Table of Contents

Investigative Methods and Assumptions ; 1. The Father and His Daughter.
Part 1: The Semantic Range of and.
Part 2: Roles and Relations.
Concluding Remarks: Son or Daughter? ; 2. The Sacrificed Daughter.
Part 1: Judges 11:29-40.
Part 2: Feminist Criticism and Judges 11.
Concluding Remarks: Son vs. Daughter Sacrifice ; 3. Father, Daughter and Incest.
Part 1: Leviticus 18 and 20.
Part 2: Incest and the Narrative Texts.
Concluding Remarks: Father-Daughter Incest and the Hebrew Bible ; 4. God the Father and His Daughters.
Myth and Metaphor.
Concluding Remarks: God's Fatherhood of Daughters.
Conclusion. A thorough examination of father-daughter depictions in the Hebrew Bible exploring a broad spectrum of metaphors, myths legal texts and narrative accounts and drawing on methodologies from the social sciences to investigate the Hebrew Bible portrayals of this key familial relationship.