Table of Contents

Impacts of fecal bacteria on human and animal health : pathogens and virulence genes / Timothy J. Johnson.
Modeling fate and transport of fecal bacteria in surface water / Meredith B. Nevers and Alexandria B. Boehm.
Microbial source tracking / Valerie J. Harwood, Hodon Ryu, and Jorge Santo Domingo.
Prevalence and fate of gut-associated human pathogens in the environment / Katherine G. McElhany and Suresh D. Pillai.
Classical and molecular methods to measure fecal bacteria / Thomas A. Edge and Alexandria B. Boehm.
Fecal bacteria and foods / Francisco Diez-Gonzalez.
Conclusions and future use of fecal indicator bacteria for monitoring water quality and protecting human health / Michael J. Sadowsky and Richard L. Whitman. The fecal environment, the gut / Denis O. Krause and Ehsan Khafipour.
Taxonomy, phylogeny, and physiology of fecal indicator bacteria / Militza Carrero-Colón, Gene S. Wickham, and Ronald F. Turco.
The gut microbiota : ecology and function / Benjamin P. Willing and Janet K. Jansson.
Animals and humans as sources of fecal indicator bacteria / Christopher K. Yost, Moussa S. Diarra, and Edward Topp.
Environmental sources of fecal bacteria / Muruleedhara N. Byappanahalli and Satoshi Ishii.
Physical and biological factors influencing environmental sources of fecal indicator bacteria in surface water / Richard L. Whitman ... [et al.]. "The Fecal Bacteria offers a balanced, integrated discussion of fecal bacteria and their presence and ecology in the intestinal tract of mammals, in the environment, and in the food supply. This new volume covers their use in examining and assessing water quality in order to offer protection from illnesses related to swimming in or ingesting contaminated water, in addition to discussing their use in engineering considerations of water quality, modeling, monitoring, and regulations. Fecal bacteria are additionally used as indicators of contamination of ready-to-eat foods and fresh produce. The intestinal environment, the microbial community structure of the gut microbiota, and the physiology and genomics of this broad group of microorganisms are explored in the book."--Pub. desc.