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Introduction: Making Sense of the New Global Body Norms / Alexandra Brewis.
1: From Thin to Fat and Back Again: A Dual Process Model of the Big Body Mass Reversal / Daniel J. Hruschka.
2: Managing Body Capital in the Fields of Labor, Sex, and Health / Alexander Edmonds and Ashley Mears.
3: Fat and Too Fat: Risk and Protection for Obesity Stigma in Three Countries / Eileen P. Anderson-Fye, Stephanie M. McClure, Maureen Floriano, Arundhati Bharati, Yunzhu Chen, and Caryl James.
4: Excess Gains and Losses: Maternal Obesity, Infant Mortality, and the Biopolitics of Blame / Monica J. Casper.
5: Symbolic Body Capital of an "Other" Kind: African American Females as a Bracketed Subunit in Female Body Valuation / Stephanie M. McClure.
6: Fat Is a Linguistic Issue: Discursive Negotiation of Power, Identity, and the Gendered Body among Youth / Nicole L. Taylor.
7: Body Size, Social Standing, and Weight Management: The View from Fiji / Anne E. Becker.
8: Glocalizing Beauty: Weight and Body Image in the New Middle East / Sarah Trainer.
Conclusion: Fat Matters: Capital, Markets, and Morality / Rebecca J. Lester and Eileen P. Anderson-Fye.
Back Cover. Fat Planet represents a collaborative effort to consider at a global scale what fat stigma is and what it does to people.