Table of Contents

Developing and evaluating clinical practice guidelines : a systematic approach / Rona F. Levin and Susan Kaplan Jacobs.
Measuring performance, improving quality / Lenard L. Parisi.
Age-related changes in health / Constance M. Smith and Valerie T. Cotter.
Sensory changes / Pamela Z. Cacchione.
Excessive sleepiness / Eileen R. Chasens and Mary Grace Umlauf.
Assessment of physical function / Denise M. Kresevic.
Interventions to prevent functional decline in the acute care setting / Marie Boltz, Barabara Resnick, and Elizabeth Galik.
Assessing cognitive function / Koen Milisen, Tom Braes, and Marquis D. Foreman.
Depression in older adults / Theresa A. Harvath and Glenise L. McKenzie.
Dementia / Kathleen Fletcher.
Delirium / Dorothy F. Tullmann, Kathleen Fletcher, and Marquis D. Foreman.
Iatrogenesis : the nurse's role in preventing patient harm / Deborah C. Francis and Jeanne M. Lahaie.
Physical restraints and side rails in acute and critical care settings / Cheryl M. Bradas, Satinderpal K. Sandhu, and Lorraine C. Mion.
Pain management / Ann L. Horgas, Saunjoo L. Yoon, and Mindy Grall.
Fall prevention : assessment, diagnoses, and intervention strategies / Deanna Gray-Miceli and Patricia A. Quigley.
Preventing pressure ulcers and skin tears / Elizabeth Ann Ayello and Gary Sibbald.
Reducing adverse drug events / DeAnne Zwicker and Terry Fulmer.
Uriniary incontinence / Annemarie Dowling-Castronovo and Christine Bradway.
Catheter-associated urinary tract infection prevention / Heidi L. Wald ... [et al.].
Oral health care / Linda J. O'Connor.
Managing oral hydration / Janet C. Mentes.
Nutrition / Rose Ann DiMaria-Ghalili.
Mealtime difficulties / Elaine J. Amella and Melissa B. Aselage.
Family caregiving / Deborah C. Messecar.
Issues regarding sexuality / Meredith Wallace Kazer.
Substance misuse and alcohol use disorders / Madeline Naegle.
Mistreatment detection / Billy A. Caceres and Terry Fulmer.
Health care decision making / Ethel L. Mitty and Linda Farber Post.
Advance directives / Ethel L. Mitty.
Comprehensive assessment and management of the critically ill / Michele C. Balas, Colleen M. Casey, and Mary Beth Happ.
Fluid overload : identifying and managing heart failure patients at risk for hospital readmission / Judith E. Schipper, Jessica Coviello, and Deborah A. Chyun.
Cancer assessment and intervention strategies / Janine Overcash.
Acute care models / Elizabeth Capezuti, Marie Boltz, and Cynthia J. Nigolian.
Transitional care / Fidelindo Lim, Janice Foust, and Janet Van Cleave. One of the premier reference books for geriatric nurses in hospital, long-term, and community settings, this 4th edition has been thoroughly updated to provide the most current, evidence-based protocols for care of common clinical conditions and issues in elderly patients. Designed to improve the quality, outcomes, and cost-effectiveness of health care, these guidelines are the result of collaboration between leading practitioners and educators in geriatric nursing and New York University College of Nursing. Protocols for each clinical condition have been developed by experts in that particular area, and most have been systematically tested by over 300 participating hospitals in "Nurses Improving Care for Health System Elders" (NICHE). Evidence is derived from all levels of care, including community, primary, and long-term care. A systematic method in compliance with the AGREE appraisal process was used to rate the levels of evidence for each protocol. Protocols are organized in a consistent format for ease of use, and each includes an overview, evidence-based assessment and intervention strategies, and an illustrative case study with discussion. Additionally, each protocol is embedded within chapter text, which provides the context and detailed evidence for the protocol. Each chapter contains resources for further study.