Table of Contents

pt. I. The context for evidence-based information practice. Why information-based information practice? / Andrew Booth, Anne Brice ; A brief history of evidence-based practice / Anne Brice, Alison Hill ; Evidence-based information practice : a prehistory / Jonathan Eldredge ; Why don't librarians use research? / Paul Genoni, Gaby Haddow, Ann Ritchie.
pt. II. Skills and resources for evidence-based information practice. Formulating answerable questions / Andrew Booth ; Identifying sources of evidence / Alison Winning ; Searching the library and information science literature / Catherine Beverley ; Appraising the evidence / Andrew Booth, Anne Brice ; Applying evidence to your everyday practice / Denise Koufogiannakis, Ellen Crumley ; Evaluating your performance / Andrew Booth ; Disseminating the lessons of evidence-based practice / Ellen Crumley, Denise Koufogiannakis.
pt. III. Using the evidence base in practice. Six domains of evidence-based information practice / Andrew Booth, Anne Brice ; Examining the evidence base for reference services and enquiry work / Andrew Booth ; Special topic A: Provision of a current awareness service for research staff (guideline) / Robert Kiley ; The contribution of evidence-based practice to educational activities / Anne Brice, Cindy Carlson ; Special topic B: How can I train my users? (evidence digest) / Alison Brettle ; An evidence-based approach to collection management / Andrew Booth ; Special topic C: Electronic or paper : how do I manage my journals collection? (evidence digest) / David Peacock ; Towards evidence-based management / Andrew Booth ; Special topic D: How do I measure the impact of my service? (guideline) / Christine Urquhart ; Special topic E: Should I charge and, if so, what should I charge for? (evidence briefing) / Lynette Cawthra ; Evidence-based perspectives on information access and retrieval / Andrew Booth ; Special topic F: What are the characteristics of a good searcher? (critically appraised topic) / Catherine Beverley ; Special topic G: Which database, which interface? (guideline) / Maria J. Grant ; Introducing an evidence-based approach to marketing and promotional activities / Andrew Booth ; Special topic H: Determining the information needs of practising nurses post-registration in the UK from 1990 to 2003 (evidence digest) ; A future for evidence-based information practice? / Anne Brice ... [et al.}