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Are you a robot? Can you prove it?Scholarly Kitchen, The1 daysaveRefWorks
Guest Post— A Conversation about the Reality of NeurodiversityScholarly Kitchen, The2 dayssaveRefWorks
Guest Post— In Pursuit of Scholarly Publishing RelevanceScholarly Kitchen, The3 dayssaveRefWorks
The SSP Generations Fund: Investing in the Promise of our FutureScholarly Kitchen, The4 dayssaveRefWorks
Don’t Miss Your Chance to Participate in the SSP 2021 Annual Meeting!Scholarly Kitchen, The5 dayssaveRefWorks
Thanks A Lot— A Quarantined ThanksgivingScholarly Kitchen, The9 dayssaveRefWorks
Chef’s Selections: Best Books Read (and more!) During 2020, Part 2Scholarly Kitchen, The10 dayssaveRefWorks
Chef’s Selections: Best Books Read (and more!) During 2020, Part 1Scholarly Kitchen, The11 dayssaveRefWorks
A World Elsewhere: PLOS’s Community Action Publishing ModelScholarly Kitchen, The12 dayssaveRefWorks
Size Matters, or, Why Don’t We Have Gigantic Bacteria?Scholarly Kitchen, The15 dayssaveRefWorks
Guest Post– Scientific output in the year of COVIDScholarly Kitchen, The16 dayssaveRefWorks
Guest Post— What Does it Take to Move a Highly Successful Face-to-face Workshop into the Online World?Scholarly Kitchen, The17 dayssaveRefWorks
Start-up Stories: Bringing DataSeer, A New Data-sharing Toolkit, From Idea to LaunchScholarly Kitchen, The18 dayssaveRefWorks
The Curse of Reviewer 89: An Interview with Filestage’s Niklas DornScholarly Kitchen, The19 dayssaveRefWorks
New! Pre-Recorded‘Create Impactful Infographics’ TrainingsInformation is Beautiful21 dayssaveRefWorks
Important Tardigrade UpdateScholarly Kitchen, The22 dayssaveRefWorks
Vitamin DInformation is Beautiful22 dayssaveRefWorks
Editorial Boards Benefit from Virtual MeetingsScholarly Kitchen, The23 dayssaveRefWorks
Pandemic Post RoundupScholarly Kitchen, The24 dayssaveRefWorks
The Role of Information in UN Sustainability Goals: Highlights from the 2020 ASIS&T MeetingScholarly Kitchen, The25 dayssaveRefWorks
What a Mangled Press Conference on COVID Can Tell Us About the Need for Good Data StorytellingScholarly Kitchen, The26 dayssaveRefWorks
Real, Substantive Change Takes Time, Hard WorkScholarly Kitchen, The29 dayssaveRefWorks
SSP’s Early Career Development Podcast: Episode 5, The Publishing Industry and the Pandemic Part 2Scholarly Kitchen, The30 dayssaveRefWorks
Guest Post— What We Can Learn from How Academics and the Public View Diversity, Inclusion, and EquityScholarly Kitchen, The30 dayssaveRefWorks
VOTE!Scholarly Kitchen, The32 dayssaveRefWorks
There is No Truth, There is Only WorkflowScholarly Kitchen, The33 dayssaveRefWorks
Halloween’s GreetingsScholarly Kitchen, The36 dayssaveRefWorks
Guest Post— Meet the new SSP Board MembersScholarly Kitchen, The37 dayssaveRefWorks
Long Live the 28th October 1940Dienekes' Anthropology Blog37 dayssaveRefWorks
In Search of Equity and Justice: Reimagining Scholarly CommunicationScholarly Kitchen, The38 dayssaveRefWorks
Guest Post— Video is here. Time to embrace it.Scholarly Kitchen, The39 dayssaveRefWorks
Guest Post— Making the Most Out of Virtual Events: The Publisher as VendorScholarly Kitchen, The40 dayssaveRefWorks
A Review of Amazon’s Alexa — From 1988Scholarly Kitchen, The43 dayssaveRefWorks
Ask the Community (and Chefs): How Can We Achieve Equitable Participation in Open Research?– Part 2Scholarly Kitchen, The44 dayssaveRefWorks
Ask the Community (and Chefs): How Can We Achieve Equitable Participation in Open Research?Scholarly Kitchen, The45 dayssaveRefWorks
Getting Beyond Bias to Make the Career Impact You Desire: An Interview with Scismic’s Elizabeth Wu and Danika KhongScholarly Kitchen, The46 dayssaveRefWorks
Are Publishers Learning from Their Mistakes?Scholarly Kitchen, The47 dayssaveRefWorks
A Fast Trip Through 13 Centuries of EnglishScholarly Kitchen, The50 dayssaveRefWorks
Parallel Peer Review at Cell Press: An Interview with Deborah SweetScholarly Kitchen, The51 dayssaveRefWorks
blogs are deadwhatisthewhat51 dayssaveRefWorks
Naima Green’s wonderful workwhatisthewhat51 dayssaveRefWorks
twitahwhatisthewhat51 dayssaveRefWorks
does mtv deserve another chancewhatisthewhat51 dayssaveRefWorks
avant-garde to scene-basedwhatisthewhat51 dayssaveRefWorks
a written version of a spoken version of a written versionwhatisthewhat51 dayssaveRefWorks
erratawhatisthewhat51 dayssaveRefWorks
witw in the newzwhatisthewhat51 dayssaveRefWorks
this pugwhatisthewhat51 dayssaveRefWorks
voting opens latewhatisthewhat51 dayssaveRefWorks
Guest Post— Creative Commons in CourtScholarly Kitchen, The52 dayssaveRefWorks
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