Table of Contents

An introduction to monitoring therapeutic interventions in clinical practice / P. Glasziou, J.K. Aronson.
A framework for developing and evaluating a monitoring strategy / David Mant.
Developing monitoring tools : integrating the pathophysiology of disease and the mechanisms of action of therapeutic interventions / J.K. Aronson, S. Michie.
Biomarkers and surrogate endpoints in monitoring therapeutic interventions / J.K. Aronson.
Choosing the best monitoring tests / L.M. Irwig, P. Glasziou.
Monitoring the initial response to treatment / Katy Bell, Jonathan Craig, Les Irwig.
Control charts and control limits in long-term monitoring / Petra Macaskill.
Developing a monitoring schedule : frequency of measurement / Andrew Farmer.
How should we adjust treatment? / P. Glasziou.
Monitoring as a learning and motivational tool / Susan Michie, Kirsten McCaffery, Carl Heneghan.
Monitoring from the patient's perspective : the social and psychological implications / Kirsten McCaffery, S. Michie.
Evaluating the effectiveness and costs of monitoring / Patrick M.M. Bossuyt.
Good practice in delivering laboratory monitoring / Stuart Smellie.
Point-of-care testing for monitoring / Christopher P. Price.
Monitoring for the adverse effects of drugs / Jamie J. Coleman, Robin E. Ferner, J.K. Aronson.
Monitoring diabetes mellitus across the lifetime of illness / Andrew Farmer.
Oral anticoagulation therapy (OAT) / Carl Heneghan, Rafael Perera.
Monitoring cholesterol-modifying interventions / Paul Glasziou, Leslie Irwig, S. Heritier.
Monitoring levothyroxine replacement in primary hypothyroidism / Andrea Rita Horvath.
Monitoring in renal transplantation / Nicholas Cross.
Monitoring in pre-eclampsia / Pisake Lumbiganon, Malinee Laopaiboon.
Monitoring in intensive care / J.M. Binnekade, P.M.M. Bossuyt.
Monitoring intraocular pressure in glaucoma / M. Irwig ... [et al.].
Monitoring in osteoarthritis / George Peat ... [et al.].