Table of Contents

Introduction / Pami Aalto and Kirsten Westphal.
The EU-Russia energy dialogue and the future of European integration : from economic to politico-normative narratives / Pami Aalto.
Energy dialogue and the future of Russia : politics and economics in the struggle for Europe / Viatcheslav Morozov.
Energy dialogue from strategic partnership to the regional level of the Northern Dimension / Tatiana Romanova.
Germany and the EU-Russia energy dialogue / Kirsten Westphal.
The Nordic countries : engaging Russia, trading in energy or taming environmental threats? / Pami Aalto and Nina Tynkkynen.
The Baltic gateway : a corridor leading towards three different directions? / Eiki Berg.
Actors in Russia's energy policy towards the EU / Stanislav L. Tkachenko.
Conclusion : prospects for a Pan-European energy policy / Pami Aalto