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How to Train Your Dragon 3 is a simple movie with a complex executionVerge, The8 minsaveRefWorks
When the iPhone doesn’t change, Android phones get weirdVerge, The8 minsaveRefWorks
Resurrected Firefly Aerospace will take over a launch site at busy Florida spaceportVerge, The36 minsaveRefWorks
Unearthing Hardcore, DICE’s long-lost Sega Genesis shooterVerge, The36 minsaveRefWorks
Samsung is keeping the Gear VR in stasis, and that might be fineVerge, The36 minsaveRefWorks
Vergecast: Samsung’s multiple galaxiesVerge, The36 minsaveRefWorks
How to use a two-factor security keyVerge, The1 hoursaveRefWorks
The internet’s best fake toys are going in a fake museumVerge, The1 hoursaveRefWorks
Ahead of the Oscars, watch the first Best Picture winner onlineVerge, The1 hoursaveRefWorks
Fortnite’s $30 million World Cup final is happening in JulyVerge, The1 hoursaveRefWorks
Kim Kardashian West sues fashion company that keeps tagging her on InstagramVerge, The1 hoursaveRefWorks
After a disastrous launch for a great computer, Eve CEO says it won’t happen againVerge, The1 hoursaveRefWorks
MWC 2019: foldable phones, 5G, and other news from Mobile World CongressVerge, The2 hourssaveRefWorks
When did cutscenes start looking worse than actual video games?Verge, The2 hourssaveRefWorks
MWC 2019: the stories and devices to expect at the world’s biggest mobile showVerge, The2 hourssaveRefWorks
While the world goes electric, some Germans desperately fight for their dieselVerge, The2 hourssaveRefWorks
The best hardware security keys for two-factor authenticationVerge, The2 hourssaveRefWorks
Nvidia’s new GeForce GTX 1660 Ti promises 120 fps gaming for $279Verge, The2 hourssaveRefWorks
Discovery of cameras built into airlines’ seats sparks privacy concernsVerge, The3 hourssaveRefWorks
BMW and Daimler will spend over $1 billion on the future of transportationVerge, The3 hourssaveRefWorks
The surprising connections fueling the CG bear boomVerge, The3 hourssaveRefWorks
Sony’s entire Xperia lineup leaks, including Xperia 1, Xperia 10 and 10 Plus, Xperia L3Verge, The4 hourssaveRefWorks
Facebook pulls the plug on its data snooping Onavo VPN serviceVerge, The6 hourssaveRefWorks
Dieter Rams’ Ten Principles of DesignScholarly Kitchen, The6 hourssaveRefWorks
Splitting Risks in Insurance Markets With Adverse SelectionJournal of risk and insurance6 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
How Hampshire Was Brought to the BrinkChronicle of Higher Education, The - News11 hourssaveRefWorks
Netflix and Tweeting: These Historians Are All Watching the Same Movie.Chronicle of Higher Education, The - News16 hourssaveRefWorks
Every Sunday, These Historians Go to the MoviesChronicle of Higher Education, The - News16 hourssaveRefWorks
Transitions: New Chancellor at CUNY, Monmouth College Names ProvostChronicle of Higher Education, The - News17 hourssaveRefWorks
Three years into soda tax, sugary drink consumption down more than 50 percent in BerkeleyUC BerkeleyNews - Social Science19 hourssaveRefWorks
Free Galaxy Buds with S10 preorders, and 4K streaming sticks are discounted for the OscarsVerge, The19 hourssaveRefWorks
The Wandering Earth: news and updates for China’s biggest science fiction movieVerge, The20 hourssaveRefWorks
AT&T pulls ads from YouTube over predatory comments on childrenVerge, The20 hourssaveRefWorks
All the news and trailers for Jordan Peele’s Twilight Zone rebootVerge, The20 hourssaveRefWorks
CDC confirms that the false ballistic missile alarm in Hawaii pissed people offVerge, The20 hourssaveRefWorks
Apple draws up a blueprint for the foldable iPhoneVerge, The20 hourssaveRefWorks
YouTube is‘aggressively approaching’ solution to child exploitation controversyVerge, The20 hourssaveRefWorks
Fortnite’s Marshmello concert was the game’s biggest event everVerge, The21 hourssaveRefWorks
Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé is retiringVerge, The21 hourssaveRefWorks
Nike says it’s ‘actively working’ to fix its broken smart sneakersVerge, The21 hourssaveRefWorks
Watch the first full trailer for Jordan Peele’s surreal Twilight Zone rebootVerge, The21 hourssaveRefWorks
Robin Hood director Otto Bathurst signed to Showtime’s Halo seriesVerge, The21 hourssaveRefWorks
Privacy advocate held at gunpoint after license plate reader mistake, lawsuit allegesVerge, The22 hourssaveRefWorks
Samsung Galaxy S8 vs. S9 vs. S10: should you upgrade?Verge, The22 hourssaveRefWorks
Consumer Reports reverses itself again, no longer recommends Tesla Model 3Verge, The22 hourssaveRefWorks
China’s blockbuster The Wandering Earth is coming to NetflixVerge, The23 hourssaveRefWorks
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active preorders come with a fast wireless charging padVerge, The23 hourssaveRefWorks
Watch SpaceX launch a trio of spacecraft, including a lander bound for the MoonVerge, The23 hourssaveRefWorks
Digital Wellbeing starts to roll out to more non-Pixel phones with Galaxy S10 and Nokia 8Verge, The23 hourssaveRefWorks
Verizon will launch 5G in 30 cities this yearVerge, The23 hourssaveRefWorks
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