Table of Contents

I. Constitutional Framework. From Laeken to Lisbon : the origins and negotiation of the Lisbon Treaty / Paul Berman.
The two (or three) treaty solution : the new treaty structure of the EU / Marise Cremona.
Lawmaking after Lisbon / Alexander H. T©ơrk.
Does the Lisbon Treaty provide a clearer separation of competences between EU and member states? / Lucia Serena Rossi.
Treaty revision procedures after Lisbon / Bruno de Witte ; "Don't mention divorce at the wedding, darling!" : EU accession and withdrawal after Lisbon / Allan F. Tatham.
The charter of fundamental rights / David Anderson and Cian C. Murphy.
Accession to the ECHR / Giorgio Gaja.
II. Institutional Framework. The Lisbon Treaty and the Court of Justice / Francis G. Jacobs.
Subsidiarity in the courtroom / Andrea Biondi.
The European Union after the Lisbon Treaty : an elusive "institutional balance"? / Thomas Christiansen.
The evolving roles of the European parliament and of national parliaments / Richard Corbett.
III. External Relations. The EU's common foreign and security policy after Lisbon : from pillar talk to constitutionalism / Piet Eeckhout.
The reform of the common commercial policy / Markus Krajewski.
Towards an EU policy on foreign direct investment / Federico Ortino and Piet Eeckhout.
IV. EU Policies. EU competence in criminal law after Lisbon / Ester Herlin-Karnell.
Writing straight with crooked lines : competition policy and services of general economic interest in the Treaty of Lisbon / Jos©♭ Luis Buendia Sierra.
Energy policy after Lisbon / Leigh Hancher and Francesco Maria Salerno.
EU sports law : the effect of the Lisbon Treaty / Stephen Weatherill.