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Improved search for eukaryotic and viral proteins and gene namesNCBI Insights42 minsaveRefWorks
TWiV 516: HUSH little virus, don’t you transcribeVirology Blog1 daysaveRefWorks
Prostate cancer radiotherapy could have benefits even after the disease has spreadCancer Research UK1 daysaveRefWorks
News digest– ‘No-deal’ Brexit predictions, nurse shortages and a ‘surprising’ DNA discoveryCancer Research UK2 dayssaveRefWorks
Best Medical Apps for Android This Week (October 19, 2018)iMedicalApps2 dayssaveRefWorks
My letter to organizer of 4th Columbia Psychosomatics ConferenceVirology Blog3 dayssaveRefWorks
Trial By Error: A Reminder about Saturday’s Columbia ProtestVirology Blog3 dayssaveRefWorks
Trial By Error: Cochrane Withdraws Flawed Exercise ReviewVirology Blog3 dayssaveRefWorks
A cell RNA that regulates innate immunityVirology Blog3 dayssaveRefWorks
How the Giraffe Got Its Spots: A Genetic Just-So StoryDNA Science Blog (PLoS)4 dayssaveRefWorks
It's coming from inside the roomDrugMonkey4 dayssaveRefWorks
Science Surgery:‘How quickly do tumours develop?’Cancer Research UK4 dayssaveRefWorks
ME/CFS is not a psychosomatic illnessVirology Blog4 dayssaveRefWorks
iMedEd Release Notes 10.05.18iMedEd @ UCI School of Medicine4 dayssaveRefWorks
iMedEd Release Notes 9.21.18iMedEd @ UCI School of Medicine4 dayssaveRefWorks
iMedEd Release Notes 9.10.18iMedEd @ UCI School of Medicine4 dayssaveRefWorks
Trial By Error: The Psychosomatic Conference’s Pathetic ResponseVirology Blog5 dayssaveRefWorks
Trial By Error: The Psychosomatic Conference’s Lame ResponseVirology Blog5 dayssaveRefWorks
Nobel Prize 2018: how the winning chemistry technique helped generate new cancer treatmentsCancer Research UK5 dayssaveRefWorks
Trial By Error: Per Fink in New YorkVirology Blog5 dayssaveRefWorks
How to turn your PhD into a book – part threeThesis Whisperer, The5 dayssaveRefWorks
PeerJ Award to be offered at Microbial Eco-Evolutionary DynamicsPeerJ Blog6 dayssaveRefWorks
Join NCBI at ASHG 2018, October 16-20NCBI Insights6 dayssaveRefWorks
Neglected No More: An Authentic Portrayal of People Affected by LeprosyMedical Humanities Blog (3)7 dayssaveRefWorks
Science trainees and the NIH DoublingDrugMonkey7 dayssaveRefWorks
TWiV 515: When virus is in retrogradeVirology Blog7 dayssaveRefWorks
News digest– rising childhood obesity, personalised medicine, binge drinking falls and air pollution and mouth cancerCancer Research UK9 dayssaveRefWorks
Please help MeTooSTEM launch as a nonprofit organizationDrugMonkey10 dayssaveRefWorks
Try out a new version of My Bibliography in NCBI LabsNCBI Insights10 dayssaveRefWorks
August and September annotations in RefSeqNCBI Insights10 dayssaveRefWorks
WHO Compendium App: Bringing TB Care to Your SmartphoneiMedicalApps10 dayssaveRefWorks
Matched Annotation by NCBI and EMBL-EBI (MANE): a new joint venture to define a set of representative transcripts for human protein-coding genesNCBI Insights11 dayssaveRefWorks
A Hippocratic oath for scientistsVirology Blog11 dayssaveRefWorks
Drug Duo Treats ALS– On A ChipDNA Science Blog (PLoS)11 dayssaveRefWorks
Influenza vaccine is safe for those with egg allergiesVirology Blog11 dayssaveRefWorks
See improvements in NCBI’s genome visualization and analysis tools at ASHGNCBI Insights11 dayssaveRefWorks
SBRN Membership SurveyObesity Panacea12 dayssaveRefWorks
Trial By Error: My First Post on the IAPT ProgramVirology Blog12 dayssaveRefWorks
Recovering from collective trauma: Utøya 22. juliMedical Humanities Blog (3)12 dayssaveRefWorks
A voice from the precariatThesis Whisperer, The13 dayssaveRefWorks
Trial By Error: My Latest Letter to Archives of Disease in ChildhoodVirology Blog14 dayssaveRefWorks
Troubled Minds in Troubled Times: The London Film FestivalMedical Humanities Blog (3)14 dayssaveRefWorks
TWiV 514: Staying below the ADARVirology Blog15 dayssaveRefWorks
News digest– Nobel Prize winners, personalised immunotherapy on NHS, Australian cervical cancer rates and Theresa May’s cancer plansCancer Research UK16 dayssaveRefWorks
Must-Download Medical Apps for this Week (October 5, 2018)iMedicalApps16 dayssaveRefWorks
‘Cutting edge’ CAR T cell immunotherapy approved in England. But is the NHS ready?Cancer Research UK17 dayssaveRefWorks
All the Questions You Had About Opioids But Were Afraid To Ask: A Podcast with Mary Lynn McPhersonGeriPal17 dayssaveRefWorks
PTSD and Fatalité Intérieure: Pawel Pawlikowski’s ‘Cold War’Medical Humanities Blog (3)17 dayssaveRefWorks
NCBI at ASHG 2018: Data and Clinical CoLabs introduce interactive graphical displays and medical genetics resourcesNCBI Insights17 dayssaveRefWorks
Abstract display option added for PubMed Labs search resultsNCBI Insights18 dayssaveRefWorks
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