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What Does the U.S. Want To See Happen With Appellate Body Reform?International Economic Law and Policy Blog7 hourssaveRefWorks
Oregon governor signs youth sentencing reform billUS Legal News - JURIST7 hourssaveRefWorks
Equifax reaches $1.4 billion settlement over data breachUS Legal News - JURIST7 hourssaveRefWorks
Google settles age discrimination lawsuitUS Legal News - JURIST7 hourssaveRefWorks
Volume 34, Special IssueBerkeley technology law journal8 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Seattle City Council approves measure ensuring soda tax revenue brings nutrition to low-income communitiesUS Legal News - JURIST8 hourssaveRefWorks
Iran claims to have arrested 17 Iranian citizens for spying for USUS Legal News - JURIST8 hourssaveRefWorks
Federal judge upholds extension of short-term insurance plansUS Legal News - JURIST8 hourssaveRefWorks
KKO:2019:64Korkein oikeus uusimmat ennakkopäätökset10 hourssaveRefWorks
I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for LibGuides!HeinOnline Blog12 hourssaveRefWorks
US: Bill Seeks to End Federal Marijuana ProhibitionHuman Rights Watch news13 hourssaveRefWorks
Hovioikeuskin hylkäsi lakiasiaintoimiston laskusaatavaa koskevan vaatimuksenEdilex13 hourssaveRefWorks
Decision of the European Ombudsman in the above case on EPSO’s handling of a complaint concerning a supposedly malfunctioning calculator in the context of a competitionEuropean Ombudsman, The14 hourssaveRefWorks
Decision in case 1162/2019/UNK on the European Data Protection Supervisor’s handling of a complaint concerning access to documents regarding the complainant’s employment historyEuropean Ombudsman, The14 hourssaveRefWorks
Failure by the European Commissionʹs Paymaster Office (PMO) to reimburse the complainantʹs removal expenses upon termination of her employment contractEuropean Ombudsman, The14 hourssaveRefWorks
How the European Commission (EU Delegation to Kenya) rejected certain staffing costs following a financial and systems audit in the context of Somali‐Wide Educational Synergies II III project (Ref. ARES(2018)3464132)European Ombudsman, The14 hourssaveRefWorks
Decision of the European Ombudsman in the above case on the Translation Centre’s decision to reject the complainant’s bid in the context of a public procurement procedure for translations from English into EstonianEuropean Ombudsman, The14 hourssaveRefWorks
AustriaTax News Service Headlines15 hourssaveRefWorks
Osinkotulot olisi tullut ilmoittaa Kelalle - tuomittiin petoksesta sakkoihinEdilex15 hourssaveRefWorks
Transparency in WTO DisputesInternational Economic Law and Policy Blog15 hourssaveRefWorks
Beschluss vom 14. Juni 2019Bundesverfassungsgericht15 hourssaveRefWorks
Beschluss vom 3. Juli 2019Bundesverfassungsgericht15 hourssaveRefWorks
Hallinto-oikeus: Kansalaisuushakemus oli hylättävä, kun hakija ei täyttänyt kielitaitoedellytystä eikä siitä poikkeamiseen ollut perusteitaEdilex16 hourssaveRefWorks
Hovioikeus pysytti Atria Tekniikka Oy:n yhteisösakon käsinhionnasta sorvillaEdilex16 hourssaveRefWorks
The Decision to Arrest in Sexual Assault Case Processing: A Test of Black’s Theory of the Behavior of LawViolence Against Women16 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Child Maltreatment and Polyvictimization as Predictors of Intimate Partner Violence in Women From the General Population of QuebecViolence Against Women16 hourssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Recent Clauses Pertaining to Environmental, Labor and Human Rights in Investment Agreements: Laudable Success or Disappointing Failure?Kluwer Arbitration Blog16 hourssaveRefWorks
"Sovitelma soodakattilassa" ei ollut patentoitavissaEdilex16 hourssaveRefWorks
IV ZR 268/18, Entscheidung vom 16.07.2019Entscheidungen des Bundesgerichtshofs17 hourssaveRefWorks
IX ZA 9/19, Entscheidung vom 09.07.2019Entscheidungen des Bundesgerichtshofs17 hourssaveRefWorks
4 StR 256/19, Entscheidung vom 03.07.2019Entscheidungen des Bundesgerichtshofs17 hourssaveRefWorks
4 StR 459/18, Entscheidung vom 03.07.2019Entscheidungen des Bundesgerichtshofs17 hourssaveRefWorks
4 StR 176/19, Entscheidung vom 02.07.2019Entscheidungen des Bundesgerichtshofs17 hourssaveRefWorks
2 StR 101/19, Entscheidung vom 25.06.2019Entscheidungen des Bundesgerichtshofs17 hourssaveRefWorks
4 StR 185/19, Entscheidung vom 19.06.2019Entscheidungen des Bundesgerichtshofs17 hourssaveRefWorks
AnwZ (Brfg) 9/19, Entscheidung vom 14.06.2019Entscheidungen des Bundesgerichtshofs17 hourssaveRefWorks
4 StR 130/19, Entscheidung vom 05.06.2019Entscheidungen des Bundesgerichtshofs17 hourssaveRefWorks
1 StR 102/19, Entscheidung vom 04.06.2019Entscheidungen des Bundesgerichtshofs17 hourssaveRefWorks
2 StR 31/19, Entscheidung vom 04.06.2019Entscheidungen des Bundesgerichtshofs17 hourssaveRefWorks
X ZR 11/17, Entscheidung vom 19.03.2019Entscheidungen des Bundesgerichtshofs17 hourssaveRefWorks
BahamasTax News Service Headlines17 hourssaveRefWorks
BahamasTax News Service Headlines17 hourssaveRefWorks
ColombiaTax News Service Headlines17 hourssaveRefWorks
ColombiaTax News Service Headlines17 hourssaveRefWorks
Dominican Republic; United StatesTax News Service Headlines17 hourssaveRefWorks
IndonesiaTax News Service Headlines17 hourssaveRefWorks
South AfricaTax News Service Headlines17 hourssaveRefWorks
Trinidad and TobagoTax News Service Headlines17 hourssaveRefWorks
United Kingdom; Costa Rica; El Salvador; Guatemala; Honduras; Nicaragua; PanamaTax News Service Headlines17 hourssaveRefWorks
Seppo Koskinen: Työrauhavelvollisuuden laajentamissopimus työehtosopimuksena – TT 2019:71Edilex18 hourssaveRefWorks
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