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Urban Movement Arts (UMA), nourishing Philly House Dance culture and surviving the pandemictheartblog6 minsaveRefWorks
The 3:00 Booktheartblog4 dayssaveRefWorks
Philadelphia Center City walls treated to Piotr Szyhalski’s provocative ‘Covid-19 Labor Camp Reports’theartblog6 dayssaveRefWorks
Socialist Grocerytheartblog7 dayssaveRefWorks
TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (11/19-11/26)Bad at Sports9 dayssaveRefWorks
The 3:00 Booktheartblog10 dayssaveRefWorks
Celebrating Jonathan Lyndon Chase in a 2017 Artblog Radio interview, and elsewheretheartblog12 dayssaveRefWorks
TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (11/12-11/18)Bad at Sports17 dayssaveRefWorks
Vulnerable, loving and lawless, Jonathan Lyndon Chase’s book, ‘Wild Wild Wild West / Haunting of the Seahorse’theartblog17 dayssaveRefWorks
The 3:00 Booktheartblog17 dayssaveRefWorks
Talking about ‘Taking Space’ with Brittany Webb and Jodi Throckmorton of Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Artstheartblog21 dayssaveRefWorks
Socialist Grocerytheartblog24 dayssaveRefWorks
TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (11/5-11/11)Bad at Sports24 dayssaveRefWorks
Charm City double feature, a tale of two historic theaterstheartblog27 dayssaveRefWorks
Matthew Rose repurposes madness and confusion in his clever quaranzine ‘Coronaville’theartblog28 dayssaveRefWorks
11.3 On Being IncludedArt Practical28 dayssaveRefWorks
11.2 In/With/For the PublicArt Practical28 dayssaveRefWorks
11.1 All the World’s EndArt Practical28 dayssaveRefWorks
10.2 PRNT SCRNArt Practical28 dayssaveRefWorks
10.1 Living & WorkingArt Practical28 dayssaveRefWorks
9.4 Notes from MoADArt Practical28 dayssaveRefWorks
9.3 Process Practice ProgressArt Practical28 dayssaveRefWorks
9.2 Between You and MeArt Practical28 dayssaveRefWorks
9.1 Public SenseArt Practical28 dayssaveRefWorks
8.6 Notes from MontalvoArt Practical28 dayssaveRefWorks
The 3:00 Booktheartblog31 dayssaveRefWorks
TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (10/29-11/4)Bad at Sports31 dayssaveRefWorks
Disarm the Philadelphia police, invest in black lives and communitytheartblog32 dayssaveRefWorks
Episode 755: Canada GalleryBad at Sports33 dayssaveRefWorks
How do we value art?theartblog38 dayssaveRefWorks
TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (10/22-10/28)Bad at Sports38 dayssaveRefWorks
The 3:00 Booktheartblog39 dayssaveRefWorks
Episode 754: Samantha Reynolds, Nimah Gobir, Guta Galli and Katherine VetneBad at Sports40 dayssaveRefWorks
Gilbert Lewis’s empathetic gay male gaze at Woodmere Art Museum, Kapp Kapp Gallery and William Way Centertheartblog41 dayssaveRefWorks
TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (10/15-10/21)Bad at Sports46 dayssaveRefWorks
Amy June’s edgy intimate cover art syncs with band Pinkwash’s “COLLECTIVE SIGH”theartblog46 dayssaveRefWorks
The 3:00 Booktheartblog46 dayssaveRefWorks
TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (10/8-10/14)Bad at Sports53 dayssaveRefWorks
Victory for Camp JTD!theartblog53 dayssaveRefWorks
Ken Lum and Karyn Olivier talk Art and Social Responsibilitytheartblog53 dayssaveRefWorks
The theme is Shorts, Seven films for the commitment-averse viewertheartblog54 dayssaveRefWorks
Episode 753: Aram Han SifuentesBad at Sports55 dayssaveRefWorks
The 3:00 Booktheartblog55 dayssaveRefWorks
TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (10/1-10/6)Bad at Sports59 dayssaveRefWorks
‘Honey Honey,’ a film by Ninth Planet, Attic Youth Center, and You!theartblog60 dayssaveRefWorks
The 3:00 Booktheartblog60 dayssaveRefWorks
Dan Keplinger talks about art, his life-long activism and ‘King Gimp’ his Oscar-winning movietheartblog61 dayssaveRefWorks
“What Does It Mean?”Bad at Sports62 dayssaveRefWorks
TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (9/24-9/30)Bad at Sports66 dayssaveRefWorks
TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (9/17-9/24)Bad at Sports73 dayssaveRefWorks
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