Table of Contents

Consent for obstetric analgesia and anesthesia / M. Joanne Douglas.
Epidural analgesia and the progress of labor / Barbara L. Leighton and Stephen H. Halpern.
Maintenance of epidural analgesia for labor - continuous infusion or patient controlled / Stephen H. Halpern.
The use of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation for labor pain / Carolyn F. Weininger.
Is nitrous oxide an effective analgesic for labor? A qualitative systematic review / Jean K. Kronberg and Dorothy E.A. Thompson.
Choice of local anesthetic for labor and delivery - bupivacaine, ropivacaine, and levobupivacaine / Stephen H. Halpern.
Intrathecal opioids in labor - do they increase the risk of fetal bradycardia? / Chahé Mardirosoff and Martin R. Tramèr.
Epidural catheter design and the incidence of complications / Margaret Srebrnjak and Stephen H. Halpern.
The effect of increasing central blood volume to decrease hypotension following spinal anesthesia for Cesarean section / Pamela J. Morgan.
The use of vasopressors for the prevention and treatment of hypotension secondary to regional anesthesia for Cesarean section / Stephen H. Halpern and Michelle Chochinov.
Is regional anesthesia safer then general anesthesia for Cesarean section? / Yehuda Ginosaur, Ian F. Russell, and Stepehn H. Halpern.
Prevention and treatment of side-effects of neuraxial opioids / Niall L. Purdie and Martin van der Vyver.
Multimodal analgesia following Cesarean section: use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs combined with neuraxial opioids / Pamela Angle and Kamal Hussain.
The use of neuraxial anesthesia in parturients with thrombocytopenia: what is an adequate platelet count? / M. Joanne Douglas.
A rational approach to aspiration prophylaxis / Geraldine O'Sullivan, Darren Hart, and Andrew Shennan.
Postdural puncture headache / Peter T.-L. Choi and Stefan Lucas.
Epidural analgesia and back pain / Terrance W. Breen.
Analgesia for external cephalic version / William Wight.
Is there a difference between the obstetric and non-obstetric airway? / Eric Goldszmidt.