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New Proximity Search Feature Available in PubMedNCBI Insights23 hourssaveRefWorks
6th World Conference on Marine BiodiversityPeerJ Blog1 daysaveRefWorks
African biotech holds the key to transforming not just the health of African people, but our economies as wellSpeaking of Medicine (Plos)2 dayssaveRefWorks
Trends and biases in African large carnivore population assessmentsPeerJ Blog5 dayssaveRefWorks
Can smartphones predict mortality risk?Speaking of Medicine (Plos)7 dayssaveRefWorks
Updated PubMed E-Utilities Now Live!NCBI Insights8 dayssaveRefWorks
Free Marine Biology & Biological Oceanography publishing – celebrating the launch of the IABO Hub (and our 10th birthday!)PeerJ Blog8 dayssaveRefWorks
NEW! Streamlining ClinVar Submission of Assertion CriteriaNCBI Insights13 dayssaveRefWorks
Ten Lessons from COVID: A Round-up of ExpertsDNA Science Blog (PLoS)13 dayssaveRefWorks
PeerJ Tokens – 9 month updatePeerJ Blog13 dayssaveRefWorks
Morgan Thomas: PeerJ Award Winner at the UK-QSAR Autumn MeetingPeerJ Blog13 dayssaveRefWorks
Re-evaluating the BLAST Nucleotide Database (nt)NCBI Insights14 dayssaveRefWorks
Making Health Insurance Work for the Most Vulnerable in NigeriaSpeaking of Medicine (Plos)14 dayssaveRefWorks
Introducing the new Editor-in-Chief of PeerJ Organic Chemistry – Professor Giovanna BosicaPeerJ Blog14 dayssaveRefWorks
Assisted Living Communities: Podcast with Sheryl Zimmerman, Kenny Lam, and Ken CovinskyGeriPal14 dayssaveRefWorks
Software Citation, Indexing, and Discoverability SymposiumPeerJ Blog15 dayssaveRefWorks
Call for Papers: Physical Activity and CancerPeerJ Blog15 dayssaveRefWorks
RefSeq Release 215NCBI Insights16 dayssaveRefWorks
Can co-design promote equity in global health?Speaking of Medicine (Plos)16 dayssaveRefWorks
Prokaryotic phylum name changes coming soon!NCBI Insights17 dayssaveRefWorks
New Fully OA Blog launchedPeerJ Blog19 dayssaveRefWorks
The Genomic Scars of Antisemitism, 2022DNA Science Blog (PLoS)20 dayssaveRefWorks
New and improved SciENcv experience starting January 2023!NCBI Insights21 dayssaveRefWorks
Submit your data to dbGaP in 3 easy steps!NCBI Insights22 dayssaveRefWorks
PeerJ Award Winners at the 3rd African Bioacoustics Community ConferencePeerJ Blog23 dayssaveRefWorks
The Right to Flee– looking after the wellbeing of people who are forcibly displacedSpeaking of Medicine (Plos)24 dayssaveRefWorks
Author Interview: A brief introduction to mixed effects modelling and multi-model inference in ecologyPeerJ Blog26 dayssaveRefWorks
My Five-Year Breast CancerversaryDNA Science Blog (PLoS)27 dayssaveRefWorks
Grief, Loss, and Well-Being Debriefing: Vickie Leff, Matthew Loscalzo, Craig BlindermanGeriPal28 dayssaveRefWorks
CCDS Release 24NCBI Insights29 dayssaveRefWorks
Where to for the Thesiswhisperer?Thesis Whisperer, The29 dayssaveRefWorks
Author Interview: A previously overlooked, highly diverse early Pleistocene elasmobranch assemblage from southern TaiwanPeerJ Blog29 dayssaveRefWorks
Meet The Editor – Dr. Cecilia Mortalò | PeerJ Materials SciencePeerJ Blog29 dayssaveRefWorks
New annotations in RefSeq!NCBI Insights30 dayssaveRefWorks
Improving the global clinical trials ecosystem– a World Health Assembly resolutionSpeaking of Medicine (Plos)34 dayssaveRefWorks
Halloween Evokes Thoughts on OrganoidsDNA Science Blog (PLoS)34 dayssaveRefWorks
Free Computational Biology publishing this November! Our latest 10th birthday celebrationPeerJ Blog34 dayssaveRefWorks
New Prognostic Models for Older Adults: Alex Lee, James Deardorff, Sei LeeGeriPal35 dayssaveRefWorks
Navigating Ebola: Women’s Health in a Bloody EpidemicSpeaking of Medicine (Plos)36 dayssaveRefWorks
PeerJ Award Winners at WSeS-9PeerJ Blog36 dayssaveRefWorks
dbGaP: Data and analyses from millions of study participants, samples, and trillions of genotypes!NCBI Insights36 dayssaveRefWorks
Celebrating International Open Access Week 2022 with #OAadvocatesPeerJ Blog37 dayssaveRefWorks
PLOS supports the call for urgent, immediate action to address health impacts of climate change in AfricaSpeaking of Medicine (Plos)42 dayssaveRefWorks
“If you are uncomfortable in the room then you are in the right place” – Reflections on anti-racism and decolonizing global health from the International AIDS Conference in MontrealSpeaking of Medicine (Plos)42 dayssaveRefWorks
Introducing the new Editor-in-Chief of PeerJ Materials Science – Professor Junkuo GaoPeerJ Blog42 dayssaveRefWorks
Demystifying the Role of HHS and ASPE in Guiding Federal Aging Policy and Priorities with Dr. Tisamarie SherryGeriPal42 dayssaveRefWorks
Announcing GenBank release 252.0NCBI Insights42 dayssaveRefWorks
New version of PGAP now available!NCBI Insights42 dayssaveRefWorks
The Age of the Pangenome DawnsDNA Science Blog (PLoS)49 dayssaveRefWorks
PeerJ welcomes the University of Kansas to the our Three Year Membership Program, providing an alternative to APCs for Open Access publishingPeerJ Blog49 dayssaveRefWorks
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