Table of Contents

Site-specific self-catalyzed DNA depurination, the basis of a spontaneous mutagenic mechanism of wide evolutionary significance / Jacques R. Fresco ... [et al.].
Stochastic processes driving directional evolution / Sean H. Rice, Anthony Papadopoulos, and John Harting.
Evolution of self-fertile hermaphrodites / Ronald E. Ellis and Yiqing Guo.
Insights into eukaryotic interacting protein evolution / Sandip Chakraborty ... [et al.].
Integration of evolutionary biology concepts for functional annotation and automation of complex research in evolution : the multi-agent software system DAGOBAH / Philippe Gouret ... [et al.].
A new animal model for merging ecology and evolution / Gabriele Procaccini ... [et al.].
Rapid evolution of simple microbial communities in the laboratory / Margie Kinnersley ... [et al.].
Use of paleontological and phylogenetic data in comparative and paleobiological analyses : a few recent developments / Michel Laurin.
Seasonal flowering and evolution : will plant species be under stress from global warming? / Rod W. King.
The emergence of cellular complexity at the dawn of the eukaryotes : reconstructing the endomembrane system with in silico and functional analyses / Lila V. Koumandou and Mark C. Field.
Neurophylogeny : retracing early metazoan brain evolution / Rudi Loesel.
A new early Cambrian lobopod-bearing animal (Murero, Spain) and the problem of the ecdysozoan early diversification / José Antonio Gaméz Vintaned, Eladio Liñán, and Andrey Yu. Zhuravlev.
Genomic perspectives on the long-term absence of sexual reproduction in animals / Etienne G.J. Danchin ... [et al.].
Evolutionary constraint on DNA shape in the human genome / Thomas D. Tullius, Stephen C.J. Parker, and Elliott H. Margulies.
Evolution of fungi and their respiratory metabolism / Marina Marcet-Houben and Toni Gabaldón.
Genome structure and gene expression variation in plant mitochondria, particularly in the genus Silene / Helena Storchova.
Evolutionary dynamics and genomic impact of prokaryote transposable elements / Nicolas Cerveau ... [et al.].
Transposable elements in a marginal population of Aegilops speltoides : temporal fluctuations provide new insights into genome evolution of wild diploid wheat / Alexander Belyayev and Olga Raskina.
Analysis of the conservative motifs in promoters of miRNA genes, expressed in different tissues of mammalians / Oleg V. Vishnevsky ... [et al.].