Table of Contents

Part I : General Principles of Regional Anesthesia Practice.
1. General Considerations for Regional Anesthesia Practice / Edward R. Mariano and Karley J. Mariano.
2. Monitoring for Regional Anesthesia / Jeff Gadsden.
3. Regional Anesthesia in the Community Practice Setting / Joseph Marino and Brian E. Harrington.
Part II : Basic Science and Clinical Practice.
4. The Anatomy of Pain / Harry J. Gould III and Alan David Kaye.
5. Practical Pharmacology in Regional Anesthesia / Jose A. Aguirre, Gina Votta-Velis, and Alain Borgeat.
6. Anticoagulation and Regional Anesthesia Concerns / Rinoo Shah, Alan David Kaye, Adam Kaye, and Jeffrey Y. Tsai.
Part III : Equipment for Regional Anesthesia.
7. Equipment and Clinical Practice : Aids to Localization of Peripheral Nerves / Beverly Pearce-Smith and Johnny K. Lee.
8. Principles of Sonography / Paul E. Bigeleisen and Steven Orebaugh.
9. Ultrasound-Guided Peripheral Nerve Blockade / David M. Polaner and Alan Bielsky.
10. Sonopathology / Jonathan T. Weed and Brian D. Sites.
Part IV : Techniques for Regional Anesthesia.
11. Neuraxial Blockade : Subarachnoid Anesthesia / Maria Teresa Gudin, Ramón López, Jesus Estrada, and Esperanza Ortigosa.
12. Neuraxial Blockade : Epidural Anesthesia / Sreekumar Kunnumpurath, S. Ramessur, A. Fendius, and Nalini Vadivelu.
13. Upper Extremity Nerve Blocks / De Q.H. Tran, Shubada Dugani, and Juan Francisco Asenjo.
14. Peripheral Nerve Blocks for the Lower Extremity / Sylvia Wilson and Anna Uskova.
15. Regional Anesthetic Techniques for Foot Surgery / Rick Chien-An Chen and Peter A. Blume.
16. Regional Anesthesia of Thorax and Abdomen / Rita Merman and Vlad Shick.
17. Head and Neck : Scalp, Ophthalmic, and Cervical Blocks / Desiree Persaud and Sébastian Garneau.
18. Local Anesthesia of the Masticatory Region / Henry A. Gremillion, Christopher J. Spencer, and Alex D. Ehrlich.
19. Topical and Regional Anesthesia of the Airway / Ryan P. Ellender, Paul L. Samm, and Richard H. Whitworth, Jr..
20. Selective Regional Anesthesia Options in Surgical Subspecialties / Henry Liu, Charles James Fox, Michael J. Yarborough, and Alan David Kaye.
21. Regional Anesthesia for Chronic Disease States / Siamak Rahman and Parisa Partownavid.
22. Intravenous Regional Anesthesia / Lindsey Vokach-Brodsky.
23. Regional Anesthesia and Trauma / Daniela Elena Francesca Ghisi, Andrea Fanelli, and Carl Rest.
24. Postoperative Pain Management / Ralf E. Gebhard and Andres Missair.
25. Sympathetic Blockade / Rafael Justiz, Audra Day, and Miles Day.
Part V : Special Populations.
26. Regional Anesthesia for Chronic Pain / Vijay Krishnamoorthy, Ruben Koshy, Gina Votta-Velis, and Alain Borgeat.
27. Regional Anesthetic Techniques for the Pediatric Patient / Bryan Fritz, Marlene Barnhouse, Usha Ramadhyani, and Bobby Nossaman.
28. Obstetric Anesthesiology / Ray L. Paschall.
29. Regional Anesthesia for Outpatient Surgery / Joshua E. Smith.
Part VI : Additional Topics.
30. Outcome Studies and Infection Control in Regional Anesthesia / Joel Barton and Stuart A. Grant.
31. Regional Anesthesiology Education / Jonathan C. Beathe.