Table of Contents

Diagnostic testing in emergency care.
Evidence-based medicine the process.
The epidemiology and statistics of diagnostic testing.
Clinical decision rules.
Cervical spine fractures.
Cervical spine fractures in older adults.
Cervical spine fractures in children.
Blunt abdominal trauma.
Acute knee injuries.
Blunt abdominal trauma.
Acute knee injuries.
Blunt head injury.
Blunt head trauma in children.
Acute ankle and foot injuries.
Occult scaphoid fractures.
Blunt chest trauma.
Occult hip fracture.
Heart failure.
Acute coronary syndrome.
Serious bacterial infections and occult bacteremia in children.
Bacterial meningitis in children.
Necrotizing fasciitis.
Infective endocarditis.
Urinary tract infection.
Spontaneous bacterial peritonitis.
Acute nonspecific, nontraumatic abdominal pain.
Bowel obstruction.
Acute pancreatitis.
Acute appendicitis.
Acute cholecystitis.
Kidney stones.
Testicular torsion.
Subarachnoid hemorrhage.
Acute stroke.
Pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis.
Temporal arteritis.
Intraocular pressure.