during COVID-19 pandemic, study Social Sciences8 dayssaveRefWorks
Her Rapist Threatened to Make Her“Disappear.” Instead of Asylum, ICE Put Her in a Hotel and Sent Her Back.ProPublica8 dayssaveRefWorks
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