Table of Contents

Machine generated contents note: 1 Introduction: Farmers, Scientists and Plant Breeding: Knowledge, Practice and the Possibilities for Collaboration.
David A. Cleveland and Daniela Soleri.
Part 1. Farmer Plant Breeders and Collaboration.
2 Understanding Farmers' Knowledge as the Basis for Collaboration with Plant Breeders: Methodological Development and Examples from Ongoing Research in Mexico, Syria, Cuba and Nepal.
Daniela Soleri, David A. Cleveland, Steven E. Smith,.
Salvatore Ceccarelli, Stefania Grando, Ram B. Rana,.
Deepak Rijal and Humberto Rios Labrada.
3 Economics Perspectives on Collaborative Plant Breeding for Conservation of Genetic Diversity On Farm.
Melinda Smale.
4 Social and Agroecological Variability of Seed Production and the Potential Collaborative Breeding of Potatoes in the Andee Countries.
Karl Zimmerer.
5 Farmers' Views and Management of Sorghum Diversity in Western Harerghe, Ethiopia: Implications for Collaboration with Formal Breeding.
Shawn J. McGuire.
6 How Farmer-Scientist Cooperation is Devalued and Revalued: a Philippine Example.
David Frossard.
Part 2. Scientific Plant Breeders and Collaboration.
7 Selecting with Farmers: the Formative Years of Cereal Breeding and Public Seed in Switzerland (1889-1936).
Jiirg Schneider.
8 Theory, Empiricism and Intuition in Professional Plant Breeding.
Donald N. Duvick.
9 Conceptual Changes in Cuban Plant Breeding in Response to a National Socio-economic Crisis: the Example of Pumpkins.
Humberto Rios Labrada, Daniela Soleri and David A. Cleveland.
10 Participatory Plant Breeding in Rice in Nepal.
Krishna D. Joshi, Bhuwon Sthapit, Madhu Subedi and John.
R. Witcombe.
11 Collaborative Maize Variety Development for Stress-prone Environments in Southern Africa.
Marianne Binziger and Julien de Meyer.
12 Plant Breeding with Farmers Requires Testing the Assumptions of Conventional Plant Breeding: Lessons from the ICARDA Barley Program.
Salvatore Ceccarelli and Stefania Grando.