Table of Contents

Recognizing ethical terms, theories and principles / Craig Klugman.
Developing ethical skills : a framework / Catherine Robichaux.
Using ethical decision-making and communication skills : minimizing conflict / Douglas Houghton.
Recognizing and addressing moral distress in nursing practice : personal, professional, and organizational factors / Catherine Robichaux.
Understanding the process of clinical ethics : committees and consults / Craig Klugman.
Exploring ethical issues related to person and family-centered care / Mary K. Walton.
Applying ethics in research and evidence informed / Catherine Robichaux.
Applying ethics in the leadership role / Catherine Robichaux.
Public health ethics and social justice in the community / Joan Kub.
Exploring ethical issues encountered with the elderly / Maryanne M. Giuliante.
Exploring ethical issues related to emerging technology in healthcare / Carol Huston.
Applying integrated ethics in nursing practice / Barbara Chanko.
Understanding the relationship between quality, safety, and ethics / Catherine Robichaux.