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Schmerztherapeutische Versorgung in Deutschland– unterscheiden sich teilstationär versorgte Patienten von den ambulant oder stationär versorgten bei Behandlungsbeginn?Der Schmerz8 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Entangled Excitons via Spontaneous DownconversionPhysical Chemistry Chemical Physics8 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Suprapectoral versus subpectoral tenodesis for Long Head Biceps Brachii tendinopathy: A systematic review and meta-analysisOrthopaedics & Traumatology: Surgery & Research9 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
No difference in outcomes of surgical treatment for traumatic and atraumatic posterior shoulder instabilityOrthopaedics & Traumatology: Surgery & Research9 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Anterior approach to the sacroiliac joint for pelvic ring fractures: Technical noteOrthopaedics & Traumatology: Surgery & Research9 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
7 Reasons to Use Illustrations on Your Website (And Examples of How to Do It)Codrops17 minsaveRefWorks
Koronavirus tappaa Brasilian alkuperäisväestöä – Kuolleisuusaste hälyttävän korkeaTerveysuutiset26 minsaveRefWorks
Tartuntaryppäät palasivat heti Saksassa: Ravintolasta useita tartuntoja, uskonnollisesta tapahtumasta kymmeniäMediuutiset-lehti45 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Suomalainen koronapikatesti tulee markkinoille tällä viikolla – ”Tärkeä etu PCR-testeihin verrattuna”Kauppalehti-Health45 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Factors affecting early-life intestinal microbiota developmentNutrition45 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Macronutrient and mineral intake effects on racing time and cardiovascular health in non-elite marathon runnersNutrition45 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Social-Eyes: Rich Perceptual Contents and Systemic OppressionResearchGuides - Philosophy50 minsaveRefWorks
First case of feline cryptococcosis in Hong Kong, caused by Cryptococcus neoformansMedical Mycology Case Reports50 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
First report of kerion (tinea capitis) caused by combined Trichophyton mentagrophytes and Microsporum canisMedical Mycology Case Reports50 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Pulmonary Blastomycosis: A case series and review of unique radiological findingsMedical Mycology Case Reports50 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Case of mucormycosis of mandible after self-extraction of teeth incidentally detected to have chronic granulomatous disease: Case report and literature reviewMedical Mycology Case Reports50 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Roman Law and the Idea of EuropeHelda - TUHAT-artikkelit / Articles from TUHAT CRIS54 minsaveRefWorks
Persian Royal–Judaean Elite Negotiations in the early Teispid and Achaemenid Empire : The King’s AcolytesHelda - TUHAT-artikkelit / Articles from TUHAT CRIS54 minsaveRefWorks
Attuning Entanglements : Notes on a Fermentation WorkshopHelda - TUHAT-artikkelit / Articles from TUHAT CRIS54 minsaveRefWorks
Kiser, William S.: Coast-to-Coast Empire: Manifest Destiny and the New Mexico Borderlands [Book Review]Helda - TUHAT-artikkelit / Articles from TUHAT CRIS54 minsaveRefWorks
Intimacies of Violence in the Settler Colony: Economies of dispossession around the Pacific Rim. Edited by Penelope Edmonds and Amanda Nettelbeck [Book review]Helda - TUHAT-artikkelit / Articles from TUHAT CRIS54 minsaveRefWorks
Effect of leaf temperature on estimating physiological traits of wheat leaves from hyperspectral reflectancebioRxiv54 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Heat Shock Protein 27 Immune Complex Upregulates LDLR Expression Thereby Reducing Plasma Cholesterol and AtherogenesisbioRxiv54 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Optogenetic inhibition of colon epithelium reduces hypersensitivity in a mouse model of inflammatory bowel diseasebioRxiv54 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Anterior Clinoidal Meningiomas: Meningeal Anatomical Considerations and Surgical ImplicationsFrontiers in Oncology59 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
DGM-CM6: A New Model to Predict Distant Recurrence Risk in Operable Endocrine-Responsive Breast CancerFrontiers in Oncology59 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Effectiveness and Safety of Pyrotinib, and Association of Biomarker With Progression-Free Survival in Patients With HER2-Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer: A Real-World, Multicentre AnalysisFrontiers in Oncology59 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Cancers, Vol. 12, Pages 1349: Impact of the Injection Site on Growth Characteristics, Phenotype and Sensitivity towards Cytarabine of Twenty Acute Leukaemia Patient-Derived Xenograft ModelsCancers1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Testosterone amplifies HSP70-2a, HSP90 and PCNA expression in experimental varicocele condition: Implication for DNA fragmentationReproductive Biology1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Endophtalmie endogène bilatérale en réanimationJournal Français d'Ophtalmologie1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Analysing the literature: A research primer for low- and middle-income countriesAfrican Journal of Emergency Medicine1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Correction to: Nationwide system to centralize decisions around ECMO use for severe COVID-19 pneumonia in Japan (Special Correspondence)Journal of Intensive Care1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Neuromuscular blockade management in the critically Ill patientJournal of Intensive Care1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Cells, Vol. 9, Pages 1319: Acute Induction of Translocon-Mediated Ca2+ Leak Protects Cardiomyocytes Against Ischemia/Reperfusion InjuryCells1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Cells, Vol. 9, Pages 1318: Improving Precise CRISPR Genome Editing by Small Molecules: Is there a Magic Potion?Cells1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Cells, Vol. 9, Pages 1317: TLR2 and Dectin-1 Signaling in Mouse Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells Impacts the Ability of the Antigen Presenting Cells They Produce to Activate CD4 T CellsCells1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Male sex is strongly associated with IgE-sensitization to airborne but not food allergens: results up to age 24 years from the BAMSE birth cohortClinical and Translational Allergy1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Koronavirus tappaa Brasilian alkuperäisväestöä – Kuolleisuusaste hälyttävän korkeaMediuutiset-lehti1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Nitrogen Fixation on Single Mo Atom Embedded Stanene Monolayer: a Computational StudyPhysical Chemistry Chemical Physics1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Dihydromyricetin attenuates Escherichia coli lipopolysaccharide-induced ileum injury in chickens by inhibiting NLRP3 inflammasome and TLR4/NF-κB signalling pathwayVeterinary research1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Identification of a new effector-immunity pair of Aeromonas hydrophila type VI secretion systemVeterinary research1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Systematic identification of chicken type I, II and III interferon-stimulated genesVeterinary research1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Pituitary stem cells produce paracrine WNT signals to control the expansion of their descendant progenitor cellsbioRxiv1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Natural Genetic Variation in Drosophila melanogaster Reveals Genes Associated with Coxiella burnetii InfectionbioRxiv1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Decreased miR-24-3p potentiates DNA damage responses and increases susceptibility to COPDbioRxiv1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
A proteogenomics workflow to uncover the world of small proteins in Staphylococcus aureusbioRxiv1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Daphnia magna modifies its gene expression extensively in response to caloric restriction revealing a novel effect on haemoglobin isoform preferencebioRxiv1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Variable Number Tandem Repeats mediate the expression of proximal genesbioRxiv1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Untargeted metabolome- and transcriptome-wide association study identifies causal genes modulating metabolite concentrations in urinebioRxiv1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Differential Transcript Usage Analysis Incorporating Quantification Uncertainty Via Compositional Measurement Error Regression ModelingbioRxiv1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
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