Table of Contents

Ch. 1. Goals of family therapy across the lifecycle.
Ch. 2. Origins of family therapy.
Ch. 3. Theories that focus on behavior patterns.
Ch. 4. Theories that focus on belief systems.
Ch. 5. Theories that focus on contexts.
Ch. 6. Integrative models.
Ch. 7. The stages of family therapy.
Ch. 8. Formulating problems and exceptions.
Ch. 9. Interventions for behaviour, beliefs and contexts.
Ch. 10. Physical child abuse.
Ch. 11. Sexual abuse.
Ch. 12. Conduct problems.
Ch. 13. Drug abuse in adolescence.
Ch. 14. Distressed couples.
Ch. 15. Depression and anxiety.
Ch. 16. Alcohol problems in adulthood.
Ch. 17. Schizophrenia.
Ch. 18. Evidence-based practice in marital and family therapy.
Ch. 19. Professional resources.