Table of Contents

Changing spatial and social relations in education in Europe / Martin Lawn, Risto Rinne and Sotiria Grek.
Fabricating Europe : from culture to numbers / Sotiria Grek and Risto Rinne.
Europe through experts and technologies / Martin Lawn, Christina Segerholm.
National policy brokering and the construction of the European education space in England, Sweden, Finland and Scotland / Sotiria Grek ... [et al.].
Europe and the global : the role of the OECD in education politics / Risto Rinne and Jenny Ozga.
Europe in translation / Jenny Ozga, Peter Dahler-Larsen and Christina Segerholm.
The governance turn / Jenny Ozga, Christina Segerholm and Hannu Simola.
Governing by numbers : the rise of data in education / Hannu Simola ... [et al.].
Central-local relations of governance / Jenny Ozga ... [et al.].
Teachers' perceptions of quality assurance and evaluation / John Gray ... [et al.].