Table of Contents

Machine generated contents note: Part I.
Theoretical Orientation Introduction.
Erich Steiner and Colin YallopTowards a theory of good translation.
M.A.K. HallidayWhat can linguistics learn from translation?.
Michael GregoryThe environments of translation.
Christian M.I.M. MatthiessenPart II.
Modeling translation How do we know when a translation is good?.
Juliane HouseIntralingual and interlingual versions of a text - how specific is the.
notion of translation?.
Erich SteinerTowards a model for the description of cross-linguistic divergence.
and commonality in translation.
Elke TeichThe construction of equivalence.
Colin Yallop-- Part III.
Working with translation and multilingual texts: computational and.
didactic projects Teaching translation.
Susanna ShoreComputer assisted text analysis and translation: a functional.
approach in the analysis and translation of advertising texts.
Chris Taylor and Anthony BaldryTranslation, controlled languages, generation.
Anthony Hartley and Cgcile ParisAuthor IndexSubject Index.