Table of Contents

Act I.
Scene 1. Njukebim, Sunyin's father is in his "Talih".
Scene 2. Sunyin has been married for over a year now.
Scene 3. The members of "Nda Saah".
Scene 4. Dohbani and Sunyin are on stage.
Scene 5. Dohbani is brought in, dead.
Act II.
Scene 1. Following the death of Dohbani.
Scene 2. Sunyin lies in her homestead, legs out-stretched.
Scene 3. Njukebim and Nadoh are at home. An Evil Meal of Evil is a play about greed and its consequences. Set in the traditional African village of 'Ntisong', the play exposes the complexities of unravelling the issue of Death. Sunyin, the young wife of Dohbani epitomizes what is wrong with coerced marriages. A group of blood thirsty vampires popularly known in the village as members of 'Nda Saah' superstitiously kill targeted individuals purposely to enrich themselves. Sunyin, the protagonist in the play suffers from a premature widowhood simply because her father Njukebim forced her into marrying Dohbani. As the play unravels with.