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Saudi Arabia reportedly groomed Twitter employee to spy on user accountsVerge, The7 hourssaveRefWorks
Silent Night, Bloody Night is the perfect streaming slasher for Halloween fansVerge, The7 hourssaveRefWorks
PlayStation Vue is now integrated with Apple’s TV appVerge, The8 hourssaveRefWorks
9 new trailers you should watch this weekVerge, The9 hourssaveRefWorks
Hackers accessed records of 75,000 people in government health insurance system breachVerge, The9 hourssaveRefWorks
It’s your last chance to get a free copy of Red Dead Redemption 2 in the latest PS4 Pro bundleVerge, The10 hourssaveRefWorks
Tesla stopped promoting the‘Full Self-Driving’ option for its carsVerge, The11 hourssaveRefWorks
Android’s new multitasking is terrible and should be changed backVerge, The11 hourssaveRefWorks
Netflix has canceled Marvel’s Luke CageVerge, The11 hourssaveRefWorks
Bavaria’s space program shot to viral fame — but it may be in troubleVerge, The12 hourssaveRefWorks
Facebook hired a new public defender, and he should start with WhatsAppVerge, The15 hourssaveRefWorks
Super Deluxe gets shut down by Turner, againVerge, The19 hourssaveRefWorks
Google is using software to make the Pixel 3’s screen corners even rounderVerge, The19 hourssaveRefWorks
How to view your notification history on AndroidVerge, The19 hourssaveRefWorks
Facebook introduces‘Hunt for False News’ series in attempt to be transparent about misinformationVerge, The19 hourssaveRefWorks
Verizon temporarily unlocks all Pixel 3 phones after complaintsVerge, The19 hourssaveRefWorks
The Pixel 3 removes the ability to unlock your phone with your voiceVerge, The19 hourssaveRefWorks
The latest bizarre Simpsons meme is about downloading songs on LimewireVerge, The19 hourssaveRefWorks
Harvard Officials, Accused of Racial Bias, Defend Their Admissions PolicyChronicle of Higher Education, The - News21 hourssaveRefWorks
2 Former Officials at Fort Valley State U. Charged in Prostitution InvestigationChronicle of Higher Education, The - News1 daysaveRefWorks
Russian woman charged with managing budget for US election interference plotVerge, The1 daysaveRefWorks
One College Used Football to Win Fame. But What Has It Lost?Chronicle of Higher Education, The - News1 daysaveRefWorks
Jake Paul’s racism controversy reveals the flaw in Shane Dawson’s docuseriesVerge, The1 daysaveRefWorks
The future of transportation is being underwritten by Saudi ArabiaVerge, The1 daysaveRefWorks
U. of Southern California Settles With Patients of Gynecologist Accused of Abuses for $215 MillionChronicle of Higher Education, The - News1 daysaveRefWorks
The OnePlus 6T launch is being rescheduled to avoid colliding with Apple’s eventVerge, The1 daysaveRefWorks
U. of Southern California in $215-Million Settlement With Patients of Gynecologist Accused of AbusesChronicle of Higher Education, The - News1 daysaveRefWorks
What’s in your bag, Jess Glynne?Verge, The1 daysaveRefWorks
Vergecast: Pixel 3 review, the new Palm phone, and Google antitrust violationsVerge, The1 daysaveRefWorks
YouTube introduces mini-player for desktop browsersVerge, The1 daysaveRefWorks
Black Ops 4 merges Fortnite and PUBG into the best Call of Duty in yearsVerge, The1 daysaveRefWorks
Roku Premiere review: the cheapest way to 4KVerge, The1 daysaveRefWorks
Apple CEO Tim Cook calls for Bloomberg to retract Chinese spy chip reportVerge, The1 daysaveRefWorks
Jake Paul‘doesn’t see a problem’ with how he markets merch to kidsVerge, The1 daysaveRefWorks
SoundCloud partners with Dubset to let DJs get the rights to remixes and samplesVerge, The1 daysaveRefWorks
Some Google Pixel owners’ camera photos aren’t savingVerge, The1 daysaveRefWorks
Luxury manufacturer Vertu returns with Aster P smartphonesVerge, The1 daysaveRefWorks
Harvard on TrialChronicle of Higher Education, The - News1 daysaveRefWorks
SteamVR introduces motion smoothing so lower-end PCs can run games with less lagVerge, The1 daysaveRefWorks
This is clickbaitVerge, The1 daysaveRefWorks
Another US intel chief casts doubt on Chinese spy chip storyVerge, The1 daysaveRefWorks
Why your brand-new smartphone will scratch just as easily as your old oneVerge, The1 daysaveRefWorks
Huawei confirms it’s working on a 5G foldable phoneVerge, The1 daysaveRefWorks
The EU has approved Microsoft’s $7.5 billion GitHub acquisitionVerge, The1 daysaveRefWorks
YouTube tweaks its video embeds to include an easy channel subscribe buttonVerge, The1 daysaveRefWorks
Chrome 70 brings picture-in-picture support to Windows and MacVerge, The1 daysaveRefWorks
How a fan fiction for Cixin Liu’s Three-Body Problem became an official novelVerge, The1 daysaveRefWorks
Oppo is the latest company to get caught cheating on benchmark testsVerge, The1 daysaveRefWorks
Facebook hires former UK deputy prime minister Nick Clegg to run global affairsVerge, The1 daysaveRefWorks
Google app suite costs as much as $40 per phone under new EU Android dealVerge, The1 daysaveRefWorks
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