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Extraction Asymmetries; Editorial page; Title page; LCC data; Dedication page; Table of contents; List of figures; Preface and acknowledgements; Chapter 1. An introduction to long extraction; Chapter 2. Judgement studies; Chapter 3. Subject/object asymmetries in German; Chapter 4. A controversial case; Chapter 5. Locating the explanation for the subject/object asymmetry in the matrix clause; Chapter 6. Locating the explanation for the subject/object asymmetry in the embedded clause; Chapter 7. Conclusions; Bibliography; Appendix A; Index; The series Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today. This monograph addresses divergent views in the linguistic literature on whether German displays the that-trace effect and other subject/object asymmetries commonly found for long extractions in English and other languages. Using newly developed rating methodologies, the author exposes consistent and robust subject/object asymmetries in German - a surprisingly unequivocal result given that the existence of these effects is controversial. This finding raises important questions: how can one account for the discrepancy between the clear experimental evidence on the one hand, and the lack of cons.