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Boeing sinks more money into electric air taxi project it’s co-developing with Kitty HawkVerge, The33 minsaveRefWorks
Recreational drones banned in United Arab Emirates after oil facility attackVerge, The33 minsaveRefWorks
Yakuza director announces new studio after leaving SegaVerge, The2 hourssaveRefWorks
Plaid, the service used by Venmo, Acorns, Robinhood, and more, may owe you some moneyVerge, The5 hourssaveRefWorks
Samsung Galaxy S22 European price leak suggests a base Ultra model with less RAMVerge, The15 hourssaveRefWorks
Apple extends in-app purchase exemption for online group and event apps yet againVerge, The18 hourssaveRefWorks
European Parliament approves initial proposal to ban some targeted adsVerge, The20 hourssaveRefWorks
Yet another TV show features a character having a heart attack on a PelotonVerge, The21 hourssaveRefWorks
Dark Souls 3 exploit could let hackers take control of your entire computerVerge, The1 daysaveRefWorks
WhatsApp may soon let you transfer your chats from Android to iOSVerge, The1 daysaveRefWorks
US athletes told to use burner phones at Beijing Winter OlympicsVerge, The1 daysaveRefWorks
NYC Mayor takes pay cut as cryptocurrency market plungesVerge, The1 daysaveRefWorks
YouTube TV is $10 off for your first three monthsVerge, The1 daysaveRefWorks
What we know about Intel’s $20 billion bet on Ohio — and US manufacturingVerge, The1 daysaveRefWorks
Google Pixel Stand (2nd gen) review: nice but not a must-haveVerge, The1 daysaveRefWorks
Adaptation of the MIVES method for the strategic selection of new technologies at an R&D centre. Focus on the manufacturing sectorTechnovation2 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Stakeholder engagement strategy of technology firms: A review and applied view of stakeholder theoryTechnovation2 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Ozzy Osbourne’s NFT project shared a scam link, and followers lost thousands of dollarsVerge, The2 dayssaveRefWorks
Picard’s first season 2 trailer has Guinan going for itVerge, The2 dayssaveRefWorks
How to protect your PC from ransomware using Windows’ built-in protectionVerge, The2 dayssaveRefWorks
Nike’s accessible ACG Gaiadome FlyEase Boot will be for athletes onlyVerge, The2 dayssaveRefWorks
Light sensors on wearables struggle with dark skin and obesityVerge, The2 dayssaveRefWorks
Kyocera DuraSport 5G UW review: tough choicesVerge, The2 dayssaveRefWorks
1Password has plans to get companies to actually use one passwordVerge, The2 dayssaveRefWorks
Google denies Facebook collusion claims in new court filing and blog postVerge, The2 dayssaveRefWorks
Employees at Activision studio Raven Software formally organize unionVerge, The2 dayssaveRefWorks
Vergecast: Microsoft to acquire Activision, Google building a headset, and the 5G battle with airlinesVerge, The2 dayssaveRefWorks
The Beats Fit Pro get their first major discount and drop to $153Verge, The2 dayssaveRefWorks
The PlayStation 5 is in stock at TargetVerge, The2 dayssaveRefWorks
We regret to inform you that Apple now verifies anyone asking for educational discountsVerge, The2 dayssaveRefWorks
This controller turns your Android phone into a portable XboxVerge, The3 dayssaveRefWorks
Intel selects Ohio for‘largest silicon manufacturing location on the planet’Verge, The3 dayssaveRefWorks
Blizzard boss details what the studio is doing to‘rebuild your trust’Verge, The3 dayssaveRefWorks
TikTok is thinking about letting its creators charge subscription feesVerge, The3 dayssaveRefWorks
Netflix co-CEO says there will‘absolutely’ be a second season of Squid GameVerge, The3 dayssaveRefWorks
Godzilla and the Titans will reunite in new Apple TV Plus Monsterverse seriesVerge, The3 dayssaveRefWorks
Congress weighs cleaning up cryptocurrency mining in the US Verge, The3 dayssaveRefWorks
The IRS will soon make you use facial recognition to access your taxes onlineVerge, The3 dayssaveRefWorks
Netflix stock plunges as company misses growth forecastVerge, The3 dayssaveRefWorks
Want to preorder Samsung’s next Galaxy phone sight unseen? You canVerge, The3 dayssaveRefWorks
Samsung confirms February Unpacked, hints at the end of the Note lineVerge, The3 dayssaveRefWorks
Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer wants to‘keep Call of Duty on PlayStation’Verge, The3 dayssaveRefWorks
Saturn’s ‘Death Star’ moon might be hiding an underground oceanVerge, The3 dayssaveRefWorks
Paramount Plus Fatal Attraction reboot will see Lizzy Caplan down bad for Joshua JacksonVerge, The3 dayssaveRefWorks
FAA estimates 78 percent of US planes can land at airports with 5G C-bandVerge, The3 dayssaveRefWorks
Twitter brings NFTs to the timeline as hexagon-shaped profile picturesVerge, The3 dayssaveRefWorks
TikTok marketing lead behind its NFTs and ghost kitchens no longer at the companyVerge, The3 dayssaveRefWorks
The PlayStation 5 is available once again at Best Buy right nowVerge, The3 dayssaveRefWorks
Elon Musk’s Neuralink is hiring a clinical trial directorVerge, The3 dayssaveRefWorks
Why Netflix keeps cranking up its pricesVerge, The3 dayssaveRefWorks
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