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Influence of adverse weather on drivers’ perceived risk during car following based on driving simulationsJournal of Modern Transportation55 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
‘Don’t Teach. Strike’: Professors Join the Fray as Millions Prepare to March Against Climate ChangeChronicle of Higher Education, The - News6 hourssaveRefWorks
Giving Students What They Want: TransformationChronicle of Higher Education, The - News7 hourssaveRefWorks
What I'm Reading: 'Book Breaking and Book Mending'Chronicle of Higher Education, The - News7 hourssaveRefWorks
Could Alaska’s Diverse Campuses Survive a Forced Marriage?Chronicle of Higher Education, The - News7 hourssaveRefWorks
Banning flavored vapes won’t stop deadly lung diseaseVerge, The9 hourssaveRefWorks
Google makes‘biggest corporate purchase’ of renewable energy ahead of climate strikesVerge, The9 hourssaveRefWorks
Apple’s iconic Fifth Avenue store is back and bigger than everVerge, The9 hourssaveRefWorks
Microsoft’s next Surface Pen looks like it’ll have wireless chargingVerge, The10 hourssaveRefWorks
Rethinking sustainable bioenergy development in Japan: decentralised system supported by local forestry biomassSustainability Science10 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Google offshoot Wing is teaming up with FedEx and Walgreens for drone deliveriesVerge, The11 hourssaveRefWorks
Using the Apple Card at T-Mobile stores will earn you 3 percent cash back starting FridayVerge, The11 hourssaveRefWorks
Apple pushes up iOS 13.1 and iPadOS to September 24thVerge, The11 hourssaveRefWorks
In media coverage of climate change, where are the facts?UC BerkeleyNews - Social Science12 hourssaveRefWorks
Logitech’s excellent MX Master 2S mouse is much cheaper than usual todayVerge, The12 hourssaveRefWorks
NBC looking to reboot The Office for Peacock streaming serviceVerge, The12 hourssaveRefWorks
How to update your apps on iOS 13Verge, The12 hourssaveRefWorks
YouTube creators may lose verified badges as company makes verification program even stricterVerge, The12 hourssaveRefWorks
How to rearrange and delete your apps in iOS 13Verge, The12 hourssaveRefWorks
Here’s how to avoid iOS 13 — if you want toVerge, The12 hourssaveRefWorks
iOS 13 review: join the dark sideVerge, The12 hourssaveRefWorks
iOS 13 is now available to downloadVerge, The12 hourssaveRefWorks
The‘PopSockets queen’ says PopSockets stole her idea for a PopSockets koozieVerge, The12 hourssaveRefWorks
Microsoft employees are protesting the company’s ‘complicity in the climate crisis’Verge, The12 hourssaveRefWorks
TCL’s retro Alcatel flip phones include Google’s apps and voice assistantVerge, The13 hourssaveRefWorks
Lyft is adding bike lanes to its app to encourage safer ridingVerge, The13 hourssaveRefWorks
Amazon will order 100,000 electric delivery vans from EV startup Rivian, Jeff Bezos saysVerge, The14 hourssaveRefWorks
An AI affair fuels a midlife crisis in the eerie science fiction drama AuggieVerge, The14 hourssaveRefWorks
Nintendo Switch Lite review: a triumphant return to dedicated handheldsVerge, The14 hourssaveRefWorks
How to Help First-Year Students Tackle Project-Based LearningChronicle of Higher Education, The - News14 hourssaveRefWorks
Jeff Bezos pledges that Amazon will swiftly combat climate changeVerge, The14 hourssaveRefWorks
Huawei confirms the new Mate 30 won’t come with Google’s Android appsVerge, The15 hourssaveRefWorks
Why MoviePass really failedVerge, The15 hourssaveRefWorks
Huawei announces Watch GT 2 running LiteOSVerge, The15 hourssaveRefWorks
Huawei’s new Vision TV offers 4K picture and a long list of AI powersVerge, The15 hourssaveRefWorks
Jeffrey Epstein infiltrated science because it was ready to accommodate himVerge, The16 hourssaveRefWorks
Roku’s new devices include tiny Express and faster Ultra with customizable remoteVerge, The16 hourssaveRefWorks
Impossible Burgers are hitting their first grocery stores tomorrowVerge, The16 hourssaveRefWorks
Huawei announces flagship Mate 30 Pro under cloud of Google uncertaintyVerge, The17 hourssaveRefWorks
The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is like a brand-new Zelda adventure on SwitchVerge, The17 hourssaveRefWorks
Verizon 5G will launch in New York City on September 26thVerge, The17 hourssaveRefWorks
What can Google do to compete with the Apple Watch? Not muchVerge, The18 hourssaveRefWorks
Arcimoto’s finally delivering its weird, fun electric trikeVerge, The19 hourssaveRefWorks
Facebook is learning that hardware is hardVerge, The19 hourssaveRefWorks
Guest Post— A Perspective from the Peer Review CongressScholarly Kitchen, The20 hourssaveRefWorks
Pocket Casts changes subscription plans after user backlashVerge, The20 hourssaveRefWorks
Shopping with the Resale Value in Mind: A Study on Second‐Hand Luxury ConsumersInternational Journal of Consumer Studies22 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Tesla’s Model 3 scores the company’s first top safety award from IIHSVerge, The23 hourssaveRefWorks
Apple releases two new trailers showing off its TV Plus children’s showsVerge, The23 hourssaveRefWorks
Netflix is debating bonuses for directors with popular or award-winning filmsVerge, The23 hourssaveRefWorks
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