Table of Contents

The first experiments on ascidian and sea urchin eggs fertilization / Margherita Raineri and Erki Tammiksaar.
Ontic openness as key factor in the evolution of biological systems / Søren Nors Nielsen and Claus Emmeche.
Effects of epistasis and pleiotropy on fitness landscapes / Bjørn Østman.
The origin of life, evolution, and functional organization / Wim Hordijk, Mike Steel and Stuart Kauffman.
Interactions of clay minerals with RNA components / Hideo Hashizume, Sjerry van der Gaast and Benny K.G. Theng.
Bottom-up protocell design : gaining insights in the emergence of complex functions / Rafał Wieczorek, Michael C. Wamberg, Anders N. Albertsen, Philipp M.G. Löffler and Pierre-Alain Monnard.
From life to exolife : the interdependence of astrobiology and evolutionary biology / Jack T. O'Malley-James and Stefanie Lutz.
The possible roles of water in the prebiotic chemical evolution of DNA : an approach by single molecule studies / Shuxun Cui.
Domain architecture evolution of metazoan proteins / László Patthy.
Of trees and bushes : phylogenetic networks as tools to detect, visualize and model reticulate evolution / Antonio Hernandez-Lopez.
Horizontal acquisition of prokaryotic genes for eukaryote functioning and niche adaptation / Maxime Bruto, Claire Prigent-Combaret, Patricia Luis, Grégory Hoff, Yvan Moënne-Loccoz and Daniel Muller.
Molecular evolution of disrupted transfer RNA genes and their introns in Archaea / Akio Kanai.
Memory of temperature in the seasonal control of flowering time : an unexplored link between meteorology and molecular biology / Hiroshi Kudoh and Atsushi J. Nagano.
Current approaches in spatial genetics / V. Montano, A. Eriksson, A. Manica and Y. Moodley.
Consequences of segregation and genetic exchange on adaptability in arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) / Caroline Angelard and Ian R. Sanders.
Mitochondrial genes, sex determination and hermaphroditism in freshwater mussels (Bivalvia: Unionoida) / Donald T. Stewart, Walter R. Hoeh, Gerhard Bauer and Sophie Breton.
Variable lymphocyte receptors in jawless vertebrates : illuminating the origin and early evolution of adaptive immunity / Sabyasachi Das and Masayuki Hirano.
An evo-devo perspective on hybrid infertility and speciation / Priscilla Ambrosi, Sebastian Chahda, Emma Yang, Rui Sousa-Neves and Claudia M. Mizutani.
Genetic and molecular dissection of animal decision-making : a new frontier for genetic analysis / Youngmin Chu, Joseph Schinaman and Rui Sousa-Neves.