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Maverick Publishing Specialists and Umbrella partner to offer diversity and inclusion analysis and monitoring services for the publishing industrySTM Publishing News7 hourssaveRefWorks
Reasons not to miss ConTech Week 2020 from the 16th to 19th NovemberSTM Publishing News7 hourssaveRefWorks
Call for Agenda Items: IFLA Extraordinary General Assembly, 12 February 2021IFLA Latest News9 hourssaveRefWorks
IncoPat joins Clarivate to provide intellectual property solutions to customersSTM Publishing News13 hourssaveRefWorks
SET Instagram AccountIFLA Latest News17 hourssaveRefWorks
Digital Technologies and Social Development: We Need Meaningful Inclusion EffortsIFLA Latest News1 daysaveRefWorks
Five Top UK Universities Join Ex Libris RapidILL Community to Accelerate Delivery of Materials in Remote Learning EnvironmentsSTM Publishing News1 daysaveRefWorks
Fiji Library Association + IFLA Strategy: Reflections and Moving forwardIFLA Latest News2 dayssaveRefWorks
World Day for Audiovisual Heritage 27 October 2020IFLA Latest News2 dayssaveRefWorks
IFLAPARL July 2020 Newsletter PublishedIFLA Latest News3 dayssaveRefWorks
IFLA SDGs Update: October 2020IFLA Latest News4 dayssaveRefWorks
Libraries in Belgium Promoting and Protecting Human RightsIFLA Latest News5 dayssaveRefWorks
Central European University Press to move to open access monograph programmeResearch Information (News)5 dayssaveRefWorks
IFLA signs joint statement with IATUL on Publisher PricingIFLA Latest News5 dayssaveRefWorks
Central European University Press Announces Innovative Open Access Funding ModelSTM Publishing News5 dayssaveRefWorks
Underline Science Announces Investment From ProQuestSTM Publishing News5 dayssaveRefWorks
Ziotag Appoints Three Tech Industry Leaders to Advisory BoardSTM Publishing News5 dayssaveRefWorks
Clarivate global research report calls for shared responsibility for sustainable scholarly ecosystemSTM Publishing News6 dayssaveRefWorks
Jisc and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press Enter an Innovative Read-and-Publish AgreementSTM Publishing News6 dayssaveRefWorks
Open Access Publishing – Busting the Common Myths – Part 1Enago Academy6 dayssaveRefWorks
TED Talks veteran, world class journalist, publisher and thought leader to close ConTech Week 2020STM Publishing News7 dayssaveRefWorks
Enago’s Global Survey on Research Laboratories & Researchers Working in ThereEnago Academy7 dayssaveRefWorks
Nobel Laureate to headline new virtual conferenceResearch Information (News)7 dayssaveRefWorks
APS and Jisc Announce New Read, Publish and Join PartnershipSTM Publishing News7 dayssaveRefWorks
Wiley’s Open Science Ambassador Program Encourages Scientific CollaborationSTM Publishing News7 dayssaveRefWorks
Agenda for the 2020 IFLA General AssemblyIFLA Latest News8 dayssaveRefWorks
How Have We Tread So Far in Bringing in Equity and Inclusion into Academia through Open AccessEnago Academy8 dayssaveRefWorks
German institutions to benefit from first Transformative Agreement for NatureSTM Publishing News8 dayssaveRefWorks
Health and Biosciences Libraries Section Action Plan for 2020-2021IFLA Latest News9 dayssaveRefWorks
Front Page NewsIFLA Latest News9 dayssaveRefWorks
Press seeks Transformative status across its journals in major commitment to Open AccessSTM Publishing News9 dayssaveRefWorks
IOP Publishing signs DORA affirming its commitment to raising standards in research evaluationSTM Publishing News9 dayssaveRefWorks
IFLA celebrates World Evidence-Based Healthcare DayIFLA Latest News9 dayssaveRefWorks
Research Information editor to host open access debateResearch Information (News)9 dayssaveRefWorks
Protected: Open Access Publishing – Busting The Common Myths – Part 2Enago Academy12 dayssaveRefWorks
Every Community Connected: A Call to ActionIFLA Latest News12 dayssaveRefWorks
Every Community Connected: A Call to Action, a Pledge to EngageIFLA Latest News12 dayssaveRefWorks
New Names of Persons file available: "Chinese names"IFLA Latest News12 dayssaveRefWorks
PLOS announce new APC-free Open Access agreements test alternative funding modelsSTM Publishing News13 dayssaveRefWorks
Enago Hosts a Virtual Conference on the Future of Research and Higher Education with a Nobel Laureate as the Keynote SpeakerSTM Publishing News13 dayssaveRefWorks
ENSULIB is on its way from SIG to Section!IFLA Latest News13 dayssaveRefWorks
APC-free open access agreements test alternative funding modelsResearch Information (News)14 dayssaveRefWorks
Where is Content headed? A conversation with new influencers at ConTech Week 2020 16th to 19th NovemberSTM Publishing News14 dayssaveRefWorks
Free collection of coronavirus research sees 1.7 million downloadsSTM Publishing News14 dayssaveRefWorks
Wiley launches flagship interdisciplinary open access journal Natural SciencesSTM Publishing News14 dayssaveRefWorks
Open Access– Missing Link to become exclusive distribution partner of OABLE in the German-speaking countriesSTM Publishing News14 dayssaveRefWorks
Ramp-up Your Scientific Research With ‘The Research Lab Toolkit’Enago Academy14 dayssaveRefWorks
PLOS accesses Dimensions on Google Cloud’s BigQuerySTM Publishing News15 dayssaveRefWorks
Kudos integration of Weibo and WeChat helps publishers provide more globally competitive author servicesSTM Publishing News15 dayssaveRefWorks
EBSCO Information Services Partners with Three Institutions to Develop Analytics PlatformSTM Publishing News15 dayssaveRefWorks
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