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California farmworkers hit hard by COVID-19, study findsUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science9 hourssaveRefWorks
Berkeley Law creates protocol to use social media as evidence for war crimesUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science15 hourssaveRefWorks
UC Berkeley’s Cannabis Research Center wins $4.6M in state grantsUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science9 dayssaveRefWorks
How state courts use disability to remove Native children from their homesUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science9 dayssaveRefWorks
Documentarian hopes film on Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921 is wake-up callUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science9 dayssaveRefWorks
With democracy under threat, GOP silence draws scrutiny— and censureUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science9 dayssaveRefWorks
Berkeley Talks: Threats to abortion rights and how people are resistingUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science10 dayssaveRefWorks
How the U.S. government created an ‘insane asylum’ to imprison Native AmericansUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science13 dayssaveRefWorks
American democracy— stressed out and ‘backsliding’?UC BerkeleyNews - Social Science14 dayssaveRefWorks
U.S. lifespans trail that of other affluent nations, even for the wealthyUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science16 dayssaveRefWorks
Teaching tools show climate change is just one aspect of a changing worldUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science16 dayssaveRefWorks
Is Trump right about Georgia vote?UC BerkeleyNews - Social Science16 dayssaveRefWorks
Kamala Harris’s rise, multicultural roots and challengesUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science23 dayssaveRefWorks
Berkeley Talks: How Native women challenged a 1900s Bay Area assimilation programUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science23 dayssaveRefWorks
Why violence has re-emerged in Armenia-Azerbaijan conflictUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science24 dayssaveRefWorks
Florida 2000 all over again? Possible, but not likely, Chemerinsky saysUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science26 dayssaveRefWorks
UC Berkeley experts discuss legal implications of electionUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science27 dayssaveRefWorks
As the nation waits, old divisions linger— and deepenUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science28 dayssaveRefWorks
America on edge: Berkeley scholars’ early election thoughtsUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science28 dayssaveRefWorks
As demographics change, California GOP fades as a political forceUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science28 dayssaveRefWorks
Berkeley student video captures ‘Why Bears vote’ in this year’s electionUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science30 dayssaveRefWorks
Election 2020: A referendum on racial justice in AmericaUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science31 dayssaveRefWorks
Berkeley poll: Most Californians fear disputed election, post-vote violenceUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science35 dayssaveRefWorks
Ian Haney López: To combat racism, we need to talk about economic justiceUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science36 dayssaveRefWorks
New Berkeley course examines 2020 election through the history of American democracyUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science37 dayssaveRefWorks
Pre-election polls are only 60% accurate, Berkeley Haas study findsUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science37 dayssaveRefWorks
Berkeley Talks: The violent underworlds of El Salvador and their ties to the U.S.UC BerkeleyNews - Social Science38 dayssaveRefWorks
California bail reform measure would release more people, soonerUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science44 dayssaveRefWorks
Hot-button words trigger conservatives and liberals differentlyUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science44 dayssaveRefWorks
UC Berkeley’s campus community brings women’s untold stories to the forefrontUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science45 dayssaveRefWorks
Berkeley study: Clean Air Act reduced racial disparities in pollutionUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science45 dayssaveRefWorks
Michigan arrests: How far will the hard-right push its rebellion ‘fantasy’?UC BerkeleyNews - Social Science51 dayssaveRefWorks
Berkeley Talks: Portraits of power: Women of the 116th CongressUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science51 dayssaveRefWorks
Dr. Anthony Fauci backs universal health care, expects slow return to‘normal’UC BerkeleyNews - Social Science55 dayssaveRefWorks
California political icon Willie Brown tells it like it is in new oral historyUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science55 dayssaveRefWorks
Trump’s COVID-19 treatments suggest severe illness, UC Berkeley expert saysUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science57 dayssaveRefWorks
In Trump’s own case of COVID-19, narrative matters more than truthUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science58 dayssaveRefWorks
Stark racial bias revealed in police killings of older, mentally ill, unarmed Black menUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science58 dayssaveRefWorks
Four women with UC Berkeley ties changed California politics foreverUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science59 dayssaveRefWorks
Berkeley scholars’ biggest takeaways from first 2020 presidential debateUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science63 dayssaveRefWorks
Stacking the deck: How the GOP works to suppress minority votingUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science63 dayssaveRefWorks
Birthing in better hospitals could save lives of Black, Native mothersUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science65 dayssaveRefWorks
Berkeley Talks: Berkeley scholars on the legal legacy of Ruth Bader GinsburgUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science65 dayssaveRefWorks
Savala Trepczynski on Breonna Taylor and the elusive nature of racial justiceUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science66 dayssaveRefWorks
Poll finds Californians have one mission: Defeat President TrumpUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science66 dayssaveRefWorks
Berkeley Talks: How plantation museum tours distort the reality of slaveryUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science69 dayssaveRefWorks
Berkeley poll: A majority of Americans support changes to policingUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science69 dayssaveRefWorks
Understanding the legal legacy of Ruth Bader GinsburgUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science72 dayssaveRefWorks
UC deans defend racism studies against attack by Trump administrationUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science73 dayssaveRefWorks
After Floyd’s killing, KIPs at protests led to 100-plus head injuriesUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science76 dayssaveRefWorks
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