Table of Contents

New versus classic approaches for chemical risk assessment and management.
Dose response extrapolation for acute effects of toxic agents and its relevance to predict health risk related to disaster and terrorism associated events.
Modeling multimedia pollution for environmental exposure.
Risk assessment of mixtures of chemical pollutants in the environment.
Mass balance models for chemical fate, bioaccumulation, exposure and risk assessment.
Exposure and risk assessment modeling to screen and prioritize commercial chemical inventories.
Methodology for exposure and risk assessment in complex environmental pollution situations.
Risk assessment approaches for dealing with unusual chemicals and non-standard exposures.
Assessment of the effect potential of environmental chemicals.
Modeling chemical exposures in risk assessment.
Complex characterization of polluted samples.
Modeling of contaminants in aquatic environment.
Tentative hazard assessment of industrial facilities.
Ecological approach to evaluate effects of chemical pollutants in soil and groundwater.
Environmental epidemiology as a method for risk assessment of chemical pollution.
The use of biomarkers in the toxicological risk assessment.
Humic substances as natural interacting agents: Their characteristics and possible fate in environment.
Environmental microbiology, soil science, nanoscience: A planetary view.
Environmental effect assessment of organic PBT compounds.
Risk estimates of air pollutants in developing countries.
Inhalation intake assessment of air pollutants exposure over Cairo, Egypt.
Water quality assessment and control in Bulgaria.
Risk assessment of oil marine pollution.
Case study on gas station enviro[n]mental qualitative risk assessment.
Environmental risks associated to the use of cyanide technology for gold extraction in Romania.
Exposure and risk assessment of environmental nitric oxides in tumor progression.
Blood-lead levels in schoolchildren from veles, related to the ambient air pollution by lead.
Evaluation of the risk of underground water's action upon human health of population in municipality Chisinau.
Occurrence and associated risk of nitrates/nitrites in the ground waters from the north-eastern part of Romania.
New technologies for nitrite and nitrate removal from drinking water envisaging the diminution of human health risk.
About the contents of nitrates in vegetal food-stuffs in municipality of Chisinau.
Chlorosis risk evaluation from a new viticulture area located on a former army region.
Pesticide residues determination in vegetables from Romania by GC-ECD.
Heavy metals and pesticides analysis from black sea algae.
Novel daphnia test for detecting chemical pollution.
Flood risks in agricultural areas along Mesta river.
Assessment of land pollution and policy analysis for secure development strategies in Armenia.
Using a decision support software in the course of the planning of a waste management system in Hungary.
Examination of condition of small streams and results displaying in environmental information system.
Educational approach of safety and risk assessment courses at master program.
Case study of the risk assessment of nitrates on human health in ihe west side of Romania.
Levels of polychlorinated biphenyls and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in soils nearby metallurgical plant Kremikovtsy.