Table of Contents

How families matter in child development: reflections from research on risk and resilience / Ann S. Masten and Anne Shaffer.
The promotion of resilience in the face of adversity / Michael Rutter.
Identifying risk and protective factors for healthy child development / Arnold Sameroff.
The influence of family and peer relationships in the development of competence during adolescence / W. Andrew Collins and Glenn I. Roisman.
Toward a dynamic developmental model of the role of parents and peers in early onset substance use / Kenneth A. Dodge ... [et al.].
Mothers and fathers at work: implications for families and children / Ann C. Crouter.
The family-child care mesosystem / Kathleen McCartney.
Marital discord, divorce, and children's well-being: results from a 20-year longitudinal study of two generations / Paul R. Amato.
The influence of conflict, marital problem solving, and parenting on children's adjustment in nondivorced, divorced, and remarried families / E. Mavis Hetherington.
Adolescents' development in high-conflict and separated families: evidence from a German longitudinal study / Sabine Walper & Katharina Beckh.
New family forms / Susan Golombok.
Grandparents, grandchildren, and family change in contemporary Britain.
Judy Dunn, Emma Fergusson, and Barbara Maughan.
What have we learned: proof that families matter, prospects future research, and policies for families and children / Alison Clarke-Stewart.
Research and policy: second looks at views of development, families, and communities, and at translations into practice / Jacqueline J. Goodnow.
Prognosis: policy and process / Robert A. Hinde.