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List of Contributors; Preface; I. Corpora and Methodology; Using the MF/MD method for automatic text classification; Scientific experiments in parsed corpora: an overview; WebCorp: providing a renewable data source for corpus linguists; Normalization and disfluencies in spoken language data; Textual structure and segmentation in online documents; Appendix 1; Appendix 2; II. Corpora in Language Description; Shall and will as first person future auxiliaries in a corpus of Early Modern English texts; The role of gender in the use of MUST in Early Modern English. Extending the scope of corpus-based research: new applications, new challenges is a collection of articles which highlights some of the challenges facing English Corpus Linguistics at the beginning of the 21st century and shows how these challenges are being addressed by researchers. In sections on corpus methodology, language description and foreign language learning and teaching, researchers address a broad range of topics from methodological standardization, experimental research design, tagging and parsing corpora and the value of enriched corpus annotation to web-based research, tools for.